1. ? Yes,I climbed mountains last Sunday.
  2. ? Yes,Mike often goes swimming on the weekend.
  3. ? Yes,I’m answering the phone.
  4. ? My mother has a sore arm.
  5. ? The boy is 38 kg.
  6. ? I felt bored last music class.
  7. No,my father usually reads newspapers on Sunday. ?
  8.? He was 154 cm last year.
  9. ? There were 4 pens on the desk yesterday morning.
  10. ? Lily’s shoes are bigger than Mary’s.
  11. ? rd It was Apr. 3 yesterday. ?
  12. Yes, my mother watches TV in the evening.
  13. ? No, we are going to take pictures next wee.
  14. ? Mary and Amy are singing and dancing.
  15. ? The boy is going to be a teacher.
  16. ? No, the boy has a hamburger for lunch.
  17. ? The children had a picnic in the park last month.
  18. ? I am going to the Zhongshan park tomorrow.
  19. ? We have Chinese, math and English on Thursdays.
  20.? He is going to the cinema this weekend.
  21.? John played football last weekend.
They watched TV last evening.
  23. ? He is an engineer.
  24. ? The mountains are on the right side of the village.
  25. ? The cat was under the table.
  26. ? I played computer games in the computer games.
  27. ? I like spring best.
  28.? Yes, my mother goes home at 5:30 p.m.
  29.? I feel sick.
  30. ? I like collectimg the stamps.
  31. ? My shoes are size
  32. ? The boy isn’t tall ,but strong.
  33. ? These are oranges on the table.
  34. ? The weather is rainy in beijing today.
  35. ? They often climb trees on the weekends.
  36. ? My mom went to Hong Kong by bus.
  37. ? It was windy yesterday.
  38.? I’m going to buy a book next Sunday.
  39.? Amy is cooking dinner now.
  40.? Mike usually goes shopping on the weekend.
  41.? She cleaned her room last Sunday.
  42.? They are listening to music.
  43.? I often do homework on Sunday morning.
Her pencil is 17 cm long.
  45.? I wear size
  46.? Yes, my hair is longer than your hair.
  47.? I like the brown cat.
  48.? The little monkey’s tail is 40 cm long.
  49.? Chen Jie is going to wash clothes tomorrow.
  50.? Yes,Amy is going to do homework this evening.
  51.? No,I read books last night.
  52. No,I usually go fishing on the weekend.
  53. ? Yes,he went hiking last month.
  54.? No,I’m not going to ride a bike this Saturday.
  55.? Yes,Amy played the piano last Monday evening.
  56.? I was at home last night.
  57. ? Mike often takes pictures on his holiday.
  58.? I will go to my uncle’s home tomorrow.
  59.? There is a cat on the chair.
  60.? No, it’s not my pencil.
  61.? Sara is 12 years old.
  62. ? There are 4 seasons in a year.
  63.? The twins are 160 cm tall.
  64.? My shirt is 40 yuan.
  65.? My father is 65 kg.
No, Amy’s bag is heavier than Sarah’s.
  67.? No, my legs are 74 cm long.
  68.? My father works in a big hospital.
  69.? I have a toothache.
  70.? Yes, my nose hurts.
  71.? No, I have a fever.
  72.? Yes, Wu Yifan is taller than me, but I’m heavier than him.
  73.? She is 2 kg heavier than me.
  74.? I am going to be a singer.
  75.? Zhang Peng is planting trees now.
  76. ? No, we climbed a mountain yesterday.
  77. ? No,Kitty is wearing her new shirt.
  78. ? Yes, John cleaned his room last Sunday.
  79. ? He goes to school on foot every day.
  80. ? Yes, they are going to fly kites this weekend.



   英语练习题 一、 按照答句写出问句。 1、 2、 3、 4、 5、 6、 ?I go to school on foot. ?You can go to the park by NO.5 bus. ?We can go to Canada by plane. ?The bookstore is east of the cinema. ?The museum is in front of the park. ?Turn left,then go straight.You’ll see the ...


   六年级英语专项练习( 六年级英语专项练习(一) Class Name NO. Mark 一,Listen and choose(选出你所听到的单词,将其前面的字母符 号填在句子前面的括号里 ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )1,A play )2,A fine )3,A day )4,A park )5,A watch )6,A cook )7,A boat )8,A swim )9,A ride )10,A east )11,A far )12,A ...


   八年级英语新目标下册 Unit10 It's a nice day,isn't it? 反意疑问句专项练习题 完成下列反意疑问句. 完成下列反意疑问句. 1.It's very hot today, ? 2. He can speak Chinese, ? 3. Meimei studies in a middle school, ? 4. He never gets up late , ? 5. Don't go out at night, ? 6.He never loves cold ...


   小学六年级英语句子复习(一 小学六年级英语句子复习 一) 句子按疑问词归类 一.What 1.What’s your name? 2.What’s in the picture/ your schoolbag/ your pencil-case/ the classroom? 3.What do you like? 4.What’s your father? 5.What would you like? 6.What’s this? 7.What’s his /her name? 8.Wha ...


   六年级英语句子翻译练习 U1 班级 姓名 1. 这个标志表示什么意思? 它表示的意思是禁止吸烟。 . 这个标志表示什么意思? 它表示的意思是禁止吸烟。 What this sign ? It . 2. 我可以去公园吗?不,你不能。你应该回家了。 你不能。你应该回家了。 . 我可以去公园吗? I go to the ? No, . You go . 3. 杰克只有四岁,但他总有许多问题。 . 杰克只有四岁,但他总有许多问题。 Jack is only , but he always . ...


   六年级 毕业复习计划 板块一字母 复习目标:能熟练地听、说、读、写英语二十六个字母。 能熟知常用的缩略词。能正确地将二十六个字母按读音归 类。 具体操作:俗话说:麻雀虽小,却五脏俱全。字母这一板 块咋看起来很简单,但只要我们仔细琢磨,就不难看出里 面的小玩艺儿还是蛮多的,就字母的认读这一块,就让学 生头疼,有的字母形特别相似,如:LI EF CG NH WM JL ;有的字母音相似。如:GJ YI MN bd qu 等,对于字 母中音形相似的,教师都应该把它们一一归纳出来,让学 生反复认读、 ...


   弃我去者, 弃我去者,昨日之日不可留 乱我心者, 乱我心者,今日之日多烦忧 名词性从句专讲专练 I. 引导词 . A. 连词: . 连词: that (没有实在意义,不充当句子成份 没有实在意义, 没有实在意义 不充当句子成份) whether (是否,不充当句子成份, 可以引导各类名词 是否,不充当句子成份, 性从句, 连用) 性从句,一般可以和 or, or not 连用) if (是否,不充当句子成份,引导宾语从句。 注意:它 是否,不充当句子成份,引导宾语从句。 注意: 还可以引导条 ...


   天一教育 考试通网 www.kst365.com,为您提供专业、权威的专升本、招教、艺术高考类资讯 2011 河南专升本英语定语从句专项练习(带解析) 河南专升本英语定语从句专项练习(带解析) ■A man with a bleeding hand hurried in and asked, “Is there a hospital around I can get some medicine for my wounded hand?” A. that C. where B. which ...


   天一教育 考试通网 www.kst365.com,为您提供专业、权威的专升本、招教、艺术高考类资讯 2011 河南专升本英语定语从句专项练习(带解析) 河南专升本英语定语从句专项练习(带解析) ■A man with a bleeding hand hurried in and asked, “Is there a hospital around I can get some medicine for my wounded hand?” A. that C. where B. which ...

英语试题同步练习题考试题教案七年级英语Wheres your pen pal from单元测试2

   Unit 1 Where’s your pen pal from? Section A 课前漫步 A good beginning is half done. 良好的开端是成功的一半。 I.温故 根据图片完成句子。注意 be from 与 come from 的用法。 1. The boy (be) from Jilin. 2. The computer comes Zhejiang. 3. The flowers (be) from Yunnan. 4. The fruits (be) f ...



   学 科 园 地 论广告英语的文体特征及其翻译 (上海理工大学外语学院 上海 200093) 摘 要 广告的主要功能是劝购功能, 这一特性在很大程度上决定其文体特征, 包括词汇, 句法和 修辞三个层面。 通过对 这三层面的分析, 进一步探讨文体特征在广告翻译中如何得到实现以及在翻译中如何处理文体形式和功能实现的关系以 最大限度的地再现广告的信息和功能。 关键词 广告英语 文体特征 广告功能 语篇 一、 语篇和文体 语言的交际单位不是单个的句子, 而是语篇。 语篇属于篇 章语言学的范畴。 在语篇 ...


   Chapter 17 第十七章 仪修站 Instrument Maintenance Station 第一节 词汇 Section 1 Words 一、现场仪表 Local Instrument 1. 压力测量 pressure measurement 2. 绝对压力 absolute pressure 3. 大气压力 atmospheric pressure 4. 弹簧管压力表 elastic pressure gauge 5. 差压变送器 differential pressure tr ...


   Dear Monica, Many thanks for your letter. I'm pleased you are enjoying your holiday. When are you coming will be great (come) home? It (be great) to see you again. are going to We (go) to Greece this year. I'm trying to get everything ready in time ...


   江苏省初中英语听力口语考试实施流程及指令 上 第 时 一 段 考 时 试 段 第 时 九 段 7:45-8:45 序 号 监 人 集 考 员 中 1 1. 2. 3. 7:05 第 时 十 段 十 时 一 段 十 时 二 段 十 时 三 段 十 时 四 段 十 时 五 段 十 时 六 段 16:30-17:30 第 时 二 段 午 第 时 三 段 第 时 四 段 第 时 五 段 第 时 六 段 下 午 第 时 八 段 第 时 七 段 8:50-9:50 9:55-10:55 11:00-12 ...

新世界英语 课文讲解

   Unit 1 Friendship Text A Part 1 2 Para(s). 1 2-5 Main Ideas It’s necessary to review some classical views of friendship in order to acquire a better understanding of it. According to Aristotle, there are three kinds of friendship, which are respect ...