练习卷 2011/4/6
  20) 选择填空。
( )
  1.-Is this your chair? - A.It’s your desk.. ( B.It’s my desk. C.Yes,it is.
  2.What time ? A.it is B.is it C.it’s
  50. A.It is B.Is it C.it is
  4.It’s time get up. A.at B.for C.to
  5.It’s time math class. A.at B.for C.to
  6.She has clocks. A. / B.three C.a
  7.They have eight in the classroom. A.light B.light C.lights
  8.-time for school? -Yes.Let’s go. A.It is B.Is it C.it is
  9.How many can you see in the library?
A.computer (
  10.Is this old bag? A.a B.an C./

  10) 二、句子配对 (
( ( ( ( ( )
  1.Are they monkeys ? )
  2.What size ? )
  3.Is this the library? )
  4.What’s the weather like today? )
  5.What’s time is it now? A. Size
  6. B. Yes,they are . C. It’s cool. D. It’s ten o’clock. E. Yes, it is.
  30) 阅读下列短文,判断对错。
I go to school from Monday to Friday. Every(每个)morning I get up at six thirty. I have breakfast at six forty-five and then I go to school;. I have four classes in the morning and two in the afternoon. I have lunch at school. I go home at five thirty. I have dinner at home at six twenty. I watch TV in the evening. I go to bed at ten forty. ( ( ( ( ( )
  1.I get up at 6:
  30. )
  2.I have breakfast at school. )
  3.I have five classes every day. )
  4.I have lunch at home. )
  5.I go to bed at 10:
Tom is my classmate. He is from London in England. But he likes China very much. Now he is in Beijing. He is a little fat. He has a round face and big blue eyes. His hair is not black but yellow. His nose ,mouth and ears are all big. He likes blue. He likes wearing a blue T-shirt and blue jeans. Look at his hand. He has a football in it. We often play football after class.
( ( ( ( (
  1. Tom is an English boy. )
  2. Tom’s hair and eyes are blue. )
  3. The boy with big eyes, big ears ,a big nose and a big mouth is LiuTao. )
  4. Tom likes basketball. )
  5. Tom’s favourite colour is blue.
John is my good friend. He is twelve. He is English. We are in the same (同一 个) school. We are not in the same class. His father Mr Black is a cook. He is forty-five. His mother is not a cook. She is a nurse. She is forty-two. John has a sister. Her name is Alice. She is twenty-one. She is a new teacher at our school. ( ( ( ( ( )1 John Black is my good friend. )2 Mr. Black is a cook. )3 John’s mother is a waitress )4 John’s sister is nine. )5 Alice is my friend’s sister.
  10) 阅读理解,选出正确答案(
My name is Billy . I’m a boy . I am eleven . I’m in China now . My father is a doctor and my mother is a teacher . I like Chinese food , but my parents (父母 亲) don’t . They like bread . I have a nice room . There’s a bed , a desk and a chair in it . There’re many books on the desk . I like books . I often (经常)read books in the evening . ( )
  1. Billy is . A. a boy ( B. eleven C. in China D. A,B and C
  2. Billy’s father is . A. a teacher B. a doctor C. Chinese D. a worker
  3. Billy likes . A. Chinese B. Chinese food C. bread D. English
  4. Billy has a room . A. nice B. big C. small D. good
  5. Billy often reads books . A. at home B. after class C. in the evening D. at school
五、找词归类 10 分
hot , carrot , jeans , cool , hamburger , cold , donkey , rabbit ,lamb, coat , dress , sweater , soup , snowy , pig , bread , peach , watermelon , orange , strawberry , school , pencil
  1. weather :

animal: food: colthes: fruits:
六、写一写。(20 分) 写一写。(20 。(
  4. 我认为与同学互相合作学习或复习英语知识是件快乐的事, 记得快 又牢。
  5.我在英语学习上遇到的困难。 请选择一个或多个话题,用中文来写一写你的美丽的英语学习。



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