2010 年小学六年级毕业综合素质测试英语试题
(满分 80 分) 听力部分 一 二 三 四 一 二 2010 年 6 月 笔试部分 三 四 五 六 总分
听力部分(30 分) 一、听录音,选出你所听到的单词或短语。 (读一遍) 分) (8
( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. A exercise )
  2. A April )
  3. A give )
  4. A peach )
  5. A 7:45 )
  6. A theatre )
  7. A take a walk B excited C exciting B apple C airport B get C gave B beach C teach B 6:45 C 7:15 B classmate C butterfly B have a chat C go for a walk

  8.A write a letter B write an e-mail C write to Peter
二、听录音,选择正确的应答句。 (读两遍) 分) (6
( ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. A. It’s half past two. )
  2. A .It’s in January )
  3. A. He’s Mr Brown. )
  4.A .Yes, there is. )
  5.A.31 )
  6. A. He likes working. B. It’s two. C. It’s Thursday. B. It’s in January or February C. It’s in March B. She’s Helen. C. She likes dancing. B Yes, there are. C Yes, they are. B.39 C.20 B. He is a worker. C. He can teach English.
三、听录音,判断所听对话内容是否与图片相符,相符的打“√“,不 相符的打“×”。 (听两遍)(6 分)
四、听录音,根据所听内容写出短文中所缺单词,每空一词。(读三 遍)(10 分)
SuHai and SuYang visited LiuTao’s grandparents on last week . LiuTao’s grandparents live in a town . In the , they watered the and trees . In the , they cleaned the . SuHai and SuYang also picked in the . LiuTao’s grandparents cooked a lot of delicious food for . They were very happy .
笔试部分(50 分) 一、根据音标写出单词及其汉语的意思。(10 分)

  1. [ 'sek?nd ]
  3.[ telIsk??p ]
  7. [laIbr?rI ]
  4. [m?:t?]
  6. [ 'b?:θdei ]
  8. [ 'ri?li ]
  10. [ bi'said ]
二、根据图片、提示或句意,完成句子,使句意完整,每空一词(5 分)

  1. The sign “No ”here.
  2.Where are my (眼镜)?They were in the study just now .
  3.Would you like (watch)a film with me ?
  4.They are from the USA .They speak .
  5.My birthday is on the ninth of (四月).
三、选择填空。 (10 分)
( )
  1.?Are the rulers ? ?Yes, they’re . A. your; our ( B. yours; my C. yours; mine
)2?Hi, Jim! ? ?Let me see. It’s about four thirty.
A. How old are you? ( B. What’s the time? C. What’s your watch? )
  3.?? ?That’s Tom’s ruler. A. Who’s Tom’s ruler? ( B. Whose ruler is it? C. What ruler is that?

  4.Lily is a friend of . A. hers B. her C. she

  5. are all in Class
  3. A. You, he and I B. I, you and he C. He, I and you

  6.The twins new students our class. A. are, in B. is, in C. are, at

  7.The books are on the desk. Can you see? A. it B. they C. them

  8.Those are . A. apple tree B. apple trees C. apples trees

  9.The coats are over there. A. twins B. twin’s C. twins’

  10.Let’s go home. A. to B. his C. /
四、句型转换。 (10 分)

  1. It’s time to have lunch.(改为同义句) It’s time .

  2.He has eight lamps. (对画线部分提问) lamps he ?
  3.They have an English lesson everyday.(用 now 改写) They an English lesson now.

  4.He saw some public signs in the park .(改为否定句) He public signs in the park .
  5.after, they, cows, school, often, milk (.) (连词成句)
五、阅读理解。 分) (5
Wu Dong has a good friend. His name is Peter. He is from the U.S.A Wu Dong and Peter are in the same class. They go to school five days a week. They stay at home on Sunday and Saturday. Peter likes China and Chinese food. He likes rice cakes very much. At school they play table tennis (乒 乓球)after class. Wu Dong and Peter likes making things. Now they are making a plane. They like flying planes on Sunday morning. Peter speaks English and a little Chinese. Wu Dong speaks Chinese and a little English. They teach each other. ( )
  1、Wu Dong has an American friend. ( )
  2、They go to school from Monday to Friday. ( )
  3、They often fly planes after class. ( )
  4、Wu Dong teaches Peter English and Peter teaches Wu Dong Chinese. ( )
  5、Peter often eats rice cakes because he likes eating them.
六、根据所给中文及提示完成句子。 (10 分)
Do you have ?
Yes, I like . .

many here. They

  3. ?今天几月几号?
?What ?It’s the I What is it today ? of March. up carrots on the farm you like

  4. 上周日我在农场拔萝卜了。

  5. 你想要什么生日礼物?
a birthday present?
2009 年小学六年级毕业综合素质测试英语试题
http://www.tongzhuo1 (读一遍) 一.听录音,选出你所听到的单词或短语。
  5.a quarter to eight
  7.take a walk
  8. write an e-mail 答案:BACCACAB 二. 听录音,选择正确的应答句。 (读两遍)
  1.What day is it today ?
  2.When’s Spring Festival?
  3.What does she like ?
  4.Are there any boys in the classroom ?
  5.How many days are there in January ?
  6.What’s his job ? 答案:CBCBCB 三、听录音,判断所听对话内容是否与图片相符,相符的打“√“,不 相符的打“×”。 (听两遍)
  1.What do people usually do at Dragon Boat Festival ? They usually eat rice dumplings and watch dragon boat races .
  2.What’s this ? It’s a tape .

  3.Where are you going ? We are going to the cinema .
  4.Where’s my book ? It’s on the desk .

  5.When’s your birthday ? It’s on the fifth of June.
  6.What does this sign mean ? It means “Danger”. 答案:√× √××√ 四、听录音,根据所听内容写出短文中所缺单词,每空一词。
It was National Day last week .SuHai and SuYang visited LiuTao’s grandparents . LiuTao’s grandparents live in a small town . They went there by taxi .In the morning , they watered the flowers and trees . LiuTao’s grandparents cooked a lot of delicious food for them for supper . In the afternoon, they cleaned the house . SuHai and SuYang also picked apples in the garden .They were very happy .
答案: National Day small morning flowers afternoon house apples garden them
笔试部分 一、根据音标写出单词及其汉语的意思。
  1.second 第 二
  2.Chinese 中 国 人, 汉 语
  3.telescope 照 相 机

  4.match 比赛
  5.collect 收集
  6.birthday 生日
  7.library 图书馆
  8.really 真正的 医院
  10.beside 旁边 二、根据图片、提示或句意,完成句子,使句意完整,每空一词
  2.glasses watch
  5.April 三、选择填空。 15 CBBAA 四、句型转换。
  1.for ,lunch
  2.How ,many, does ,have
  3.are, having
  4.didn’t , see, any
  5.They often milk cows after school . 610ACBCC
http://www.tongzhuo1 五、阅读理解。 15 T T F F T 六、根据所给中文及提示完成句子。
  2.There’re, public signs, mean ,different,things, third
  4.pulled, last ,Sunday
  5.would, as



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