1、? I am going to buy a comic book.
  2.? She is a singer .
  3.? She likes playing the violin
  4.? Yes, my father works in a car company .
  5.? No, she doesn’t live in Dongguan.
  6.? Yes, she teaches Chinese .
  7.? I am a writer.

  8.? I am from Hubei .
  9.? I went to school late because I got up late.
  10. ? It is windy and cloudy.

  11. ? The hospital is near the post office.
  12. ? My bag is red .
  13. ? The book is Li Hua’s.
  14. ? I like math best.
  15. ? They are five yuan .
  16. ? I cleaned the room for a hour .
  17.? He will be back in four days .
  18. ? I didn’t come to class yesterday because I was ill .
  19. ? I went to Beijing by plane.
  20. ? She went to Xinjiang last month.
  21. ? I sang and danced with my new friend.

  22. ? I am going to see a doctor by car.
  23. ? I have a cold.
  24. ? I brought some presents for my parents on the last summer holiday.
  25. ? He is going to buy a new dictionary.
  26. ? I am 50 kg.
  27. ? She is 40 kg.

  28. ? She is listening to music now.
  29. ? He always goes ice-skating on the weekends.
  30. ? The skirt is 80 yuan.
  31. ? The children are playing in the park.
  32. ? It is eight o’clock in the evening.
  33. ? I had fish, chicken and eggplant for lunch yesterday.

  34. ? Tomorrow is Friday.
  35. ? It was Sunday yesterday.
  36. ? There are thirty girls in the classroom.
  37.? My birthday is on May 5th.
  38.? I have fish, chicken, eggplant for dinner.
  39.? I was tired.
  40.? She was happy.
  40.? He is going back tomorrow.
  41.? The mirror is on the table.
  42. ? The boys are swimming in the river.
  43.? I often play ping-pong on Saturdays.



   375 教育资源网 www.375edu.cn 中小学试卷、教案、课件免费下载! 江苏省初中入学冲刺试卷 三 江苏省初中入学冲刺试卷(三) 姓名 班级 分数 一、按要求改写单词。(12%) 按要求改写单词。 % 1.she 4.one 7.paper 10.deer (宾格) (序数词) (复数) (复数) 2.country 5.go 8.run 11.mango (复数) (过去式) (现在分词) (复数) 3.close 6.good 9.photo 12.make (反义词) (最高 ...


   小学六年级英语单词表(测试题 小学六年级英语单词表 测试题) 测试题 名词: 1、计划 2、珍珠 3、游弋 4、庙 _plan 5、点心 9、旗 13、巴黎 17、东京 21、山 25、长城 29、野餐 33、信息 37、声音 pearl 6、衣服 10、首都 14、美国 18、惠灵顿 22、莫斯科 26、人口 30、外面 34、玩具娃娃 38、号码 7、今晚 11、意大利 15、华盛顿 19、悉尼 23、俄罗斯 27、比赛 31、问题 35、书店 39、历史 43、傍晚 8、国王 12、罗 ...


   小学六年级英语句子复习(一) What What’s your name? What’s in the picture/ your schoolbag/ your pencil-case/ the classroom? What do you like? What’s your father? What would you like? What’s this/that? What are these/those? What’s his /her name? What about you? W ...


   1、 数字 2、 颜色 4、 天气 5、食品 7、玩具 8、 动物 10 、个人情况 3、 时间 6、 服装 9、 身体 11 、家庭和职业 12 、学校 和朋友 13、 14、 13、 文体活动 14、 节日 跟数字有关的单词 数字 number 三 three 六 six 九 nine 十一 eleven 十三 thirteen 十五 fifteen 十七 seventeen 十九 nineteen 一 四 七 十 one four seven ten 二 two 五 five 八 ei ...


   根据实际回答问题 1. What’s your name? My name is ?/ I’m ? 2. What is this ? It’s a plane. What is that? It’s a circle. What is it? It’s a triangle. 3. Is this your pen? 用 Is 问,用 yes 或者 no 来回答 Yes, it’s. No,it isn’t. , Is it an English book? 这是一本英语书吗? 这是一本英 ...


   七年级下册英语作文复习试卷 by 陈颖欣 (一) 假设你有一位笔友广州,请把他介绍给你的同学。 姓名`年龄`国籍`语言`学校`爱好`家庭等) ( I have a pen pal in Guangzhou, China. He is Andrew King. He is 15 years old and his birthday is on October 19. He lives in Guangzhou. He thinks China is a very interesting co ...


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   上海版牛津小学英语二年级期末复习试卷(2)来源:本站原创 文章作者:匿名 2009-11-12 13:00:51 [标签:试卷 期末 二年级 复习 英语] 上海版牛津小学英语二年级期末复习试卷 Listening Part 15% 一.选出所听到的内容,将其 序号填入题前的括号内。(播一遍) 5% ( )1. A .bee B. bus C. bear ( ) 2. A. what B. where C. who ( ) 3. A. 三.问答配对:5% ( ( ( ( ( ) 1.What ...


   PEP 人教版小学五年级英语问答句复习题 一、根据句子意思,完成句子。 根据句子意思,完成句子。 1. ? Our math teacher is young and strict. . 2. ? We have two new teachers. . 3. ? My English teacher is from Hunan. . 4. ? No, our principle is tall. . 5. ? Yes, our science teacher is funny. . 6. ? ...


   第一课件网 www.1kejian.com Unit 1 How Do You Go There? 第一课时教学设计 第一课时 一、教学目标与要求 1. 能够听、说、读、写短语:on foot,by bike,by bus,by train。 2. 能够听、说、认读短语:by plane,by ship,by subway。 3. 能用句子“How d0 you go to school? How do you go to Canada/…?”来替换 询 问别人的出行方式;并能够用句子“I ...


新编大学英语4 UNIT 2 All the good things

   All the good things What we want to tell you review What is this passage about Important words ,phrases and sentences. main characters Mark I I was a novice teacher at Saint Mary’s school .Little Mark was a mischievous boy who likes to talk incessa ...


   2010 年 5 月北京地区成人英语三级考试真题及答案 Part I Reading Comprehension (30%) Directions: There are three passages in this part. Each passage is followed by some questions or unfinished statements. For each of them there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. You ...


   我认为在复习过程中要避免把复习课搞成题海战, 我认为在复习过程中要避免把复习课搞成题海战,使复习失去它应有的意义而变得枯燥乏 味,在复习过程中同样要强调趣味性。复习还要从学生实际出发,做到因地制宜,因材施教, 在复习过程中同样要强调趣味性。复习还要从学生实际出发,做到因地制宜,因材施教, 有的放矢。为了帮助学生对动词及时态知识进行及时的、系统的、全面的复习, 有的放矢。为了帮助学生对动词及时态知识进行及时的、系统的、全面的复习,从而加深对 所学内容的理解,提高运用英语的能力和技巧,巩固课堂教 ...


   广东省 2011 年普通高考英语笔试试卷结构 根据《广东省普通高校招生考试改革调整方案》(粤教考([2008]28 号) ,广东省普通 高考英语科考试从 2011 年始笔试试卷不包括听力试题,单独进行听说考试,笔试与听说 考试分别进行,参加英语科考试的必须参加笔试和听说考试.据此,英语科的笔试试卷结 构作了相应调整.笔试考试时间 120 分钟,试卷满分 135 分.经反复测试和多方论证,制 定《广东省 2011 年普通高考英语笔试试卷结构》 。 一、考试范围与内容 根据普通高等学校对新生文化 ...


   英语语法练习题 名词 1.This is reading-room. A.the teacher’s B.teacher’s C.teachers’ D.the teachers’ 2.Nothing was found but broken. A.the room window B.the room’s window C.the room of the window D.the window of room 3.How many would you like? A.paper B.brea ...