小学五年级英语5A期末测试题 一、英汉短语互译。
  7、a brown blanket
  9、a new towel 二、用have或has填空,使句意完整。
  1. They
  2. I a new tent for the camping trip. a map of the world. a blue towel. a stove? a mask. ? --He --Yes, we a toy plane. three new pots.
  8、near the tent
  10、behind the stove

  3. My father
  4. Do you
  5. Ben

  6. ?-What does her brother
  7. --Do you any pots? 三、选择正确答案。 ( ( ( )
  1、I have )
  2、What does )
  3、You A: has, has ( ( )
  4、What do )
old tent. have?
A: a A: Jim
B: an
C: the B: they one. C: you
some oranges, and he B: have, has have? does mike have?
C: have. have B: Yang Ling a stove. C: They
A: There He
A: Which, has
B: What, have C: What, has
四、根据所给例子,完成句子。 Model: you, a telescope What do you have? I have a telescope.
  1、he, a tin-opener
  2、Nancy, a pot
  3、We, a stove and a blanket

  4、Helen and Mike, a tent
  5、you, a towel 五、连词成句。
  1、does, Sam, what, have (? )

  2、a pot, a stove, they, have, and (.)

  3、have, they, some, towels, nice (.)

does, have, friend, what (?)

  5、some, picture, they, some, have (.) 六、阅读短文,并判断对错。 Ted is twelve years old. He has z little dog. It is a present(礼物) from his parents. Ted likes the dog very much. He calls the dog Luck(幸运). Luck is white. It has two big eyes. It likes playing with Ted. Every Sunday, Ted takes Luck to the park. They have a good time there. ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. Luck is twelve years old. )
  2. Ted likes the present from his parents.. )
  3. Luck’s eyes are big. )
  4. Luck doesn’t likes playing with Ted. )
  5. Every Sunday, Ted goes to the park with Luck.



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