Unit 7
After school
同学们,你知道时间就是金钱、时间就是生命吗?本单元我们来系统 地学习询问时间及其回答。愿你在掌握英语知识的同时要做到珍惜时间 哟! 主要教学内容 四会词汇:a face, a game, half, night, on duty, past, a quarter, quick, ready, really 三会词汇:begin, brush, tooth, yet 四会句型:What time is it? 语音:
It’s time for …
I want to … Do you want to …? 了解字母组合 ar 在单词中的读音
  1. 我们可以用 What’s the time? / What time is it?来询问时间,如: -What’s the time? It’s seven o’clock. 现在几点钟?七点。 -What time is it? It’s half past five. 现在几点钟?五点半。
  2. 时间表达法: (
  1) 直接照小时、分钟读。如: 7: 00 seven o’clock 5: 25 five twenty-five
9: 30 3: 06
nine thirty three o six
如果所表示的时间是整点,就用“整点+ o’clock”表示,但 o’clock 常常可省略。如:7:00 可以说 seven o’clock,也可以说 seven。 (
  2) 借助 past 和 to 的表达法: ① past 表达法。分钟数小于 30 时用 past,即表达为“分钟数+past+ 小时数” ,意为“几点过几分” 。如:8: 10 ten past eight 10:25 twenty- five past ten 半点表达为“half + past+ 小时数” 。如:6:30 half past six ② to 表达法。分钟数大于 30 时用 to,表达为“(60-分钟数)+to+(小时 数+
  1)” ,即“几点差几分” 。如:8:40 (9 点差 20 分) twenty to nine 另外,若分钟数是 15 或
  45,通常用 a quarter 来表示。如: 5:45 a quarter to six 4:15 a quarter past four 基础能力测试题 听力部分
一、Listen and circle the time what you hear 圈出你所听到的时间 1 a. b. c. d.
  9:30 9: 05 2 3 4 5 a. a. a. a
  4:20 12: 00
  5:05 3: 30 b. b. b. b
  5:50 6: 30 c. c. c. c
  4:55 3: 10 d. d. d. d 5: 02
12: 05 5: 55 10:30
二、 Listen and judge whether the sentences according with the passage you hear 听录音,判断下列句子是否与内容相符,用“√”或“×” 表示 ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. )
  2. )
  4. )
  5. )
  6. Liu Tao gets up at a quarter past six. He goes to school at forty past seven. He does his homework at half past seven. He watches TV at nine o’clock. He goes to bed at ten.
笔试部分 三、Complete the word in the sentences according to the context and the given alphabet 根据句意及首字母提示,在横线上写出单词,补全句子 1 Are you r _ , boys and girls? Let’s begin our lesson. 2 It’s a q _ past eight. Shall we read magazines? 3 I am w _ my face and b my t _ now. 4 Lucy, we are late for the party. Be q _ , please. 5 Lucy and Lily are twins. They are the s _ age. 6 I’m very b _ , I have no time for r. Reading comprehension. Answer the questions to the passage 阅读理 四、 解,回答问题 The Sawyers live at 87 King Street. In the morning, Mr Sawyer goes to
work and the children go to school. Mrs Sawyer stays at home every day. She does the housework in the morning. In the afternoon, Mrs sawyer usually sees her friends. In the evening ,the children come home from school early. Mr Sawyer comes home late. At night , the children do their homework. Mr Sawyer usually reads newspapers. And Mrs Sawyer watches TV. They Go to bed at ten o’clock.
  1. Where do the Sawyers live?
  2. What does Mrs Sawyer do in the morning?
  3. Who comes home early in the evening?
  4. When do they go to bed?
  5. Who watches TV at night? 能力提升试题 一、There’s a mistake in each sentence, circle it and then correct it in the blank 圈出句中的一处错误并改正 ( ) 1 - Are you want to join them? - Yes, but I’m doing my homework. ( ( ( ( ( )2 )3 )4 )5 )6 A B C D - What’s time is it? - It’s half past six. Let’s read English. A B C D Paul goes to school on foot on twelve to eight. A B C D Put your left hands on your right shoulder, please. A B C D What does Joe usually do at Saturdays? A B C D Lisa works from eight in the morning at eight in the evening.
二、Find out the words contain the sound of the underlined parts in word
“park” 找出含有与单词划线部分发音相同的音素词,填在横线上
  1. The Red Army marched past the farmyard.

  2. Half the class have passed the test.
  3. The party stopped at half past nine.
  4. From far, the farms look larger than they are.
  5. These vases are from my father, my aunt, and my classmates. 三、Try to translate the poem 将以下的诗歌译成中文 Money Isn’t Everything 金钱不是万能的 Money can buy a house but not a home. Money can buy a bed but not sleep. Money can buy a clock but not time. Money can buy a book but not knowledge.(知识) Money can buy food but not an appetite (食欲,胃口). Money can buy position(权位) but not respect. Money can buy blood but not life. Money can buy medicine but not health. Money can buy insurance(保险) but not safety.



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