英语试卷(小升初) 一.基础知识大比拼 (一) 词汇(vocabulary)
  1.按要求变换下列单词 Swim(现在分词) one(序数词) wear(同音词) Say(第三人称单数) see(过去时) it’s(同音词) Thursday(前一天) I am 缩写() go(反义词)
  1).This is my (two)day in shanghai.
  2).He(have) lunch now.
  3)December is the(
  12)month of a year.
  4)I usually get up at 6:30 and then brush my (tooth).
  5)They are (woman)(teacher)
  1)Thank you A. you are welcome. B.Thanks C.That’s OK.
  2) How are you? A Hi B.How do you do. C.Nice to meet you.
  3)Good morning,boys and girls. A class B boys C.girls
  4)IS this pen broken ? No, it’s OK. A right B.nice C.all right
  5)Is everyone here today? A.Everyone is here today B.We are all here today C.Are we all here today? (二)交际用语(Dairy English) 找出相应的答语
  1)What is wrong? A. Good ideal
  2)Are you tired? B. Sometimes
  3)Do you have a cold? C. I’m not feeling very well
  4)You should go to see the doctor. D.yes, a little.
  5)How often do you have a cough? E.No, I don’t. (三)语法练习(Grammer) 1 单项选择 ( )
  1). I usually get up sevent o’clock in the morning. A. at B.on C.of ( )
  2). is the coat? Thirty-five yuan, please. A .How B.How much C.How old ( )
  3)Where are your glasses? I can’t find them, they here just now. A. are B.was C. were ( )
  4).The brown cat is as as the black cat. A.fat B.fatter C.hinner ( )
  5).Excuse me,can.you tell me the way to Garden Cinima? Let me see.You can bus NO.5 A.by B.take C.go ( )6)Are there any students in the classroom? Yes ,there are students in the classroom. A. any B.some C.a ( )
  7).Hello, is that Liu Tao?
Yes, A.I’m B.it is C.Speaking ( )
  8) David is playing basketball in the playground. A.a B.the C.\ ( )
  9).I have two storybooks, but Hellen four. A.has B.have C. had ( )
  10).This is not my purse.is over there. A My B.Mnie C.I
  1) Eery one are here.
  2) There is two books and a pen on the desk.
  3)Don’t played football in the park.
  4)I like swim in the river.
  5)Did you saw the man just now? (三)句型转换
  1).She went to US yesterday.(改为否定句)
  2)The boys are playing games.(划线部分提问)
  3)Lily is writing.(划线部分提问)
  4)My sister likes watching TV.(划线部分提问)
  5)I have a new pencile box.(改为一般疑问句). (四).阅读理解 (二) Good News Jim is a primary school student, he’s in Grade Two now. He has a round face and wears glasses. He likes football and swimming. But today he’s not at school. He’s ill . He’s in bed. He had a bad cold. He must stay in bed for a week. But that’s a good news for him, because he doesn’t like school. 快速判断:
  1. Jim wares glasses.
  2. Jim doesn’t like football.
  3. Jim isn’t at school. He’s ill.
  4. Jim is ill, so he is very sad.
  5. Jim has a bad cold,he can’t go to school.
  6. Jim likes school. ( )
( ( ( (
) ) ) ) ( )



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