Lesson One
Dog and Cat
How are you? Fine. Thank you?
Two birds
A cat is painting!
A boy is playing!
A cow is flying in the sky!
Penguins [‘penguinz]
Smiling ['smaili?]
A butterfly
A dog is smiling.
A cat is looking at a bird!
A small cat is playing!
A big cat and a small mouse
A little girl is in the big mouth. Long teeth of the crocodile
New Words your [j?:] ? 你的 my [mai] 我的 small [sm?:l] 小的 ? short [?? ??:t] ?? 短的 light [lait] 轻的 heavy [‘hevi] 重的 open [‘?up?n] 开的 closed [kl?uzd] 关的
Yours and Mine My hat is small. Your hat is big. My pencil is short. Your pencil is long.
My bag is light. Your bag is heavy.
My bag is open. Your bag is closed.
Listen and circle

  1. Which is big?

  2. Which is heavy?

  3.Which is open?

  4.Which is long?


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