小学三年级英语测试卷 Spelling (填写下列单词的所缺字母)10×1
  01.cr ss 穿越
  02.tr ffic light 交通信号灯

  03.w ter 水
  04.v g table 蔬菜
  05.sh e 鞋
  06.What’s the w like in January? (天气)
  07.What do you want? I want some b (刷子)
  08.We’ve got some p __ but we need some scissors. (纸)
  09.This uniform is c but it’s nice.(便宜)
  10.This is the way I w my face. (洗脸)
IV. Multiple choice (单项选择题) 20×1
  1.Mother Duck is sitting the nest. A. at B. in C. on D. to
  2.Can I have some water ?I’m . A. thirsty B. hungry C. tired D. full
  3.What are they doing? They are A. smkeing B. smoking C. smoke D. smoken
  4.What’s like in January? A. the weather B. weather C. it D. its
  5.I want to paint. Can I have some? A. rice B. apples C. brushes D. uniforms
  6. very cool in autumn. A. it B. it’s C. It’s D. It
  7.Our classroom is too hot. Don’t the window, please! A. open B. opening C. close D. closing
  8.Let’s go to park. A. a B. the C. A D. The
  9.Lucy her lunch at 12 o’clock. A. have B. having C. eat D. eats

  10.Min and Mog go at nine o’clock at night. A. out side B. outside C. Out side D. Outside
  11.I reading a book now. A. is B. are C. am D. be
  12.Do you need some for dinner ? A. milk B. milks C. Milk D. Milks
  13.I’ve some apples and grapes. A. getting B. got C. gets D. get
  14. you listen to English in the morning ? Yes, I do. A. do B. Do C. does D. Does
  15.The students in Yucai school can go home Friday. A. in B. on C. at D. to
  16.Don’t play football the classroom. A. in B. on C. outside D. at
  17.Here a pair of scissors. A. am B. is C. are D. be
  18.The little girl’s name Nina. A. am B. is C. are D. be
  19.There many apples in the basket. A. are B. is C. am D. have
  20.The first day of a week is A. Monday B. Tuesday C. Saturday D. Sunday.
V. Fill the blanks (根据课文填空) 10×1
  1. Dear Helen, My name is Kitty. I am your pen-friend. I have a brother. I l in Shanghai. The weather in Shanghai is nice. In spring it is s, rainy, warm and w. In summer ... In autumn it is ... In winter it is c, windy, cold and d.
  2. Min and Mog’s night Min and Mog get up at seven o’clock in the e. They eat tdinner at half past seven. They eat some fish. Min and Mog g outside at nine o’clock at night. They c
m! Min and Mog go home at six o’clock in the m. They w their faces. They go to bed.
VI. Make up sentences (连词成句,注意大小写 )5×2
  1. he or is tired afraid(?)

  2.you like this of pair do shoes.(?)

  3.Sandy at nine bed to goes o’clock(.)

  4.Helen’s mother does the dress like (?)

  5.time what you do your dinner eat(?)

VII. Write ( 用所给词的适当形式填空) 10×1
  1. Look. The birds are in the tree. (sing)
  2. I can in the pool. (swim)
  3. She grapes and watermelon.(like)
  4. Kitty doesn’t any brushes. (need)
  5. Kitty is wearing new uniform. (she)
VIII. Close. (完型填空) 10×1
A. 根据句意写单词 I a teacher and my is Wendy Young. I am from China and I in Shanghai. I usually get at six and breakfast at six thirty. I go to at seven. I like my very much because they are all the best in my eyes.
B. 用所给的词完成对话 number where telephone A: Hello, what’s your name, please ? B: Betty. A: What’s your ? B: It’s 23885377 A: And do you live ? B: I live in 13 Beihai Street. A: How old are you ? B: I am eight years old.
IX. Reading ( 阅读) 10×1
  1. Write “T’or “F”(判断对错,对的写 T 错的写 F) Tom: What a lovely day! Let’s go to the park and have a picnic. Peter: Ok. That’s the supermarket. It’s nine o’clock in the morning, still early(还 早). Let’s go and buy the things for the picnic. Tom: Great! Do you like bread/ Peter: No, I like cakes. I want this big cake. And I’ve got some milk and some apples. What do you need? Tom: I need a hot dog, two oranges and some sweets. Peter; Oh! That’s enough(足够). Let’s go to the park. Tom; Let’s. ( )
  1. Tom is ten and Peter is eleven. ( )
  2. They go to the park in the afternoon. ( )
  3. They buy things for picnic in the supermarket. ( )
  4. Peter wants the small cake. ( )
  5. Tom likes hot dogs.

  2. Read and choose (阅读对话并选择正确答案) Susan: Hi, I’m Susan. I’m ten years old. I’m in Garden City Primary School. New term starts on Thursday 1st September. Mum: What have you got? Susan: I’ve got a new uniform, some new shoes and some pencils. Mum: Do you want some new books? Susan: Yes, I want new books. I forgot (忘记) them. Mum: Ok. Write a list: Things you need for school. Susan: Yes. I need a new uniform, some new shoes, some pencils, some books, some felt pens, a long ruler and a small rubber. Mum: Oh! You forgot a lot (许多). Let’s go and buy them. Susan: Yes,Mum. ( )
  1. Susan is a . A. pupil B. teacher C. doctor ( )
  2. She’s . A. eight B. nine C. ten ( )
  3. New term starts on . A. Tuesday B. Thursday C. Friday ( )
  4. Susan has got . A. a new uniform and some pencils B. some pencils and a ruler C. some new shoes and a rubber ( )
  5. Susan hasn’t got . A. a short ruler B. a big rubber C. new books
提高卷 满分 20 分 I. 语法知识 10 ×1 A. 按照要求写句子
  1. Iwant some vegetables for dinner. ( 用 my mother 替换 I) some vegetables for dinner.
  2. Min and Mog get up at seven o’clock in the evening. (就划线部分提问)
they get up?
  1. Look! Some boys are in the pond. ( swim)
  2. There so many apples on the tree. (be)
  3. Can Kitty the piano ? (play )
  4. Miss Yang got some beautiful pictures in her hand. ( have)



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   [教材全析] 教材全析] SECTION A Language Goal:Tell what you are supposed to do.语言目标: 讲 一下你应该干什么。 例题探究: He is supposed (ask) what to do. 解析:be supposed to do sth. 答案:to ask 1a What do people do when they meet for the first time?Match the countries and the cu ...


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   说课的方法和技巧 “说课”是一种新兴的教研形式, 它是指教师在特定的场合, 在精心备课的基础上, 面对评委、同行或教研人员系统地口头表述自己对某节课(或某单元)的教学设 计及其理论依据,然后由听者评议,说者答辩,达到相互交流、相互切磋,从而 使教学设计不断趋于完善的一种教学研究形式。 狭义的说课是指教师以口头表达 的方式, 以教育科学理论和教材为依据, 针对某节课的具体特点, 以教师为对象, 在备课和上课之间进行的教学研究活动。 说课,是当今教学改革的新课题,是教学研究工作的新形式,说课活动 ...


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