Unit 4
An English friend
本单元的学习内容主要是围绕“谈论某人日常生活”为主题展开的, 通过本单元的学习,同学们应该牢固掌握和灵活运用 Does she/he…? “What does she/he…?”以及它们的应答,它会为你了解他人的日常生 活提供帮助。 主要教学内容 四会词汇:an e-mail, English, busy, a town, age, usually, well, fast, high 三会词汇:beautifully, exercise, internet, London, loudly, quietly, strong 四会句型:Does he/she…? Yes, he/she does. No, he/she doesn’t. What does he/she usually do…? He/She usually… 语音: 了解元音字母 u 在单词中的读音 知识点解析与应用
  1. 在一般现在时中,行为动词与 he, she, it 等第三人称单数的搭配时须在 行为动词后加 s 或 es,我们来看例句: -He likes English very much. -She usually goes to school at seven o’clock. -The cat runs fast. 他非常喜欢英语。 她通常
  7:00 去上学。 猫跑得很快。

  2. 将句子变为一般疑问句时要借助于助动词 does 来帮忙,此时行为动词 要用动词原形,如: -Does he like English very much? 他很喜欢英语吗? -Yes, he does. 是的,他很喜欢。 -Does she usually go home at five? -No, she doesn’t. -Does it run fast? -Yes, it does. 她通常五点回家吗? 不,她不是。 它跑得很快吗? 是的,它跑得很快。

  3. 第三人称单数的特殊疑问句是在一般疑问句的基础上,再于句首加上 特殊疑问词, 如: -What subject does her brother like? 他哥哥喜欢什么科目? -He likes Chinese. 他喜欢语文。 -Where does Bill live? 比尔住在哪? -He lives in a small town. 他住在一个小镇上。
基础能力测试题 听力部分 Choose the word which contains the given sound you hear 选出与所听 一、 单词含有相同元音的单词 ( ) 1 A. name B. watch C. cat D. dance ( ) 2 A. light B. sit C. sorry D. chicken ( ( ( ) ) ) 3 4 5 A. excuse A. yellow A. key B. children B. floor B. apple C. telescope C. afternoon C. on D. can’t D. how D. horse
二、Listen and judge whether the pictures accords with what you hear, write “√” if it does, write “×” if it doesn’t 判断下列句子 与所听内容是否相符,用“√”或“×”表示 √ ×
5B-p34 图 1
P33- 图 1
3 P33-图 3
P34- 图 4




笔试部分 三、Form complete sentences with the words 连词成句
  1. at, studies, Gao Shan, school, English(.)
  2. Does, the, do, what, your, evening, in, mother(?)
  3. rowing, lake, children, in, are, the(?)
  4. dance, beautifully, Kate does(?)
  5. books, are, for, two, there, Mrs Green(?)
  6. live, Wang Bing, does, Where(?) 四、Read the table and complete the sentences 读表格并将句子补充完整
Monday to Friday morning Evening go to school do homework Afternoon go to school
Saturday Play the violin do homework watch TV
Sunday read English stories play football go to the supermarket listen to music

  1. He to school from to .
  2. He usually in the evenings from Monday to Friday.
  3. He the violin on mornings and on Saturday afternoons.
  4. What does he do on Sunday mornings? He stories.
  5. When(什么时候) does he usually go to the supermarket? He the supermarket on .
  6. When does he usually watch TV and music ? He TV on and music on . 五、Look at the picture and write a short passage 看图,根据所给情景编 写短文(不少于八句)
5B-P26 Su Hai 一家人的图
一、Translate the phrases 英汉互译
  1. 努力学习
  9. 仔细听 说的快 早早睡觉 立即转身

  2. 慢慢走
  4. 跳的高
  6. 大声朗读
  8. 幸福地笑

  11. 照得亮
  12.静静地坐 二 、 Reading comprehension. Judge and answer the questions to the passage 阅读理解,判断并回答问题 China is a big country. The weather in the south is quite different from in the north . Shanghai is a beautiful city of China. In the city, the spring is warm, the summer is hot , the winter is cold. But in the south of China, it is always warm and hot. For example Hong Kong, Guangzhou and so on. People like to swim at the beach. They never see snow in winter. In the north of China, people can make snowman and play with snowballs. People like to spend their holidays in the south of China in winter.(冬天), and in the north of China in summer.(夏天)
  1. Is the weather in the south of China cold?
  2. What’s the weather like in Hong Kong?
  3. Can people see snow in Guangzhou in winter?
  4. Do People like to spend their holidays in the south of China in winter? 三、Complete the word in the sentences according to the context and the given alphabet 根据单词首字母和句子意思,将短文中的单词补充完整 Jack is my good f. He is f America. He likes p basketball and t photos. We have the s h. He c to China to s Chinese. His father w in Beijing. They b like China.


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