1. I
  3. It
(don’t\doesn’t) know .
  2. Can I (look\looks) good .
  4. I want
(help\helps) you . (a\some) hot dogs . (hot

  5. That’s two dog\hot dogs)and three
(hamburger\hamburgers), a (cola\colas).
(enjoy\ join) your meal ! (美元 美元)and 美元 (please\too). (to\too). (美分 美分). 美分

  7. How much is it ? It’s 13
  8.I want (a\some) rice, rice,
He wants (a\some)
  9. We are
  10. Look ! It’s
  11. Look ! The ducks
(going to \ went to) have a picnic in the park . (rain\ raining) now ! (is\ are) eating our picnic .
(who\where) is your mother ? She is in the park. (sorry\ yes), I can’t . (but\and) the doorbell is ringing. (fly\flying) a kite ,

  13. Who can help me ?--
  14. He is playing ,

  15.You are flying a kite,and I am (to\too). )
  16. Mum , I Thanks. It rode bought 骑车 吃(过去式) 过去式) ate say was said
(buy\ bought) a book for you . (looked\ looks) good . played drank watched went won
ride had have 喝水(过去式) 喝水(过去式) 看(过去式) 过去式)
骑车(过去式) 骑车(过去式) 玩(过去式) 过去式)
is(过去式) (过去式) 说话(过去式) 说话(过去式) 拥有(过去式) 拥有(过去式)
买(过去式) 过去式) 胜利(过去式) 胜利(过去式)
说话 拥有
  1. 教师节时,应该对老师说: 教师节时,应该对老师说: A. Merry Christmas ! B. Happy Teacher’s Day !
  2. 当你遇到危险时,你可以大声呼喊: 当你遇到危险时,你可以大声呼喊: A. Help !B. Come and see me .
  3. 有人对你说“see you .”的时候,你可以回答: 有人对你说“ ”的时候,你可以回答: A. Bye-bye. B. Thank you.
个字母(大小写) 按顺序写出 26 个字母(大小写)



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