一.把下列英语句子规范地写在四线格中. Where is the post office? Next to the hospital. It's in front of the school.
二.选择填空,将序号写在题前的序号里. ( )
  1. Mr Brown likes food very much. A. Japan B. Japan"s C. Japanese D. Japanese"s ( )
  2. --Can your sister swim? --Not very well, she a beginner. A. is just B. can C. does D. just ( )
  3. My grandfather is a Beijing Opera . A. fan B. fun C. fine D. fin ( )
  4. --How many friends you got? --Four. A. do B. will C. are D. have ( )
  5. -- jacket is this? --Maybe it"s Tom"s. A. Who B. What C. Whose D. Where ( )
  6. -- did you get to the park? --By taxi. A. What B. How C. Which D. Who ( )
  7. I will tell you about this story tomorrow. A. more B. much C. many D. a lot of ( )
  8. --This flower like a butterfly. --Yes. It"s very nice. A. see B. looks C. look D. look at ( )
  9. --Ben is my son. --Oh, he is your cousin. A. father sister"s B. father"s sister C. father sister D. father"s sister"s ( )
  10. Oh, a day! It"s dark outside. A. how B. what is C. what D. when 三.选择词的适当形式填空,注意书写的规范.
  1. Helen is a new student in (we, our)class.
  2. My father will take (me, I)to the park tomorrow.
  3. --Can your father (speaks, speak)English?
--Yes, he can.
  4. I want to (be, by)doctor in the future.
  5. My uncle works in a hotel. He is a (cook, cooker).
  6. Today is October (frist, first). It"s National Day.
  7. I can see (a, an)bird flying in the sky.
  8. My grandma (have, has)a lovely dog and a nice cat.
  9. Where (does, do)your father work?
  10. (Is, Are)these shoes yours, Tom? 四.连线 turn left 科学博物馆 by plane 交通灯 on foot 向左转 traffic light 乘飞机 下星期;下周 science museum next to 步行;走路 go to school 下车 this morning 与……相邻 今天上午 next week get off 去上学 五.选择正确的方位介词,使句意完整.
On , next to , in the middle of ,In , behind , under , in front of .

  1.The flowers are (在..中间)the garden.(花园) . .
  2.There is a pencil (在..里面) the pencil-box .
  3.the boys are (在..底下)the old tree. .
  4.A box is (在..上面)the water. . .
  5. The children are (在..后面)the wall.(墙)
  6.The school is (在..旁边/隔壁)the gym. .
  7.The boy is (在..前面)the house. (房子) . 六.情景表达. ( )
  1. 你用英文作自我介绍时应说: A. This is Peter. B. My name is Peter. C. Nice to see you. ( )
  2. 下面哪句话不表示道别? A. See you tomorrow. B. Bye-bye! C. Nice to see you. ( )
  3. 你想称赞女孩很漂亮,应说: A. What a nice girl! B. What a pity! C. Who"s that girl? ( )
  4. 班里来了外宾你可以说:
A. Welcome school. B. Welcome to our class. C. Welcome my home. ( )
  5. 下面哪句话不表示感谢? A. It"s my pleasure. B. That"s very kind of you! C. Thank you very much! 七.阅读短文,判断. Now Jenny and Danny are watching TV. Jenny is sitting in a chair and Danny is sitting beside her. Lynn and Bob are playing cards. They are playing quietly. Mr. and Mrs. Smith are sitting on the couch. They are reading the newspaper. Do you see Li Ming in the corner? He is writing a letter. Everyone in the living room is quiet.
  1. ( )Danny is sitting beside Jenny.
  2. ( )Lynn and Bob are playing cards.
  3. ( ) Mr. and Mrs. Smith are watching TV.
  4. ( )Li Ming is writing a postcard.
  5. ( )Everyone in the living room isn't loud.
十三,作文. 提示: 请根据下列表格内容,介绍来武汉游客 John Smith 的情况. 短 文应当反映出所给材料的全部内容.短文不得少于八句话,本题共 15 分,其中 书写规范和字母大小写以及标点符号正确占 2 分. 姓名:John Smith 随行人员:John Smith 的两个孩子 性别: 男 所住宾馆: 亚洲大酒店 年龄: 37 活动安排: 国籍: 美国
  1.今天下午参观武汉 11 中学,中山公 园; 职业: 教师
  2.今天中午吃武汉小吃热干面; 抵达武汉的时间: 今天早晨 8:00
  3.明天上午参观武汉博物馆,然后去 汉口火 今天武汉天气: 晴朗 车站乘火车前往广州.
答案 二.1-
  10.CAADC BADBC 三. our, me, speak, be, cook, first, a, has, does, are 四. turn left 科学博物馆 by plane 交通灯 on foot 向左转 乘飞机 traffic light science museum 下星期;下周 next to 步行;走路 go to school 下车 this morning 与……相邻 今天上午 next week get off 去上学 五.1-in the middle of , 2-in , 3-under , 4-on , 5-behind ,6-next to , 7-in front of . 六.BCABA 七.



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