小学六年级英语作文题目:自我介绍(好的就加分) 悬赏分:5 - 解决时间:2009-3-28 18:50
字数 50 字以上.... 好的加分
提问者: 从今以后独爱 - 一 级
最佳答案 Hello!My name is ( ).I'm ( )years old and I'm from( ).I have a happy family,there are three people in my family,my mother,my father and I.My favourite subject is( ).Because it's interesting.And my favourite teacher is( ) teacher.I also like sports and I like basketbll best. 不一定对哦! 一定要自己写哦 呵呵 给我加分吧
回答者: 孙老爸 - 一 级 2009-3-14 18:58 我来评论>>
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迪士尼在 2008 年出了哪些动画片?? 西贡到迪士尼怎么去 咸阳市实验小学入学条件 为什么我一登入不了梦幻迪士尼 怎么才能读荆州实验小学 哪个版本的迪士尼神奇英语好 华纳,20 福克斯,哥伦比亚,迪士尼,还有其他公司在这几年内都有什么好电影 香港迪士尼乐园 其他回答 共 8 条 hello,my name is XXX , 再说年龄,说性别,like 的颜色,my favourite XXX is XXX,再说爱好,说你的衣服裤子颜色和种类,还有你的 favourite 的季节,还有你在哪个季 节里能做的游戏,说你很开心,说你的国家与习俗。够 50 个了!
回答者: 真诚老头 - 二 级 2009-3-14 18:24
自我介绍: My name is xxx, I’m a girl(or boy), and I’m x years old. I study in xxxx shool , I’m in grade six class one(六年级 1 班) .I’m thin(or fat or strong) , I have a long(or short) hair .My favourite season is xxx , because I can xxxx. My favourite sports xxx . I like eating xxx. My favourite animal is xxx . I like yellow 、 red and blue(颜色) . I like listening to music and playing computer games(干什么).
回答者: hzcolourwolf - 一 级 2009-3-14 18:27
Hello! Nice to see you .My name is He Zhaohui.I'm twelve years old.I'm in Class3 Grade
  5. I love my school.I like math very much.And I usually read book.I like to play chess, too.I can play chess very well.I like my hometown best.And my favorite fruit is apple. My favorite sport is swimming .I have a happy family .There are three people in my family.They are my father, my mother and me.I want to be a chess titlist.Thank you!
回答者: 我为薛明狂 - 四 级 2009-3-14 19:46
My Self Hello every one!My name is ***.I'm a boy/girl.I'm **(年龄) years old.I'm from (地名)(乡 村后接 country[n.村落],城市后接 city 省后接 province[n.省]),China.I'm a student.My study is very well.My hobbies is playing table tennis,piaying basketball and playing baseball.I like sports very much.My favoriet subject is English,because it's very interesting.My favorite season is winter,because I like snow. This is me.Can you tell me about yourself? 我初一,写得 just so so(一般般),还望支持。
回答者: 间谍 137 - 一 级 2009-3-14 21:02
Hello everyone!My name is ***,I'm ** years old.Now I'm in **** Middle School.I'm in Class*,Grade**.I am a sunny (girl or boy).In my free times is very colorfull.Such as I like playing *** with my ***,playing *** with my **....and so on.......
回答者: ★Hena - 二 级 2009-3-18 17:36
Hellow everyone.Today I will tell you about myself.my name is xxx.I am twelve years old.I live in xxx now.I am study in xxx school now.In my class.My good friend(s) is(are) xxx(xxx).My favourite subject(s)in school is(are) xxx(xxx).Because I think it is(they are)interesting(funny).My favourite food is(are) xxx.My favourite color is xxx.My favourite animal is xxx.I have a small famil. My father my mother and I.My father is a xxx.My mother is a xxx.I love my famil. Thank you!
回答者: hyj111223 - 一 级 2009-3-19 23:03
My name is xxx, I’m a girl(or boy), and I’m x years old. I study in xxxx shool , I’m in grade six class one(六年级 1 班) .I’m thin(or fat or strong) , I have a long(or short) hair .My favourite season is xxx , because I can xxxx. My favourite sports xxx . I like eating xxx. My
favourite animal is xxx . I like yellow 、 red and blue(颜色) . I like listening to music and playing computer games(干什么). In the future ,I want to be ....This is me ,a...student
回答者: lavender_taste - 二 级 2009-3-26 20:51
My dream(我的理想) Jury Hi, My name is , 10-year-old this year. Primary school in the arts. The following is my speech: you should now have their own ideal! Of course, every child in my childhood has its own ideals. Some want to be a doctor; some want to be a teacher; some want to be a translator; some want to be a policeman. Of course, every child at the different ideals of childhood. However, I want to be a personnel computer. Why? Because my computer likes an early age, and it also forged a feeling. Junior primary school, the School organized a computer class, computer classes on each day, I am very happy, open the computer, I learn to type, draw, create web pages. Since computer access the Internet, can be made online can also be up in the QQ online chat, a quick increase my typing speed. So every Sunday, I finished my homework let father taught computer. At school, every time my computer class the students very seriously, the most talented people want my computer because I heard the radio say "Chinese computer serious lack of talent" It's even more determined when I dream of computer professionals . In order to achieve this dream, I now have to seriously study, basic study, each subject should carefully study , and want all-round development, to move forward, to become a real computer professionals! If I achieve this dream, when a computer talent, now I want to upgrade into the high-tech science and technology into a super, I would like to make China's own software and procedures, we Chinese have to create a "Microsoft", I would also like to become China's Bill Gates! my speech is end, thank you everyone!



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   1、同意上大学好. 为未来工作进行准备 交更多的朋友,学习他们的思维方式 系统的学习知识 2、同意父母是最好的老师 (1)父母从小就和我们在一起,给我们很多的知识 (2)父母和我们最为亲密,在任何时候,都会毫无保留地给我们知识 (3)父母最了解我们,所以他们给我们的建议和意见都是最有针对性的 3、(1)食品容易准备,节省了大量的时间,使人们可以做其他事情 (2)食品容易准备,为人们提供了更多的花样。 (4)食品容易准备,为人们的健康带来了很多好处 4、首先进行比较,然后说书是最重要的来源 ( ...


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