小学六年级英语语法总练习 一.选择正确答案填空。 ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( A.in )
  1.He is going to the market C.at C. at C.at C. at C.at D. by No.12 bus. 姓 名 Sunday. D. by D. for two days. seven? D.for D. by spring. D.by March
  12. Saturday afternoon. C.at D.for D.by the morning. D.by this Sunday. )
  2. We’re going there B.on B. on B.on B.on A.in A. in B.on A. in A. in B.on C.at foot. A. in B. on A. in A. in A. In A. in
  3.They’re going to visit Zhaoqing )
  4.I’ll stay there
  5.Are you going to have dinner at the restaurant )
  6.We often plant trees B.on C.at
  7.He is going to have a party
  8.We often go and see my grandmother B.on C.at B.on C.at )
  9.He usually takes exercise
  10.They’re going to do some reading D./(不填)
  1. How do you go to school?
  2. Does your family have a car?
  3. What does your father do ?
  4. Can you ride a bike?
  5. Are you going to travel this Sunday?
  6. When will your summer holiday start ? 用动词的适当形式填空:
  1、The boy (speak)Japanese.
  2、My sister (be)a doctor, she (work)in a hospital.
  3、Who (teach)you Chinese? Miss Li .(do)
  4、Don’t forget (clean)your room today.
  5、My father can (make)this machine.
  6、What about (listen)to the popular songs?
  7、(open)it, please.
  8、Let Li Lei (sing)us a song, OK?
  9、Kate (like)(make)clothes.
  10、All of them (have)lunch at school every day.
  11、Would you like (go)with us?
  12、Miss Liu (love)her work very much.
  13、There (be)much milk here. Let us (drink)some.

  14、Can Ann (speak)some Chinese now?
  15、That little girl (watch)TV every evening.
  1、 我打算下周六参观博物馆。
  2、 他上星期拜访了我奶奶。
  3、 Ben 去年不喜欢游泳。
  4、 她上星期四打过电话给我。
  5、 他们上一年是小学生。
  6、 Jim 不喜欢来这里。
  7、 Janet 和 Tom 得了感冒。
  8、 他通常起床很晚。
  9、 她昨天帮助妈妈。
  10、 我上一年钓鱼了。
  11、 我已经不喜欢紫色和白色了。 作 文



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