PEP 小学英语六年级下册期末试卷
Listening Part
I Listen and choose (听音,选择你听到的内容) 10%
( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. A RIY )
  2. A 124809 )
  3. A skate )
  4. A read newspapers )
  5. A washed clothes )
  6. A potato )
  7. A elephant )
  8. A doctor )
  9. A dictionary )
  10. A purple B B IRY 412908 C LRY C 142089 C shirt C sweep the floor C took pictures C carrot C strawberry C nurse C accountant C picture
B skirt B empty the trash
B watched TV B B B B B tomato squirrel driver engineer paper
II Listen and choose (听问句,选答句) 10% ( )
  1. A She is a teacher. B ( She is thirty-nine.
  2. A They are listening to the music. B They go the park in the morning.
  3. A Yes, it is. B Yes, there is.
  4. A We have English class. B We have four classes.
  5. A Fifteen English books. B Yes, I have fifteen English books.
  6. A The green one is mine. B Yes, it’s mine.
  7. A She is a driver. B He’s an office worker.
  8. A They are from England. B They are in America.
  9. A We have an English class at eleven fifteen. B We have an English class at ten forty-five.
  10. A Our school is near the bus station. B The Bank of China is near a school.
III Listen and choose.(听对话,选择正确答案) 10% ( )
  1. What does your father do? A ( Doctor. B Teacher. C Policeman.
  2. When is your birthday? A May 13rd. B July 17th. C August 13rd.
  3. What did you do last weekend? A Took pictures. B Went swimming C Rowed a boat.
  4. What is your Uncle like? A Old. B Strong. C Young.
  5. What are you going to be? A An actor. B A cleaner. C An engineer.
IV Listen and judge.(听音判断) 10% ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. The twins go to school from Monday to Friday. )
  2. Dick has supper at 6:
  30. )
  3. Dick and Nick are classmates. )
  4. Near home, there is a supermarket. )
  5. Father sent Nick a computer and Dick a soccer for their birthday.
Written Part V Catalogue the words. (单词归类) 10% engineer accountant comic book dictionary pink kangaroo nurse newspaper zebra brown
magazine: purple: panda:-
farmer: VI Rearrange the words. (句子排序) 10%
  1.where on you go your holiday did
  2. matter with you what’s the
  3. the do you what on weekend do usually
  4. you much am than I taller
  5. visit I’m tomorrow my going grandparents to
. VII Fill in the blanks. (根据中文意思,用正确的形式填空) 10%
  1.--What does Sarah usually do on the weekend? --She usually (看电视) .
  2. --What did you do on your holiday? --I went to Beijing and (拍照) there.
  3. ?What is Mike doing now? --He is (踢足球) on the playground.
  4. ?Are you going to (游泳) this afternoon? --No, we are going to have a picnic.
  5. John is taller than Zhang Peng. But Zhang Peng is (强壮) than John.
VIII Look and choose. (根据问句,选择正确的答句) 10% ( ( )
  1. How are you feeing now? )
  2. What’s your new English teacher like? ( )
  3. Does your father go to work by bus every day? ( ( )
  4. Where does your sister work? )
  5. What’s your friend’s hobby? D. By plane. E. No, there isn’t. C. Very well. A. He is 130cm tall. B. She is young and strong.
( (
  6. Where is your school? )
  7. When are you going to the bookstore?
F. He likes collecting stamps. G. No, he doesn’t.
  8. Is there a science museum near here?
H. Near the post office.
( (
  9. How do people go to Beijing? )
  10. How tall is your brother?
I. She works in a bank. J. At three o’ clock on Saturday afternoon.
VIIII Reading Comprehension. (阅读理解) 20% This is Billy and his sister’s bedroom. It’s not very big, but it is very clean. There are two beds in the room. There is a desk between the beds. There are some books on the desk. Some are English books. Some are Chinese books. There is a phone on the desk, too. There are two chairs deside the desk. One is for Billy,and the other is for his sister. There is a map of America on the wall. There is a map of the world on the wall, too. Billy and his sister like their bedroom very much.
  1. ( ( ( ( ( Read and tick or cross. (根据短文,判断句子正误)
  1. The bedroom is small, and it’s clean. )
  2. There are two desks in the bedroom. )
  3. There are some Chinese books on the desk. )
  4. There are two maps on the wall. )
  5. The chairs are for Billy and his brother.

Read and answer. (根据短文,回答问题)

  1.Whose bedroom is it?
  2. What’s on the desk?
  3. Where are the chairs?
  4. How many maps are there on the wall?
  5. Do they like their bedroom?



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