Ι单项选择(从每小题 A、B、C 三个选项中,选出一个可以填入空白处的最佳 答案,并将答案标号写在题前括号内。每题 2 分) ()
  1.London is the capital
C.of ..
  2.?Are you cool? ?Yes,I A.is B.am C.are
( )
  3.Today is Tuesday and tomorrow is A.Monday B.Wednesday C.Thursday ?Sunday
( )
  4.Will you play football A.in B at C.on ( )
  5.Will it be sunny tomorrow? A. Yes, it will.
B.Yes,it won't. C.No,it will.
( )
  6. ?What's this? ?It's a book A.of B.about London. C.for shy.
( )
  7.This is Tingting.She is a A.good B.little C. bit
( )
  8.What day is today? ?Today is A.Monday B.March ( )9.Will it A.is B. don't C.be . Cwinday windy in Beijing?
( )
  10.On Monday I'll go A.swim B.swiming Cswimming
Ⅱ 英汉互译(每题 2 分)
  1.many boats
  3.next week
  7.做家务 Ⅲ
选择配对(从Ⅱ栏中找出Ⅰ栏每个句子恰当的答语,并将答案标号写 A.Yes,I will. B.Yes,it can. C.It will be cloudy. D.Tower Bridge E.They are playing football
在题前括号内。共 10 分)
1 It's very famous and beautiful.
  2.Will you go to Beijing by plane?
  3.What are they doing?
  4.Can it walk?
  5.What will the weather be tomorrow? Ⅳ 连词成句(共 10 分)
  1.I'll, my,help, Monday, mother, on

  2.is, this, book, a, New York, about


  4.We,going to,are,a,have,picnic

  5.capital, is,Beijing, the,China, of
Ⅴ根据短文内容填空(每空 2 分) I want to have a robot.It can walk and talk.It can speak English and Chinese. At home,it will do the housework, clean the room, make the bed. It will cook for me,too. At school, it will help me with my English and play with me after school. I want it very much.
  1. The robot can speak English and
  2. At home,the robot will do the Bed. 3At school,it will help me with my and play with me after ,clean the and
Ⅵ 阅读短文,根据短文内容判断正(T)误(F) (共 10 分) My family There are four people in my family。My father,my mother,my grandfather and I. My name is Peter. I'm a clever boy. I have a big drum. There is a robot in my family. We all like it very much. My grandfather likes it best. We are all very happy!
  1.There are four people in his family.
  2.Peter is a girl. She has a big drum.
  3.There is a dog in his family.
  4.His grandfather likes robots best. ( ( ( ( ) ) ) )

  5.Peter's family are all very happy.

Ⅶ 将下列地点填到短文中的适当位置。 (每空 2 分) A. Tower Bridge D. Buckingham Palace B. England C. big Ben F. Hyde park
E. The river Thames
London is the capital of places in the city. The Queen's house is wide. is tall and old.
.There are many interesting , is long and Is
is a beautiful park.
famous and beautiful. I want to go to London to visit them. What about you? Ⅷ 周末到了,介绍一下你的周末计划吧。 (共 10 分)



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