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回龙镇中心小学六年级月考试卷( 回龙镇中心小学六年级月考试卷(二) 月考试卷
总分:100 分 题号 得分 听力部分 一、选出句子中你所听到的单词(15 分) ( )
  1. A. may B. day C. buy ( )
  2. A. some B. many C. very ( )
  3. A. rainy B. snowy C. cloudy ( )
  4. A. artist B. singer C. actress ( )
  5. A. in B. important C. put ( )
  6. A. went on B. started C. saw ( )
  7. A. dragonflies B. bees C. ants ( )
  8. A. storm B. umbrella C. rain clouds ( )
  9. A. violin B. piano C. drums ( )
  10.A. seasons B. leader C. scientist 二. 听录音,选出正确的答语.(15 分) ( )
  1. A. It’s nice B. Yes, I do C. Thank you ( )
  2. A. You can B. Yes, there is C. Yes, there are ( )
  3. A. I can see B. It’s rainy C. summer ( )
  4. A. honey B. chicken C. red ( )
  5. A. Yes I do B. No, it isn’t C. OK ( )
  6. A. It’s yellow B. People made rice dumplings C. Great ( )
  7. A. in Canada B. actor C. long long ago ( )
  8. A. Yes, I can B. No, I don’t C. Yes, I did ( )
  9. A. I like cats B. Yes I did C. Great ( )
  10.A. Long long ago B. beef C. we can see 笔试部分 三.读一读,找出不同类的单词.(10 分) ( )
  1. A. cinema B. school ( )
  2. A. spring B. butterfly ( )
  3. A. dry B. warm ( )
  4. A. want B. go ( )
  5. A. saw B. made 一 二 三 四 时量:60 分钟 五 六 七 总分

答 题
C. C. C. C. C.
May summer year green is
四.单项选择.(20 分) ( )
  1. It is umbrella , umbrella is yellow A. an , the B. a , the C. an , an ( )
  2. John an English book. A. have B. has C. to have ( )
  3. Amy is very in Chinese. A. interesting B. interested C. interest ( )
  4. I will play piano. A. a B the C. 不填 ( )
  5. Can you the lightning? A. sees B. see C. to see ( )
  6. There a big rain this morning A. is B are C be ( )
  7. is your mum’s singer? A. who B. what C. how ( )
  8. Are there many leaves on the tree? A. Yes, there is B. Yes, there are C. NO, there are ( )
  9. Do you like to TV? A. look B. see C. watch ( )
  10. I danced Children’s Day last year. A. at B. on C. in ( )
  11. He likes animals and plants. A. Me, too B. Yes. C. Ok ( )
  12.- are those sandals? - They are 25 yuan A. What B. How much C.When ( )
  13.- play in the rain. - It’s dangerous. A. Don’t B. Do C. Be ( )
  14. They play football in the afternoon. A. a B. the C. 不填 ( )
  15. She play the drums. A. can B. is C. dose ( )
  16. I an English song last week. A. sang B. sing C. Sings ( )
  17.- did the festival start? - It started long long ago.

  18. a bee and two dragonflies on the tree. A. There are B. There is C. There be ( )
  19. ? We went on a science field trip last week. -. A. How interesting! B. OK C. Thank you ( )
  20.Can you play basketball? A. Yes, I can B. Yes, I am C Yes, I do 五. 阅读理解.(20 分)
六.翻译句子.(10 分)
  1. There are four seasons in year. .
  2. We can see many mew things in spring. .
  3.Can you play the Chinese drums? .
  4.We danced and sang. .
  6. Where was he born? . 七.连词成句.
  1. and warm is the rainy weather .
  2. a idea good what .
  3. rain the in play don’t .
  4. will I sing favourite my song .
  5. can see we thunder lighting .
选择正确的答案. John and Li Wei are both students. They are good friends. Mother’s Day is coming. They want to buy their mothers some gifts. John wants to buy a music CD for his mother. Li Wei wants to buy a night dress for his mother. His mother can sleep in a cool nightdress in the hot summer. Summer is hot. John likes his mother. Li Wei likes his mother too. what about you?
  1. What are John and Li Wei? A. They are students B. they are teachers.
  2. Are they good friends? A. Yes, they are. B. No, they aren’t
  3. Do thy want to buy some gifts for their mother? A. Yes, they do. B. No, they don’t
  4. John wants to buy for his mother. A. a music CD B. a nightdress.
  5. Does Li Wei like his mother? A. Yes, he does B. No, he doesn’t
判断正误(对的写 R,错的写 F) Hello, I’m Li Ming. I am a boy. I’m twelve now. I’m in class 2, Grade
  4.I can play the violin. I like red. I have a red bay and a red coat. Today is Saturday. I will go to Cheng Nan Park with my friend tomorrow. ( )
  1. Li Ming is 12 years old. ( )
  2. He is in Class
  4. ( )
  3. He has a red bag. ( )
  4. He will go to Cheng Nan Park with his friends on Saturday. ( )
  5. He can’t play the violin.



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