小学英语说课稿 ??三年下期第三模块第一单元
Content: Good morning everyone. The content I will analysis is unit2“ l like football” Module 3 of Primary English, Book 2‘ New Standard English , printed by Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press. Structure: My analyses of this lesson will be divided into four parts. Part 1: The analyses of the textbook. Part 2: Teaching methods instruction. Part 3: Teaching procedure design. Part 4: Assessment. Part 1: Firstly, we come to part one. It will be divided into four parts,
  1.Textbook analysis;
  2.Teaching aims;
  3.Key-points and difficult points.4: teaching aids. As for textbook analyses, this lesson includes three parts: listen and point; listen and say then chant. It mainly deals with the expression “I like sth, and I don’t like sth.” ’, to express students’ interest in sports. And it provides a real situation for the Ss to practice the pattern: I like sth, and I don’t like sth. Teaching aims:
  1. Aims on the knowledge To enable the Ss to understand and speak: “I like sth, and I don’t like sth”, make sure that Ss can use these sentences in real situations.
  2. Aims on the abilities (
  1) To develop Ss’ abilities of listening and speaking. (
  2) To train the Ss’ ability of working in groups. (
  3) To foster Ss’ abilities of communication and their innovation.
  3. Aims on the emotion
  1) to foster Ss’ consciousness of good co-operation and proper competition. (
  2) to lead Ss to show their interest in sports. Key-points and difficult points of this lesson: (
  1) (
  2) (
  3) to help Ss to express their interest in ports correctly. To enable Ss to study in groups and co-operate skillfully. To develop Ss’ interest in sports.
Teaching aids: Tape-recorder, multi-medias and other school thing Part 2: It is not a long history that English is as a subject in primary school
in our country and the main instructional aims of teaching English in primary school is to cultivate pupils’ basic abilities of their listening and speaking and their good sense of the English language. Our boys and girls are exposed to English for the first time, so it is very important to develop their keen interest in English. So in this lesson I’ll mainly use “Task-based” teaching method. That is to say, I will let the Ss learn in real situations, finish a task by performing things they like and don’t like in their daily life and the other group member do guess game. And then Show their group achievements to the whole class. In order to help the Ss to get a better understanding of the key structure of the dialogue, I will arrange four kinds of activities: listening, guessing game, chanting and having performance. Part 3:
  1.Warm-up and preview. A: Free talk between T and Ss B: Review nouns of the animal with the help of pictures。
Purpose: to form a better English surrounding for the students by doing some total physical responses and to provide situations to review
learned knowledge for the next step
  2. Presentation. (
  1) New words learning With the help of cartoon model Lanyangyang to learn the key word“like”, and use daily life picture to help learners learn sports nouns football, basketball, table tennis, morning exercises, and use smile face and crying face to lead in the negative expression of “don’t”. in order to enlarge learners knowledge, I will introduce other kinds of sports, such as skipping, swimming, badminton. (
  2) Sentence structure consolidation。 Black writing the key sentence structures, “I like sth, and I don’t like sth” Purpose: it provides situations to learn new words through reviewing and at the same time to learn the new words easily from their life experience.
  3. Practise. (
  1)Listen and say. Play tape recorder and the students listen, and imitate the intonation of the textbook. (
  2) Chant. I will use chant to consolidate the sentence structure. I like coffee(咖啡). I like tea(茶). I like cats and they like me. I like coffee.
I like tea. I don’t like lions and they don’t me. Coffee and tea are new words for students, so I will present the Chinese meaning for the students. (
  3) Group work??Guessing game. A: The whole class is divided into four groups to have a competition of performing things they like and don’t like in their daily life and the other group member do guess game. B: Show their group achievements to the whole class. Purpose :Task-based teaching method is used here to develop Ss’ ability of communication and also their ability of co-operation will be well trained. Besides it is to develop their interest in performing, and show out themselves.
  4. Conclusion Part 4: Assessment.
  1. Class participation degrees.
  2. Learning enthusiasm of the students.
  3. Interaction between T and Ss.



   小学英语说课稿 ??三年下期第三模块第一单元 Content: Good morning everyone. The content I will analysis is unit2“ l like football” Module 3 of Primary English, Book 2‘ New Standard English , printed by Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press. Structure: My analyse ...


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