2007--2008 学年度第一学期期中测试卷 六 年 级 英 语 Listening part 听力部分 (40 分) Ⅰ.Listen ,choose what you hear.听录音,选出你听到的单词。(10 分)
  5.( )A、come )A、new )A、cook )A、know B、came B、you B、make B、snow C、game C、your C、cake C、new D、same D、yours D、blow D、break D、blue
)A、close B、closet C、colour
Ⅱ.listen and write.听音,写单词。(10 分)
  1. Now Danny is singing .
  2. It’s raining. Please take your .
  3. Everyone in the is quiet.
  4. I ride my bicycle to school.
  5.Here are many . ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. A.. Where are you going? B. What are you going to do ? )
  2. A..I am washing the dirty dishes . B. I am washing the dirty clothes. )
  3.A..The children are playing cards. B. The children are playing games. )
  4.A..Where is the toilet ? B. What is the toilet ? )
  5.A. This is the bathtub . B. This is the school bus. Ⅳ.Liste,choose the correct answers. 根据听到的内容选择正确的问句或答语。(10 分) ( ( ( ( ( )
  1.A、It’s five pencils. )
  2.A、My favourite shape is a )
  3.A、How old are )
  4.A、He is a you ? circle. B、There are five pencils. B、My favourite food is sandwich . B、How are you ? driver. B、He is washing the dirty dishes. )
  5.A、These are carrots. table . B、The carrots are on the Written part 笔试部分(60 分) Ⅰ.Choose the correct answer.选择正确的答案.(10 分) ( ( ( )
  1.make a triangle A.一个三角形 B.正方形 )
  3.play the piano A.玩钢琴 B.打字 C.组成三角形 C.弹钢琴 )
  2.speak good English A.英语好 B.英语好说 C.英语说得好 . Ⅲ.Listen and choose what you hear .听音选择你所听到的句子。(10 分)
( (
your homework A.工作
)5 .learn a new song A.学一首新歌 B.唱一首新歌 C.一首新歌
  4.come(过去式 )
II. Rewrite the words.按要求写单词。(6 分)
  5.dirty(反义词 )
  1. I like a
III. Write the correct words.写出正确的单词。(10 分) .(正方形) .(公共汽车司机) 2 Her mother is a

  3. These are many .(邮票)
  4. Here are three .(公共汽车)
  5. The onions are in the .(冰箱) Ⅳ .Choose and fill in the blanks.选择填空。(10 分) ( ( )
  1. I wash my hands and face. B .like C. need to D.like to )
  2.Today is . B. September first D.first September C .is sitting D .sit A. need
A .second September C. September one ( ( ( A .sitting B. is sit B .toilet
)3 .Danny beside Jenny . )
  4. You can wash your hands in the . C. bathroom )
  5. My family in apartment.
A . bedroom
A. live a B. lives in C. live an D. lives an IV. Rearrange the words .将单词组成句子。(14 分)
  1. a , for , put , usually , circle ,Let's
  2. have , on , You , hands , jam , your
  3. buses , There , ten , are ,in , bus stop , the 4 .this, is , or, bathtub ,a 5 .cabbage , sink , is ,shower, a ? ,the ,in ,The
  6. like you What would breakfast for ?
  7. the temperature What’s inside , LiMing ? V.Read and put a tick (√) or a cross(×).阅读短文判断对错 (10 分) This is the twins’(双胞胎) bedroom .It is n’t big , but it is very nice . The two beds look the same(一样) . This bed is Lily’s and that bed is Lucy’s
The twins’ have one desk and two chairs . their clock ,books and Pencil case are on the desk . There are some flowers on the desk . There is family photo(照片) on the wall(墙). Can you see a kite ? Yes, it is under Lily’s bed . The bedroom is very nice. ( )
  1.The twins are in different(不同的) rooms. ( ( ( ( )
  2.We can see a kite under Lily’s bed. )
  3. There are some flowers on the desk . )
  4.They don’t have a TV in the room . )
  5.The family photo is on the wall



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   小学英语教材使用情况调查问卷 小学英语教材使用情况调查问卷 亲爱的老师,我们厦门市小学英语课改已进行了六年。六年来, 课标、新教材与我们朝夕相伴。对于教材,您是直接的使用者,实践 者,您的认识最深,感受最切,最有发言权。您的意见将对选用、评 价教材起着重要的参考作用,谢谢您的参与。 1、 您现在使用的是 ( ) 版教材, 您所在的学校 (城市 农 ) 村) ,您教过(一、二、四、五、六)年级教材,您的教龄( 年,学历( ) 。 2、 您认为这套教材能否体现课标精神、 按照课标要求确定学习难度 ...


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