English Exercises
一、在各组单词中找出划线部分发音不同的单词(5%): ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. a. cheap b. jean c. sneakers c. second c. computer c. behind c. fat d. weather d. hen d. mutton d. window d. active
  2. a. expensive b. pretty )
  3. a. funny )
  4. a. Friday )
  5. a. take b. lunch b. like b. trash
Monday Friday Sunday
三、填补下列单词,并用这些单词填空(26%): t ke ei lib ry b s utiful ndals w shroom waterm l n f rain st
t h ndred

  1. Where is the
  2. There is a
in your school? in my flat. . yuan.

  3. How many students are there in the room? There are
  4. How much is the shirt? It’s one
  5. I want to
  6. I have a pair of this dress. . . and

  7. What’s your favourite fruit? My favourite fruit is

  8. What’s the weather like today? It’s
  9. There is a garden in my school. It’s 四、用英语完成下列对话(20%):
  1. ? How ? There
  2. ? ? No, I
  3. ? students forty-five. you have lunch at home? . I have lunch at school. is it now? dinner.
. .
in your class?
? It’s 6:00 o’clock. It’s time
  4. ? ? It’s on the bed.
  5. ? is it? my skirt?
? It’s my mother’s.
  6. ? I wear my new socks, Mom?
? Yes, you can.
  7. ? What’s the ? It’s sunny there.
  8. ? The dress is too ? But I like it Mom. Please
  9. ? It’s time for P.E. class. Please ? Just a minute. Let me
  10. ? What are ?
in New York?
. it.
my sneakers.
? Carrots. 五、选择填空(10%): ( )
  1. a. This ( )
  2. Look! a. This is ( tomatoes are very expensive. b. A c. There cucumbers? b. Is this c. Are they big. I like it. c. a d. many . c. colourful d. coloured d. They are d. These
  3. Oh, this farm is a. so b. too
  4. Look at that dress. It’s a. colour b. coloury
  5. ? Zip, ? I have a cold. a. How is
matter with you?
b. What’s
c. How about the
d. What’s the
  6. ? What’s the weather like in your city? ? It’s . b. sunny and warm d. sunny and warmy me my school bag. b. pass c. wear d. have
a. sun and warm c. sunful and warm ( )
  7. Please a. take (
  8. What day a. is it b. it is
today? It’s Monday. c. is this at home, Zoom?
d. in
  9. ? Are you
? Sure. a. help ( b. helps c. helpful chess? c. play the d. play a d. helpful
  10. Can he a. play b. plays
  1. I am like my village. There are many rivers and bridges in it.
  2. Is there any fish in the rivers?
  3. There have a lake in the park.
  4. The end tables are near the bed, and the light is on the bed.
  5. I can wash the flowers and water the windows.
  6. What do you do in Sundays?
  7. I like apple. They are sweet.
  8. The carrot juice is fresh and health.
  9. It’s Monday. Tom have to get up and go to school.
  10. What do he has for lunch on Mondays? He has fish and tofu. 七、翻译下列句子(15%):
  1. 陈洁,请把垃圾倒了。对不起,妈妈。我想去打扫卧室。

  2. 在我的村庄里有一座美丽的山。今天是星期六,让我们去登山吧。

  3. 我的儿子很聪明,但他不是很积极。

  4. 起床时间到了。早饭准备好了吗?

  5. 我的计算机呢?它在客厅。
七、阅读理解(10%): Dear Dad and Mom, Thank you very much for the new T-shirt. They are cool! I like it very much. It’s very hot in Beijing now. And it’s sunny everyday. I can wear the new T-shirt. I have many new friends in my university now. They are very kind. I have many classes in the morning. At noon, I go to the canteen to have lunch. We usually don’t have any classes in the afternoon and in the evening. So I often go to the university library and read many books. There is a beautiful park in our university. At weekends, I usually go to the park. What’s the weather like in Hangzhou? Can you tell me about your life? Love! Mickey
  1. Mickey is a
. c. university student d. visitor .
a. schoolboy b. teacher ( )
  2. Mickey is in a. Hangzhou, a shop c. Hangzhou, Beijing (
, and his father and mother are in b. Beijing, Hangzhou b. Beijing, a farm
  3. What’s the weather like in Beijing? a. It’s cool and hot b. It’s cold and sunny
c. It’s cool and sunny b. It’s hot and sunny
  4. When does Mickey have classes? a. In the morning b. In the afternoon c. At noon
d. In the afternoon and evening
  5. Is there a library in the university? a. Yes, there is c. I don’t know b. No, there isn’t. It’s in the park d. The university is in the library



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