小学五年级英语 5A 期末测试题 2 一、单项选择 ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  1.Wang Ming and his parents A. live )
  2.We A. like A. No, there is. )
  4.There A. is )
  5.Are there A. some, in )
  6.Here A. are, to )
  7.Is there A. a )
  8.What A. is )
  9.There A. are 二、英汉互译
  3. 许多花草树木
  5. 她的父母亲
  2. Is there
  3. There
  4. Here 我 确 信. 三、根据意思,完成句子 there any dolls in your room? engineer in the factory(工厂 )? (not) a swing in the garden. a pen for Nancy.
  2. near the bed
  4. behind the door
  6. a large kitchen
  8. 住 在...
  10.非 常 B. lives our classroom . B. likes B. Yes, there is. B. are maps B. any, of some orange juice B. is, for B. an in the bedroom? B. are B. isn't any bikes near the room. C. aren't C. live C. Yes, there's. C. be Nan jing on the wall? C. a, at you. C. \ , on C. the There is a chair. C. are there in Shang hai now. C. living

  3.Is there a pen on the desk?
a pair of shoes under the bed.
orange on the table?

  5. There
  6. There 四、用所给介词填空
a desk and two chairs over there. two chairs and a desk over there.

  1. I can see two birds
  2. There are some apples
  3. Wang Hua is
  4. My shoes are
  5. The park is
  6. The boy
  7. That woman
  8. The umbrellas are
the tree. the plate. Chen Ming and the bed. the supermarket. big eyes is his brother. a red skirt is my mother. the door. Zhang Qiang.
五、阅读短文, 并根据短文内容填空 This is a picture of Li Ming's bedroom. It's not big, but it's very bright. It's a nice room. In the bedroom, we can see a bed, a chair, a desk and a cat. On the wall of the room, there are some pictures and a photo of their family. Li Ming's green coat is on his bed, but his shoes are under the bed. There are some books and a pencil-box on the desk. Where's the white cat? It's under the chair.
  1. This is a
  2. It's a
  4.There are
  5. There 's a of Li Ming's room. pictures. on the desk. under the chair. .

  3. We can see a bed, a chair and



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新目标八年级上册英语Unit 1

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