There a ball and a bicycle in the room. A. am B. is C. are
  2. What nationality are you? I’m . A. China B. Chinese C. in China
  3. These are Billy’s . A. bananas B. banana C. a banana
  4. There a postman at the door. A. be B. are C. is
  5. Who is ? A. that girl B. those girl C. those girls
  6. Which are ? A. your pens B. your boxs C. your pen
  7. How are those shoes? very pretty. A. They’re B. They is C. It’s
  8. Mr. Crisp is his car. A. in B. on C. with
  9. Who’s that? my mum. A. She’s B. That’s C. It’s
  10. It’s very cold. your hat. A. Put in B. Try on C. Put on
  11. Is she your aunt? Yes, . A. she’s B. her is C. she is D. he is
  12. coats yours? , they are . A. they B. these C. this D. there
  13. those your friends? . A. Yes, they’re B. No, they are C. Yes, they are D. Yes, those are

  14. Choose am, is or are to fill out the blanks. There some hot water in the cup. There ten students in the classroom. They tired. The book very thin. Who those girls? Whose the bicycles? He and I good friends. There a dog and two cats under the tree. The policemen busy. The actress tall.
  15. eg bookbooks actor--actress--pencil-box--watch--fox--bicycle--hero--that
  16. Choose in, on, out, at or with to fill out the following blanks. Knock the door. Look ! Come me. Try these shoes. Put the hat. The boy the footall is Sandy. Come , please. Look me! Mr. May is his car. Tom is his bicycle. A. One day Mr. and Mrs. White go shopping by car. They stop their car near a store. They buy a lot of things and they want to put the things in the car. But Mr. White can’t open the door of the car, so they ask a policeman to help them. The policeman is very friendly to help them. Just then a man comes up and shouts: “What are you doing with my car?” Mr. and Mrs. White take a look at the car’s number and they are frozen there. It isn’t their car. )
  1. Mr. and Mrs. White drive for . A. fishing B. shopping C. business ( )
  2. They stop their car . A. at the parking spot B. near the sea C. near the store ( )
  3. They want to put the things . A. in a big bag B. in their car C. in other’s car ( )
  4. Mr. White can’t open the car, so . A. they walk home B. they ask a policeman to help C. they call a taxi B Mr Brown lives in a nice house in a small town with his wife(妻子) , Mrs Brown. From Monday to Friday he works in an office near his house. He is free on Saturdays and Sundays. He has a nice garden beside his house. He likes growing flowers and he often works in the garden on Saturdays and Sundays. The flowers are very beautiful and Mrs Brown likes them very much. She often helps Mr Brown. ( )
  1. Mr Brown lives in with his wife. A. a city B. a small town C. a big town ( )
  2. He works days a week in his office. A. four B. five C. six ( )
  3. He isn’t on Saturdays and Sundays. A. free B. busy C. happy ( )
  4. He likes on Saturdays and Sundays. A. working in his garden B. walking in his gardon C. looking at his garden ( )
  5. Mrs Brown the flowers. A. like B. doesn’t like C. often helps C There is a new park near my house. It’s a fine day today. My family and I are in the park now. On my left, there is a cafe. On my right, there is a big lake. There are many fiowers and trees near the lake. There’s a small hill behind the lake. Near the lake, there is a sign. It says,“Don’tswim in the (
lake!”There is a playground in the middle of the park. There are some small shops near the gate. The park is so beautiful. We like it very much. ( )
  1. The park near my house is . A. new and beautiful B. old and beautiful C. clean and new D. old and clean ( )
  2. Is there a cafe in the park? A. Yes, there isn’t. B. No, there isn’t. C. Yes, there is. D.No, there is. ( )
  3. Peopie can’t in the lake. A. swim B. fish C. boat D.play ( )
  4. The shops in the park are not A. small B. big C. good D.pretty ( )
  5. -Do we like the park? - A. Yes, we do. B.No,we do. C.Yes, you do. D. No,we don’t. Writing Tell me one of your things with 5 sentences at least.



   牛津小学英语 3A 期中试卷 (卷面整洁 4 分) 一、圈出你所听到的单词。(20 分) 1、elephant 2、pear 3、blue 4、rubber 5、pen ruler peach brown telephone pencil 6、 monkey 7、 cat 8、mango 9、pencil box 10、tiger elephant zebra apple ball pen table 二、听一听,在你所听到的句子前面的括号里打“√”(10 分) 。 1、 ( 2、 ( )g ...


   Unit1 Welcome back toschool 第一课时 教学设计 二、教学目标 掌握句型 We have a new friend today.和 I’m from…(国家名)及其 Welcome。 听说几个国家的名称,如:America, Canada, China 能听懂会说 We have a new friend today. I’m from…. Welcome! 并能在实际情景中运用,要求模仿正确,语 调自然。 三、教学重点 句型:We have a new frien ...


   2010-20011 学年度第一学期 三年级英语综合练习卷( ) 三年级英语综合练习卷(2) 听力材料及答案 一.听一听,圈一圈。圈出相应图画的字母编号。 1. Close your book. 3. Shake you body. 5. Jump like a squirrel. 答案:BBAAB 2. Touch your head. 4. What colour is it ? Black. 二.听一听,辨一辨。根据你所听到的内容,判断下列图片是否正确,正确的 打“√” ,错误的打“× ...


   三年级英语下学期教学计划 三年级英语下学期教学计划 学期 一、班级基本情况: 英语对于小学三年级所有学生来说,都是从同一水平开始学习。教师应从激 发学生学习英语的兴趣入手,培养学生学习英语的积极性,使他们建立初步的学 习英语的自信心,初步了解中西文文化的差导。 二、本套教材具有以下几个特点: 1、注重学生语言运用能力的培养,突出语言的实践性和交际性,同时也突 出语言的真实性和实用性; 2、注重学生自学能力和学习策略的培养 ,为学生的进一步学习或终身学习 奠定基础; 3、注重中外文化的双向式交 ...


   三年级英语下学期 学期教学计划 三年级英语下学期教学计划 一、班级基本情况: 英语对于小学三年级所有学生来说,都是从同一水平开始学习。教师应从激发学生学 习英语的兴趣入手,培养学生学习英语的积极性,使他们建立初步的学习英语的自信心,初 步了解中西文文化的差导。 二、本套教材具有以下几个特点: 1、注重学生语言运用能力的培养,突出语言的实践性和交际性,同时也突出语言的真 实性和实用性; 2、注重学生自学能力和学习策略的培养 ,为学生的进一步学习或终身学习奠定基础; 3、 注重中外文化的双向式交 ...


   一年级英语期末测试 一、读一读,选一选 读一读, ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ) 1、 goodbye ) 2、name A 你好 A 名字 B 再见 ( B 我的 ( ) 3、afternoon A 上午 ) 4、 hi ) 5、my ) 6、 good ) 7、 morning ) 8、your ) 9、what ) 10、it A 熊猫 A我 A 好的 A 早晨 A你 A 什么 A 它 B 下午 ( B 你好 ( B 我的 ( B 你的 ( B 下午 ( B 你的 ( ...

英语试题同步练习题考试题教案七年级英语Wheres your pen pal from单元测试2

   Unit 1 Where’s your pen pal from? Section A 课前漫步 A good beginning is half done. 良好的开端是成功的一半。 I.温故 根据图片完成句子。注意 be from 与 come from 的用法。 1. The boy (be) from Jilin. 2. The computer comes Zhejiang. 3. The flowers (be) from Yunnan. 4. The fruits (be) f ...


   ………密…………封…………线…………内…………不…………要…………作…………答…………………… 2010-2011 学年度第二学期 五年级英语单词竞赛试题 五年级英语单词竞赛试题 单词竞赛试 (试卷满分:100 分 考试时间:40 分钟) 考号: 题 号 得 分 一 二 三 四 五 总 分 一、将下列英文翻译成中文(20×2=40) 1.do morning exercises 2.eat breakfast 3.have English class 4.play sports 5.eat ...


   第一课件网 www.1kejian.com 七年级英语阶段性检测试题 一、 请写出 26 个英文字母大小写并标出五个元音字母。 (15) 二、选择(25) ( )1 That is key. A. my a ( B. a my C. me D. my )2 What’s this in English? -. A. It’s red B. It’s a key C. It’s a green D. I’m OK. ( )3 It’s orange. It’s yellow orange. A ...


   五年级下册期末英语测试题 学号 姓名 班级 成绩 学号 姓名 班级 成绩 听力部分: 听力部分:30 分 听音,选出与录音相符合的一项,并将其字母编号填在题前的括号里( 一、 听音,选出与录音相符合的一项,并将其字母编号填在题前的括号里(10 分) ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ) 1. A. write ) 2. A. bedroom ) 3. A. thing ) 4. A. flower ) 5. A .over there ) 6. A. plant trees ) 7. A. w ...



   仁爱版七年级英语下册期末选择填空题专练( ) 仁爱版七年级英语下册期末选择填空题专练(3) ) 1. will the Smiths go on a trip? In summer holiday . A. When B. How C. What D. Why ( ) 2. us have a plan for our summer holidays. A. All of B. Each of C. Every of D. One of ? ( ) 3. ? Help yourself to ...


   高考英语考纲词汇 高考英语考纲词汇 没有音标请谅解 A a[ ], an art.一(个);任何…都;每(一);某,某一个 able[ ] adj.能…的,能干的,能够的 about[ ] prep.在附近,关于,在…周围 adv.附近,大约 above[ ] prep.在…上方,超出 adv.在上面 adj.上面的,上述的 abroad[???????] adv.到(在)国外 accept[???????] vt.接受,承认 accident[?????????] n.[C]事故 acco ...


   基本上不看短文内容仅看选项, 基本上不看短文内容仅看选项,2010 年高考有人竟然过了 100 分! 高考有没有瞬间大幅度提分的可能? 高考有没有瞬间大幅度提分的可能? 谁能让你不用花很多时间和心思学习,英语就能提高至少 20-30 分?要是真的话,简直 是白捡的分数!不仅如此,当你了解了高考真题答案的所有内幕规律,看到了绝密的解题招 式,就会豁然开朗。哇!原来也可以这么做题!你的思路因此将会被彻底打通,提高的分数 将不仅仅是 20-30 分!无论现在的英语成绩是 60 分,还是 110 分 ...


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