一. 用适当的介词填空:
  1. The man blue is Jack’s father.
  2. Who’ the girl small mouth?
  3. You shouldn’t walk the grass. her father and mother.
  4. Look, Nancy is sitting
  5. You must stay away the house.
  6. Now, I know a lot insects.
  7. My little brother always has a lot questions.
  8. We’re very happy school. the grass,please.
  9. Keep
  10. Jim is in Row
  4.I sit him
  11. Let’s hurry, we’re late the class.
  12. Liu Tao is passing the ball David.
  13. Who’s the woman the red scarf?
  14. Our classroom is the teachers’office the picture. Who is the girl the man and the woman.
  15. Look
  16. Can you read the number one ten?
  17. Go the street,turn right at the first crossing. the tree? Some peaches
  18. What can you see
  19. Mr Wang is ill. He’s home Fang Ming. Let me read it to you.
  20. Here’s a letter
  21. My skirts are the sofa
  22. This is a photo my family you?
  23. Can I go
  24. The girl green is my aunt.
  25. There are some bikes the big tree.
  26. Put your umbrella the door.
  27. The post office is the bank of China the desk and the fridge.
  28. I can see a sofa 二. 用适当的代词填空:
  1. Are those trousers? No, aren’t . are blue.(they)
  2. Tom, where’s bike? Is this black bike ? No, it isn’t . (my,mine,your,yours)
  3. What’s the woman’s name? name is Gao Hui. is an English teacher.(she,her,his,she’s)
  4. are twins, names are Lucy and Lily. look like parents.(they)
  5. am an English teacher. name is Ma Ying.( I )
  6. is good friend. all like .(he,him,we,you,our)
  7. Can help ? Yes, can.(her,she,I,you)
  8. Give an apple, please. Which one is ? The small one is .(he) photo? Is that yours? No, that’s not . is black.( I )
  9. Where is
Li Ming and I are boys. are good friends. parents are all teachers. Ann and you are girls. are English. Chinese teacher is Mrs. Wang. classroom. is small. But is big.(ours,their,theirs) This is These are grapes. Please put on the table.(it,they,them) is young. Let help .(she,her,hers,we,us) have some pen-friends. like to write to .(I,me,they,them,their) 三. 用 have, has, there is 和 there are 填空: a new school bag. some books in it.
  1. I
  2. Tom a father. His father an old car.
  3. Tom and his father some oranges.
  4. a cat in the tree. The cat two big eyes. a watch?
  5. Do you
  6. five people in my family.
  7. My sister a new bedroom. some desks in it.
  8. a desk and some flowers in my room.
  9. some flowers and a desk in my room.
  10. We all one head. 四. 形容词比较级的练习 I.Write the answers.(根据题意,写出答案。 )
  1.The black dog is (thin) than the white dog.
  2.This balloon is (big) than yours.
  3.My bag is (heavy) than yours.
  4.John is (strong) than Mike.
  5. I am (short) than Lucy. II.用所给词的正确形式填空,每词用一次。 Young long tall heavy old thin
  1.Monkey’s tail is than the rabbit’s tail.
  2.Dick is 11 years old. Nina is 12 years old. Dick is than Nina.
  3.I’m 140 cm .
  4.I’m 40 kg. You’re 42 kg. I’m than you. are you? I’m 45 kg.
  5.How III.选择填空。
  1. How heavy are you? . A. I’m 48 years old. B. I’m 48 kg. C. I’m 48 cm.
  2. Tom is 120 cm. Jack is . Than him. A. tall B. taller C. heavier
  3. How heavy is the whale? . A. It’s strong. B. It’s heavier. C. It’s 3600 kg.
  4. How are you? A. old B. older C. taller
  5. The monkey has a tail. A. tall B. long C. longer
  6. How big are your feet? .

A. I wear Size
  17. B. I’m bigger than you. C. I’m 17 bigger.
  7. Jim is 40 kg. Tom is 38 kg. Tom is than Jim. A. taller B. thinner C. heavier
  8. I’m 11 years old. My sister is 2 years older than me. She is .
  9. I am than my aunt. A. strong B. big C. shorter
  10. My father is than my grandpa. A. older B. younger C. smaller IV.选出形容词的比较级形式 Tall strong oldthin heavy big V.连词成句。
  1. your, is, big, room how
  2. I’m, than, taller, 6 cm, you
  3. my pencil, longer, yours, is, than
  4.Tall, 21, I,,am, meters 五. 用 is, are, am ,do, did ,does ,can 填空:
  1. His father an English teacher. crying.
  2. These cats
  3. They swim.
  4. you like reading English? Yes, I like reading English. you go to school? I go to school on foot.
  5. How
  6. What he like? He likes English. his father go to work by bus? No, his father rides a bike to work.
  8. your father read newspaper last night? No, he read a story book. 六. 按要求写句子:
  1. 假如你在车站玩,老师会劝你说:
  2. 你要告诉别人陈老师和她的学生正在上英语课,会说:
  3. 假如老师想知道班级的出勤情况,会说:
  4. 别人想看你的新玩具,会说:
  5. 想知道别人会不会从 10 数到 100,怎么说:
  6. 想知道是否可以跳舞,可以说:
  7. 要告诉别人是去操场的玩的时候了,可以说:
  8. 想知道树上的那些东西是什么,可以说:
  9. 问妈妈自己可以吃些什么,可以问:

  10. 不知道书桌上的钢笔是谁的,可以问:
  11. 想知道在杰克的包里是否有照相机,可以问:
  12. 向别人介绍自己家后面有条河,可以说:
  13. 想知道海伦的新连衣裙多少钱,可以问:
  14. 妈妈想知道海伦对绿的毛衣有什么看法,会说:
  15. 请别人到你家做客,可以说:
  16. 要睡觉了,可灯还开着,妈妈会对你说:
  17. 想别人照看好你的妹妹,可以说:
  18. 想告诉别人电影院在邮局附近,可以说:
  19. 有人向你问路,但你不知道,你要他去问警察,可以说:
  20. 想知道如何去公园,会说:
  21. 要告诉别人自己将去踢球,会说:
  22. 假如你迟到了,你会说:
  23. 别人想把书包放在你的课桌上,会说:
  24. 要告诉别人自己是六年级三班的学生,可以说:
  25. 想夸奖别人的英语说得好,可以说:
  26. 想让别人知道你早上上四节课,下午上两节课,可以说:
  27. 想告诉别人你喜欢画画,可以说:
  28. 天冷了,妈妈拿着毛衣对你说:
  29. 老师让学生们把图画里的飞机途成红色,回说:
  30. 李雷生日了,你会对他说:



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