雄杰 小弟弟
一、选择题。 ( )
  1.Can you show us the changes the old school and the new one? A.behind ( B.beside C.between
  2.The criminal appear last night. A.didn’t B.don’t C.doesn’t
  3.There are too many cars and buses on the road.The traffic(交通) policemen are . A.in trouble B.on trouble C.at trouble
  4.The library is my house. A.far away of B.far away from C.away far from
  5.This little girl is much than that one. A.pretty B.prettyer C.prettier
  6.You look much heavier than before.You should. A.go on a diet B.go a diet C.go in a diet
  7.It’s autumn now.More and more fell down from the trees. A.leaf B.leafs C.leaves
  8.It’s time water the flowers. A.to B.for C.too
  9.At six o’clock yesterday,people to get up. A.begin B.begins C.began
  10.Welcome our country. A.on B.to C.for
  1.Your living room is much (big)than your bedroom.
  2.I moved lo my new house last month.It’s a lot (close)to my office now.
  3.Your armchair is (comfortable)than mine.
  4.(catch)the ball, Yiamin.
  5.Group One got to the end just now.Let us (try) too.
  6.We (be)very happy when we finished our homework.
  7.Last year my father (plant)a tree behind the house. He (water)it every day.The tree (grow) well.
  8.Yesterday Mrs Chen (carry)a new bag. 三、按实际情况回答问题,4-5题要求详细回答。
  1.When did you become a pupil?
  2.What was your father’s job three years ago?
  3.What date is the Chinese Tree Planting Day?
  4.Did you live in the same apartment two years ago? ,
  5.Were you naughty when you were a baby?
雄杰 小弟弟
四、选择所给的单词填空,把所选选项前的字母写在括号里。 I 1 Ben yesterday.Ben was my former classmate.Two years ago his father 2 a job in the UK and they 3 to London. Two years ago, Ben was short and thin, is much 4 and stronger now. said he had much more time for sports he He in the UK 5 in China.Two years ago,Ben’s English was not very good,but now he 6 English like a real British boy.Ben came 7 to Guangzhou to see his grandparents.He will go back to the UK 8 week. ( )
  1.A.see B.saw C.think. ( )
  2.A.got B.get C.gets ( )
  3.A.move B.moves C.moved ( )
  4.A.tall B.taller C.tallest ( )
  5.A.and B.when C.than ( )
  6.A.speak B.spoke C.speaks ( )
  7.A.back B.home C.out ( )
  8.A.last B.next C.on 五、读句子,根据句子前后意思填空(每空只填一个单词)。
  1.Janet’s new house has four bedrooms,a study,two toilets and a big living room. Janet’s old house has two bedrooms,one toilet and a small living room. Janet’s new house is than her old house.
  2.When Mike was five years old.he was 30 kilos. Now Mike weighs 50 kilos. Mike is much than before. 六、用适当的形式填空。
  1、Last night we back home until the teacher left school. (not go)
  2、What (your father/do)?”"He's an engineer.
  3、Usually she (work) from 9am to 5pm, but yesterday she (go) home earlier.
  4、Look!That man (open)the door of your car.
  5、He back a month ago. (come)
  6、I will Li Ming the good news as soon as I see him.( tell)
  7、"_(you/listen)to the radio now?”"No,you can turn it off.” 七.选择所给的词填空。
breathe, big,food, small, 1ive,eyes,species,appeared,world,ago
Plants grow all over the. Some plants grow on land and some grow in water. Some plants are like trees and some are so that we cannot see them with our.The first plant in the ocean l,500 million years.Plant scientists know there are about 270,000 of higher plants.Some of the plants have no flowers and some have no fruits.Without plants, people and animals can't.We need plants for.Oxygen comes from plants.And we need to the oxygen every minute. 八、作文。 用至少六句话比较你的新、旧教室/卧室或描写你自己小时候和现在的样子的异同。
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