Unit 10 Review and check
一个学期又要结束了, 同学们, 我们来系统地复习这学期主要语言点、 句型以及与之相关的词汇, 要经常在现实生活中运用我们所学的语言功能 项目。为了检验一下自己掌握的情况,我们不妨做做下面的检测题吧!
听力部分 一、Listen and choose the word which belongs to the same category with the word you hear 听录音,选出与所听单词同类的词(12%) ( ) 1 A. funny B. swimming C. Internet D. minute ( ( ( ( ) 2 A. guitar ) 3 A. arm ) 4 A. like ) 5 A. cold B. bread B. sit B. quietly B. fever C. bookcase C. time C. right C. science D. baseball D. take D. knee D. good
( ) 6 A. visitor B. driver C. club D. tell 二 、Listen and fill in the blanks 听录音,完成下列表格填序号(10%) a b c d Chinese British American Japanese 11 Maths making clothes 7:00 12 Art taking photos 7:05 Age 9 English swimming 7:25 Subject Hobby 10 PE collecting stamps 7:10 Time for school
Nationality (国籍) May
Li Tao
Yan Li
三、Listen and find out the word contains the sound you hear 听录音,找 出含有所听音素的单词(8%) ( ) 1 A. green B. name C. trick D. quiet
( ( ( ( ( ( (
) 2 A. think ) 3 A. ready ) 4 A. count ) 5 A. blue ) 6 A. large ) 7 A. park ) 8 A. aunt
B. bus B. great B. other B. excuse B. black B. orange B. foot
C. watch C. sweater C. glow C. us C. any C. apple
D. England D. teach D. night D. put D. father D. Japanese
C. usually D. often 笔试部分 四、Translate the phrases 英汉互译(10%)
  1. 捉蝴蝶
  2. 来自美国
  4. 下棋
  6. no time for rest
  7. really tired
  8. glow at night
  9. the English club
  10.go climbing 五、Choose the correct words to complete the passage 在括号中选择合适 的词填空,完成短文(10%) Today is 1 Day. We have no lessons today. There is a volleyball games this afternoon. But I am ill. I am 2 now. My house is 3 my school. From the window I can 4 some boys 5 volleyball in the playground. I want to play with them, but I 6 . Look at the tall man 7 sun-glasses, he’s our PE teacher, Mr. Cheng. And that boy is my friend, Leo. Leo likes volleyball very much. He 8__ volleyball very well . Listen, Mr. Cheng is shouting to __9“Come on, Leo. It’s your 10 _ now.” ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. A. Child’s )
  2. A. at home )
  3. A. under )
  4. A. look )
  5. A. play )
  6. A. don’t )
  7. A. use )
  8. A. like )
  9. A. he )
  10. A. time B. Children’s B. in home B. on B. look at B. playing B. can’t B. on B. play B. him B. turn on C. Childs’ C. near home C. beside C. see C. to play C. isn’t C. with C. plays C. his C. turn D. Childrens’ D. come home D. in D. watch D. plays D. am not D. at D. playing D. her D. times
Complete the sentences according to the Chinese 根据句意填出所缺单 六、 词(20%)
  1. 你现在感觉怎样? do you now?
  2. 我们班的男孩子们喜欢捉昆虫。 The boys in our class insects.
  3. 你从哪个国家来的?我从澳大利亚来。 Where are you ? I am .
  4. 学生们在谈论爱好。 The students are their .
  5. 他们想打扑克,你加入他们吗? They want to . Do you want to ?
  6. 许多女孩子喜欢蝴蝶和蜜蜂。 Many girls like and .
  7. 王刚经常看篮球比赛。 Wang Gang often basketball matches.
  8. 用手去碰膝盖四次。 your with your four times. 七、Rearrange the sentences into a passage 重新排列下列句子组成短文 (8%) a. Hello! I have a good friend. His name is Yang Xiao. b. So he often goes to the park to watch them at the weekends. c. The fireflies fly here and there. d. He likes watching fireflies. e. They live in groups. f. He likes insects very much. g. Some times Yang Xiao puts them into the bottles. h. He studies at Ying Hua Primary School. i. How lovely they are! They are Children’s good friends. j. They glow at night. f e
八 、 Reading comprehension. Complete the sentences and answer the questions to the passages 阅读理解,填空并回答问题 A(12%) My friend is Paul. He is twenty-six. He works at a zoo. He gets up at five fifteen and goes to the zoo on foot at half past five every day. He makes food for animals at night and then gives the food to animals. When animals eat the food, many, many children watch. At half past eleven, he gives a talk to school children about animals. In the afternoon he cleans the horses at four twenty. He goes home at five fifty-five.
  1. Paul is my name.
  2. He to the zoo at every day.
  3. A of children like to animals eat the food.
  4. He makes the horses at twenty four.
  5. He goes home at in the afternoon. B(10%) Mr. Green is from France. His wife is from the USA. He and his wife teach French and English in Wuxi. They have a boy and a girl. They are Jack and Julia. Jack is a student, but Julia is not. She is only five. They have two bikes. One is big ,and the other is small. The big one is for Jack. The small one is for Julia. Sometimes they go to the park on Sundays. Mr Green likes taking photos there. Mrs Green likes watching those beautiful flowers and trees. Jack and Julia like catching insects in the park. The Greens like China. They have a lot of friends in Wuxi.
  1. Where is Mrs Green from?
  2. What do Mr. Green and Mrs. Green do in China?
  3. What do Jack and Julia have?
  4. Do the Greens go to the cinema on Sundays?
  5. Do Mr. and Mrs. Green have many Chinese friends ?


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