Ⅰ、补全单词。 (10 分) Chri_ _mas in_ _te ho_ _day someth _ _ _ tomo_ _ow S_ _ta br_ _g ca_ _ra spe_ _al lan_ _rn
Ⅱ、用所给词的适当形式填空。 (10 分)
  1、 Today (be) the second of June. Yesterday (be)the first of June.
  8、 He (live) in Beijing two years ago. Jenny always (walk) to school . Tomorrow we (put up) the Christmas tree. Look! The sun (shine) in the sky. My mum (teach) me (sing) a special song yesterday. My sister gave me (a) old book. Would you like (learn) English.
Ⅲ、选择。 (20 分)
  1、New Year is ! A. came B. comes C. coming

  2、Jenny is usually black. A. on B .in C. with

  3、I a Christmas tree yesterday. A. buy B. buyed C. bought

  4、Danny soup every day.
A. eats
B. ate
C. is going to eat

  5、Tom is going to tell me . A. something good B. good something
C. anything good
  6、Now the three wise men are their gifts Jesus. A. gave , to B. giving , for C. giving , to

  7、Did you do your homework, Mike? A. Yes, I am. B. No, I did. C. Yes, I did.

  8、Why do people give gifts Christmas ? A. at B. in C. to

  9、We should help . A. other each B .each other C. ones
  10、Christmas is on twenty-fifth. A. december B. December C. November
  11、Lynn has a pen ,but she wants . A . one B. another C. first

  12、Let’s to the zoo together. A. to go B. go C. going
  13、It’s fun a Christmas . A. putted up B. to put up C. put up
  14、Danny opens the book . A . quick B. quickly C. quiet

  15、Li Ming gives me a lantern. A. China B. Chinese C. chinese
  16、She is going to her gifts . A. opens B. open C. opened
  17、My brother is three .he is very . A. big B. small C. little
  18、He invites Li Ming to help put up the tree. A. he B. his C. him
  19、What are you do? I’m going to see a film.
A. going to B. go to C. went to
  20、当你想问“谁带来的这些礼物?”时,你会说: A. Why gives these gifts? C. Do you bring these gifts? Ⅳ、根据情景选择句子,完成对话。 (10 分) A: B: Christmas ! It’s cool . A: Do you know about Christmas? B: A: Who is his mother ? B: Her name is Marie .She is a great mother . A: B: His father is God .So Jesus became a great man .He died on Friday . B. Who brought these gifts?
A: B: Yes ,I have a book about Jesus . A: Thank you very much .
A. Yes ,I know it’s about Jesus . B. What about his father ? C. Oh,I know people don’t like Friday now. D. What’s your favourite holiday? E. You can read it. Ⅴ、连词成句。 (10 分)
  1. a , children , on , go , holiday , school , to , do ,not
  2. to , the , tree , we , put , going , Christmas , tomorrow , are , up
  3. let , the , Santa , us , find , card , with

  4. she , it , quickly ,opens

  5. it , name , on , has , it ,her
Ⅵ、完型填空。 (12 分) Christmas is a _1_ holiday . _2_don’t go to school .On the Christmas
Day ,people say“__3_ Christmas!” to each other and send _4__to members of a family . Then they _5__ sing songs at Christmas . The songs _6__called carols .At last ,don’t forget to __7_wishes on Christmas .Let’s write Christmas __8_ to our friends. ( )
  1. A. west B. western C. Chinese ( )
  2. A. Children B .child C. people ( )
  3. A. Happy B. Good C. Merry ( )
  4. A. gifts B. things C. Shops ( )
  5. A. going to B. will C. could ( )
  6. A. is B. are C. am ( )
  7. A. make B. say C. speak ( )
  8. A. cards B. tree C. stars Ⅶ、阅读理解。 (15 分) 阅读短文,选择最佳答案。 An old women has a cat .The cat is very old .It cannot run fast and it cannot catch mice . When the old cat sees a mouse ,it tries to catch it , but the mouse can always run away .The women is very angry about it. Then she has a good idea .She buys a new cat to catch mice .Now the old one can rest. ( )
  1.The old cat cannot now. A. jump on the mice D.walk or run B.catch dogs C.run fast or catch mice
( )
  2.When the cat tries to catch a mouse . A. it eats the mouse B. it jumps on the mouse C.if follows the mouse D. the mouse runs away ( )
  3.The old woman is when she sees a mouse run away . A. very good B. very kind C. very angry D. very happy ( )
  4.The old woman . A. likes the cat B. doesn’t want the cat C. buys a new cat D. teaches the cat ( )
  5. The old woman doesn’t like in her house . A. cats B. mice C. dogs D. young people Ⅷ、写作能力。 (13 分) 谈谈你最喜欢的节日,至少 5 句。 My Favourite Holiday
答案 Ⅰ、略 Ⅱ、
  1.is was
  4.are going to put up
  5.is shining
  6.taught to sing
  8.to learn Ⅲ、1-5 CBCAA Ⅳ、DABCE Ⅴ、
  1.On a holiday , children do not go to school .
  2. We are going to put up the Christmas tree tomorrow .
  3. Let’s find the card with Santa.
  4. She opens it quickly .
  5.It has her name on it . Ⅵ、BACABBAA Ⅶ、CDCCB Ⅷ、略 6-10 CCABB 11-15 BBBBB 16-20 BCCAB



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