小学六年级英语总复习 (词汇的变换)
一 写出下列词的复数。
一 分为可数名词 和 不可数名词。
二 可数名词变化规则:
1 直接加“s”. 2 加“es”, 以 s, x, sh, ch 结尾. 3 辅音字母+y结尾,去y 加ies. 4 以f或fe结尾,去f或fe 加ves.
5 以 “0” 结尾, 有些加s, 有些加es photo-photos, kilo-kilos, piano-pianos, zoo-zoos
mango-mangoes, potato-potatoes, 6,特殊名词,如 man-men , child-children , people-people, tooth-teeth, foot-feet, mouse- mice, Chinese - Chinese , Japanese - Japanese, American - Americans 7 名词词组 如 man cook
Xiao shenyang is a man cook. men cooks Xiao shenyang and his friends are .
一 将下列单词变成复数。 family photo book door class eye child woman this piano map sandwich boy tooth my classroom knife him watch box tea thief horse peach tooth Chinese paper man zoo bus monkey
二 1 2 3
按要求完成下列句子。 There (be) an apple and three (glass) of (orange juice) on the table. Do you like (strawberry)? No, I don’t .I like (peach). How many (monkey) can you see the tree? sorry, there no one .
Look at those (男教师),they are (play) basketball so (good).
5 6
Yesterday was (woman) Day, Miss li (get) lots of (flower) from her students. He is a policeman.(变成复数句子) ??????????????????.
7 They are English boys. (变成单数) .
人称代词 和 物主代词
人称代词 单数 主格 第一人称 第二人称 宾格 主格 复数 宾格
you he
me you him her it
we you
us you
she it
物主代词 单数 形容词性 名词性 复数 形容词性 名词性
第一人称 第二人称 第三人称
my your his her its
mine yours his hers its
our your
ours yours
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  1、Is that ruler ? your

  2、He is good friend . our ours
  3、Hers brother’s name is Bob . Her
  4、Kate mother is an English teacher . Kate’s
  5、Peter wants to talk to. him he
  6、Mine mother is thirty-five . My
  7、His cousin is she classmate . her
  8、Them are from Japanese . They
  1、The boy is (I)brother . Please give (I)pen to (he). my my him
his mine
  2、This is(he)rubber . Where is (I)? He my
  3、 (he)is(my father)friend . your
  4、This is not (you)bike . It is mine (my). him
  5、Where is Tom ? (he)mother is looking for (he ). His its
  6、This dress is so beautiful . I like (it)colour . yours
  7、??Is that computer(you)? mine ??No , it is not (I). their they teacher 8 You
  8、You can speak to (I). I am (they)teacher . I . me our
  9、Are these (we)clothes ? No , yours(you)are on the bed . her
  10、??Is this (she)car ? hers ??No , (she)is over there . our Ours
  11、This is not (us)class . (us)is in that building . She her
  12、 (she)is writing a letter to (she)sister . She our her
  13、 (she)is (we)teacher . We call (she)Miss Li . his his
  14、This is (he)coat . That one isn’t (he). We us
  15、 (we)are going to have a picnic tomorrow . Would you like to join (we). Jim’s
  16、The children are in (Jim)room . father’s
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