小学六年级英语练习( 小学六年级英语练习(一)
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一、选择填空,把其字母编号写在括号内。 ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. A: Would you like to go me? A. of A. at A. at A. bore A. wash A. going A. go A. in A. in A. bigger 二、按实际情况回答问题。 分) (6
  1. What are you going to do on Saturdays and Sundays?
  2. Did you want to have birthday party at home?
  3. Are there any stars on the American national flag?
  4. What’s the capital city of the UK?
B: Yes, Of course. C. with C. in Saturday morning. C. in B: That is so . C. boring C. washing C. are going C. goes C. than C. than C. the biggest
B. for B. on B. on B. bored B. washes B. is going B. going Paris. B. of B. of B. biggest

  2. The new cartoon will be on 6:00pm every day. )
  3. We usually have an English class

  4. A: Let’s go on the Pearl River cruise.

  5. You’d better your hand before you eat. )
  6. Li Wei to paly basketball with his friends after school. )
  7. I usually to the Art Museum and see the picture show there. )
  8. Rome is warmer

  9. Yao Ming is the most famous basketball player China. )
  10. Sydney is the city in Australia.

  5. What time did you go to bed yesterday? 三、补全对话,一空一词。 (11 分) (It’s Saturday evening, Ben is calling Jiamin.) Ben: Hello, M I speak to Jiamin? Jiamin: This is Jiamin s. Ben: Hi, Jiamin. W are you going to d tomorrow? Jiamin: I am going to c Baiyun Hill. What a you, Ben? Ben: I’m going to do n. So I feel b. Jiamin: Why d you come with me? Ben: I’d l to. But I’m afraid it will last long, because I will have a piano lesson a 2:00pm. Jiamin: Don’t w. We can start for early. Then we can c back early, too. Ben: T a good idea. W shall we meet? Jiamin: At 7:
  30. Let’s m at No. 540 bus station near your home. Ben: OK. I will get there o t. Jiamin: Well, you’d b go to bed right now. Ben: All r. See you tomorrow. Jiamin: S y. 十、 阅读短文, 判断句子是否与短文内容一致, 如一致, 在括号内写 “T” 否则写 , “F” 。 Hello, I’m Betty. I’m an American girl. The best festival (节日) Thanksgiving Day (感恩节) is coming. It’s on the fourth Thursday in November. We’re going to have a holiday at that time. On the holiday, I’d like to go to travel. I have a pen friend in Paris, I hope I can go there, and visit Eiffel Tower(艾非尔铁塔). But my sister Jane wants to have a party at home, she doesn’t enjoy traveling. My parents like party, too. (放弃) traveling plan, and I will the Thanksgiving Day is a family day, so I give up have a picnic with my family. We’re going to invite a lot of friends for the party. ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. Betty likes traveling. )
  2. Thanksgiving Day is in December. )
  3. Betty’s sister likes traveling more than party. )
  4. Betty’s parents don’t like traveling, either. )
  5. Betty would like to visit Eiffel Tower in Paris with her sister.



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