1. ? Yes,I climbed mountains last Sunday.
  2. ? Yes,Mike often goes swimming on the weekend.
  3. ? Yes,I’m answering the phone.
  4. ? My mother has a sore arm.
  5. ? The boy is 38 kg.
  6. ? I felt bored last music class.
  7. No,my father usually reads newspapers on Sunday. ?
  8.? He was 154 cm last year.
  9. ? There were 4 pens on the desk yesterday morning.
  10. ? Lily’s shoes are bigger than Mary’s.
  11. ? rd It was Apr. 3 yesterday. ?
  12. Yes, my mother watches TV in the evening.
  13. ? No, we are going to take pictures next wee.
  14. ? Mary and Amy are singing and dancing.
  15. ? The boy is going to be a teacher.
  16. ? No, the boy has a hamburger for lunch.
  17. ? The children had a picnic in the park last month.
  18. ? I am going to the Zhongshan park tomorrow.
  19. ? We have Chinese, math and English on Thursdays.
  20.? He is going to the cinema this weekend.
  21.? John played football last weekend.
They watched TV last evening.
  23. ? He is an engineer.
  24. ? The mountains are on the right side of the village.
  25. ? The cat was under the table.
  26. ? I played computer games in the computer games.
  27. ? I like spring best.
  28.? Yes, my mother goes home at 5:30 p.m.
  29.? I feel sick.
  30. ? I like collectimg the stamps.
  31. ? My shoes are size
  32. ? The boy isn’t tall ,but strong.
  33. ? These are oranges on the table.
  34. ? The weather is rainy in beijing today.
  35. ? They often climb trees on the weekends.
  36. ? My mom went to Hong Kong by bus.
  37. ? It was windy yesterday.
  38.? I’m going to buy a book next Sunday.
  39.? Amy is cooking dinner now.
  40.? Mike usually goes shopping on the weekend.
  41.? She cleaned her room last Sunday.
  42.? They are listening to music.
  43.? I often do homework on Sunday morning.
Her pencil is 17 cm long.
  45.? I wear size
  46.? Yes, my hair is longer than your hair.
  47.? I like the brown cat.
  48.? The little monkey’s tail is 40 cm long.
  49.? Chen Jie is going to wash clothes tomorrow.
  50.? Yes,Amy is going to do homework this evening.
  51.? No,I read books last night.
  52. No,I usually go fishing on the weekend.
  53. ? Yes,he went hiking last month.
  54.? No,I’m not going to ride a bike this Saturday.
  55.? Yes,Amy played the piano last Monday evening.
  56.? I was at home last night.
  57. ? Mike often takes pictures on his holiday.
  58.? I will go to my uncle’s home tomorrow.
  59.? There is a cat on the chair.
  60.? No, it’s not my pencil.
  61.? Sara is 12 years old.
  62. ? There are 4 seasons in a year.
  63.? The twins are 160 cm tall.
  64.? My shirt is 40 yuan.
  65.? My father is 65 kg.
No, Amy’s bag is heavier than Sarah’s.
  67.? No, my legs are 74 cm long.
  68.? My father works in a big hospital.
  69.? I have a toothache.
  70.? Yes, my nose hurts.
  71.? No, I have a fever.
  72.? Yes, Wu Yifan is taller than me, but I’m heavier than him.
  73.? She is 2 kg heavier than me.
  74.? I am going to be a singer.
  75.? Zhang Peng is planting trees now.
  76. ? No, we climbed a mountain yesterday.
  77. ? No,Kitty is wearing her new shirt.
  78. ? Yes, John cleaned his room last Sunday.
  79. ? He goes to school on foot every day.
  80. ? Yes, they are going to fly kites this weekend.



   英语练习题 一、 按照答句写出问句。 1、 2、 3、 4、 5、 6、 ?I go to school on foot. ?You can go to the park by NO.5 bus. ?We can go to Canada by plane. ?The bookstore is east of the cinema. ?The museum is in front of the park. ?Turn left,then go straight.You’ll see the ...


   新目标英语八年级下册 1-10 单元练习题 班级_ 班级 姓名 姓名 学号 学号 等级 等级 B.把括号中的汉语翻译成英语. 把括号中的汉语翻译成英语. 把括号中的汉语翻译成英语 6.?Do you have a little free time 闲时间)? ?Yes, I do. Why? ?I want to talk about something with you. 7.I think I will be in a high school in four year_(四年以后). 8 ...


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   1、 数字 2、 颜色 4、 天气 5、食品 7、玩具 8、 动物 10 、个人情况 3、 时间 6、 服装 9、 身体 11 、家庭和职业 12 、学校 和朋友 13、 14、 13、 文体活动 14、 节日 跟数字有关的单词 数字 number 三 three 六 six 九 nine 十一 eleven 十三 thirteen 十五 fifteen 十七 seventeen 十九 nineteen 一 四 七 十 one four seven ten 二 two 五 five 八 ei ...


   六年级英语句子翻译练习 U1 班级 姓名 1. 这个标志表示什么意思? 它表示的意思是禁止吸烟。 . 这个标志表示什么意思? 它表示的意思是禁止吸烟。 What this sign ? It . 2. 我可以去公园吗?不,你不能。你应该回家了。 你不能。你应该回家了。 . 我可以去公园吗? I go to the ? No, . You go . 3. 杰克只有四岁,但他总有许多问题。 . 杰克只有四岁,但他总有许多问题。 Jack is only , but he always . ...


   六年级 毕业复习计划 板块一字母 复习目标:能熟练地听、说、读、写英语二十六个字母。 能熟知常用的缩略词。能正确地将二十六个字母按读音归 类。 具体操作:俗话说:麻雀虽小,却五脏俱全。字母这一板 块咋看起来很简单,但只要我们仔细琢磨,就不难看出里 面的小玩艺儿还是蛮多的,就字母的认读这一块,就让学 生头疼,有的字母形特别相似,如:LI EF CG NH WM JL ;有的字母音相似。如:GJ YI MN bd qu 等,对于字 母中音形相似的,教师都应该把它们一一归纳出来,让学 生反复认读、 ...


   学而思英语网 1. http://www.yingyu.com/ 教学资源,免费下载,无须注册,天天更新! She does housework at the weekends. (改为否定句) 16. It always rains in summer there. (改为一般疑问句,作肯 2. Mike runs as fast as Ben. (改为一般疑问句) 定回答) 3. I get up at six thirty every day. (用 yesterday afterno ...


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   第一课件网 www.1kejian.com Unit 1 How Do You Go There? 第一课时教学设计 第一课时 一、教学目标与要求 1. 能够听、说、读、写短语:on foot,by bike,by bus,by train。 2. 能够听、说、认读短语:by plane,by ship,by subway。 3. 能用句子“How d0 you go to school? How do you go to Canada/…?”来替换 询 问别人的出行方式;并能够用句子“I ...



   不规则动词过去式 动词原形 arise awake be bear beat beget become befall begin behold belie bend beseech bestrew bestride bet bid bind bite bleed bless blow break breed bring broadcast build burn burst bust buy cast catch choose cleave cling come cost creep cut ...


   2005 年第 3 期 ( 总第 75 期) 广州市财贸管理干部学院 学  报 No. 3   2005 Issue No. 75 英语词汇的记忆策略 肖肇威 ( 广州市财贸管理干部学院国际贸易系 , 广东 广州 510055) 摘   : 词汇是成人学生学习英语过程中最大的困难之一 。记忆单词要讲究策略 , 大量采用形象思 要 维 , 充分发挥想象力 , 在不同的单词之间 , 在单词与事物之间建立一定的联系 , 以提高记忆单词的效 率。 关键词 : 英语词汇 ; 记忆策略 中图分类号 : ...


   2.句子种类口诀 句子按用途分四大体,陈述疑问感叹和祈使。陈述用来叙述一件事。疑问主要用来提问题。 祈使表达命令和请求。表达强烈感情感叹句。 上述九是句种之定义。祈使主语you被抛弃。 若将其变成否定形式,动词之前加don’t是正理。 3.陈述句变感叹句口诀 英语陈述变感叹两句套。What 或How加其他成分表。What [a(an)]形加名用的妙。 剩余照写句末用感叹号。 How 后副和形是正确道,其后照写感叹号堪称妙。 4.一般现在时用法及句型转换口诀 经常习惯动作和真理,是一 ...


   听力篇 考试结构:Section A:10 short conversations 复习的重点 Section B: 最可能考三个段子 passages) 其次, (3 。 有可能考复合式听写 (Compound Dictation)或听写填空(Spot Dictation) 。 提高听力的步骤:第一步,听懂考题;第二步,总结考题规律;第三步,了解考试本身,做 类型题。 短对话题型分类: Section A 考题为六种题型。无论每个考题的具体内容是什么,考题的题型总在重复。我们 要培养解类型 ...


   十大解题思路 一、细节题 1、题干上有五个 W 一个 H 提问, 2、题干中明确的会提到时间、地点、人物或者事物等细节信息。 3、有可能针对文章中的一句话或者几句话发问。 4、题干和选项有可能考察一种因果关系。 5、解题关键:返回原文,准确定位。 做题依据一定要紧扣文章本身 返回原文: 1、可以根据题干所列的地点、时间、人物、事物返回原文。 2、根据出题的顺序返回原文。 3、根据题干中或四个选项中的重点词,或同义词返回原文。 4、通过长难句返回原文。 二、句子理解题 1、标志:题干中明确指出 ...