一、听录音,选择你听到的单词,填序号。(10 分) 听录音,选择你听到的单词,填序号。 ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  1、A.dry 、 )
  2. A.holiday )
  3. A.these )
  4. A.skate )
  5. A.live )
  6. A. sing )
  7. A.ball )
  8. A.hotel )
  9. A.eat )
  10. A.day B.my B.yesterday B.there B.skates B.give B.song B.fall B.west B.eats B.date C.try C.today C.those C.ski C.gift C.think C.fell C. day C. ate C.today C.It’s 6:
  00. ’ C.He is sit. D.wet D.Saturday D.here D.skiing D.living D.sink D.mall D.western D.often D.way
根据提示完成句子。 (10 二、 根据提示完成句子。 ( 分)
  1、The green pencil is 、
  2、Danny 、
  3、I am 、
  4、Here 、 . (你的 你的) 你的 (想)to learn Chinese. 想 (wash) my hands now. (come) the school bus. (连衣裙 。 连衣裙)。 连衣裙 (quiet)

  5、I have many beautiful 、
  6、Everyone in the classroom is 、
  7、Today is 、
  8、Danny 、 in the snow.
  9、Look! They are 、 (10 分) 三、选择题。 选择题。 ( ( ( D.It a 6:00 D.He sitting. ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  1、I would like 、 )
  2、Mum 、 hamburgers.
(rain),I have to put on my rain boots. (love) winter very much, because he wants (play)
( sit) on the couch.
D.to eat
二、听录音,选择你听到句子的答语,填序号。(10 分) 听录音,选择你听到句子的答语,填序号。 )
  1. A.It’s a 6:
  00. B.It 6:
  00. ’ )
  2. A.He is siting.
eggs on the stove now. C.cooking D.is cooking usually. guitar. A.on A.the A. a a driver? A.and B.to B.a B.an B.or B.puts B.eating C.in C.an C.the C.of D.for D./ D.all D.to
A.cook B.cooks )
  3、Let’s put a circle 、 ’ )
  4、I am going to play 、 )
  5、I like 、 )
  7、Let’s 、 ’ )
  9、Here’s 、 ’ )
  10、 、
B.He is sitting.
  3.A.June first. B.September tenth. C.October first. D.December twenty-fifth.
the shapes.
  4.A.She is walking to the park. C. She is going to walk to the park.
B.She is going to walking to the park. D.She walks to the park. C.It’s summer. D.It’s fall.
  6、Is your father a teacher 、 )
  8、Everyone in the room 、
some books on the table. A.put supper. A.eat
C.to put C.eats
  5.A.It’s winter.
B.It’s spring.
I like to do. A.who B.where C.when D.what B.What C.What’s D.How’s ’ ’
(10 分) 一、根据汉意写出正确的单词。 根据汉意写出正确的单词。 ( 连指手套 三角形 冰箱 特殊的 节日
is the temperature? A.How
栏相应的答语。 四、从 B 栏中选择 A 栏相应的答语。(12 分)
A ( ( ( ( ( ( )Is it a dish? ) Is it a dish or a plate? )Can you play the piano? )How’s the weather today? )How many children are there? )Where are you from?
B A.I’m from China. ’ B.It’s a dish. C.Three. D.It’s rainy. E.Sure, I can. F.Yes, it’s a dish.
It's October seventh. The season is fall. The weather is sunny, but cool. The temperature is about 17 degrees. The pupils (小学生 of No.12 School have no lessons. 小学生) 小学生 They are in the park. The park is beautiful and large.There are many trees and flowers in it. There is a river and a hill in it, too. Some girls are under a big tree. They are singing and dancing. Tom and Jack are sitting beside the river. They are drawing. Kate is there,too. She is looking at the fish in the river. Look, there is an apple in Rose's hand. She is eating it. They are happy. ( )
  1. It's a cold day, today. )
  2. The pupils are in the classroom. )
  3.Kate is looking the fish. )
  4.The park is small. )
  5.They are having a good time.
五、根据提示补全短文.(20 分) 根据提示补全短文 Jenny:I want to you to .
( (
Li Ming: Thank you, Jenny! Jenny:Yon need to take Li Ming: Jenny: Li Ming: OK! Jenny:Can you skate forwards? Li Ming: I I can. do I need to your shorts and put my pants? your pants.
( (
it is cold outside. It's winter.
写作. 八.写作 (5 分) 写作 为题, 写一段话. 以 My favourite season 为题 写一段话
  1.书写规范 语句通顺. 书写规范, 语句通顺 书写规范
  2.不少于五句话 不少于五句话. 不少于五句话
Jenny:You learn fast, Li Ming! Li Ming: Thank you, Jenny! I think you are a good teacher. I want to to ,too. 猜一猜, 六.猜一猜 将正确的词语写在横线上 (8 分) 猜一猜 将正确的词语写在横线上.
  1.You take it on a rainy day. If you forgot it, you will get wet. It is an
  2. This is a season. It's warm and rainy. The flowers bloom. It is
  3.It's a man. It makes with snow. It's a . . .

  4.It's a kind of vegetables. It's round. When you cut it. It can hurt your eyes.It's an . (carrot, onion, peas) 阅读短文, 判断正误,正确的写 七. 阅读短文 判断正误 正确的写 T, 错误的写 F.(10 分)



   选择适当的字母。 一 选择适当的字母。 ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )1.f_ )1.f_t )2.t )2.t ll 2. 3.s ) 3.subw 4.coun ) 4.coun y 5.t ) 5.t ll A.o A.i A.ai A.ai A.tr A.tr A.e A.o A.o A.ar A.ar A.i A.teen rn A.i e B.u B.h B.i B.i B.ty B.u B.a B.ar B.er B.a B.a B.ty B.e a C.oo C. ...


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