小学五年级英语 5BUnit 9 测试题及要点 Unit 9 The English Club
主要教学内容 四会词汇:a visitor, a country, UK, visit, British, the Great Wall, USA, American, Australia, Australian, Japan, Japanese, France, French 三会词汇:around, club, different, New York, primary school 四会句型:Where are you/they from? Where is he/she from? I’m/He’s/She’s/We’re/They’re from … Do you speak…? Yes, I do. I speak…, too. No, I don’t. I speak… 了解元音字母 ea 在单词中的读音
  1. 当我们要询问别人是哪儿人时, 我们可以用 Be from 或 come from 来 表示。 如: -Is she from /Does she come from Beijing? 她是北京人吗? -Yes, she is/she does. -Are you from Italy? -No, I’m not. I’m from Australia. -Where does your friend come from? 是的,她是。 你来自意大利吗? 不,我来自澳大利亚。 你的朋友是哪里人?
-He comes from Canada. 他来自加拿大。 -What nationality are you? 你是哪儿人? -I’m Japanese. 我是日本人。
  2. 我们可以用 Do you speak…? 来询问别人会说什么语言。 如: -Do you speak English? 你会说英语吗? -Yes, I do. -Do you speak German? -No, I don’t. I speak French. 基础能力测试题 听力部分 一、Listen and judge whether the sentence accords with what you hear, write a T if it does, write an F if it doesn’t 判断下列句子与所听内 是的,我会说。 你会说德语吗? 不,我会说法语。

  2. Australia 5B-P70-国旗

二、Listen and Tick 听录音,完成表格打“√” (听两遍)
Nationality Language collect USA UK China English French Chinese stamps Smith Martin Li Qi insects Hobby catch climb
笔试部分 三、Read and complete the dialogue 根据上下文完成对话 A: Hello, Li Qi. B: Hello, Wang Bing. A: my friend, Jason. Jason, this is my friend, Li Qi. C: B: C: Glad to meet you, Li Qi. , too. Excuse me, you come from England? No. I France. Jason,
B: you Chinese? C: , I do . Just a little. B: Do you China? C: Yes. I like it . 四、There’s a mistake in each sentence, circle it and then correct it in the
( ( ( ( ( (
blank 圈出句中的一处错误并改正 )
  1. I am from French. A B C D )
  2. I want to visiting Xi’an. A B C D )
  3. Are you from different country? A B C D )
  4. She likes swiming and drawing. A B C D )
  5. )
  6. There is a volleyball game on twenty past four. A B C D
Where is she from? She from Japan. A B C D 五、Rewrite the sentences 按要求改写下列句子
  1. I live in New York. (对话线部分提问) (否定句)
  2. She comes from Beijing. (一般疑问句) (肯定及否定回答) 能力提升试题 一、 Translate the abbreviations and match them 写出下列缩略词的汉语 意思并连线
  1. UN
  2. CD
  3. USA
  4. UK
  5. PE
  6. WTO
  7. CCTV 二、Close 完形填空 World Trade Organization United Nations Physical Education United Kingdom United States of America China Central Television Compact Disk 1 . He is an American boy. He is
Jim is my classmate. He is a new
from New York. He is fat. He has a round (圆的) 2 and eyes. . Jim 4 English, He can speak a little Chinese, too.
big blue
He likes playing 5 basketball. I like playing basketball, 6 .We often play basketball together. After school we often go to the park. We 7 insects there. We like insects. They are 8 good friends. ( )
  1. A. student B. teacher C. worker D. engineer ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  2. )
  3. )
  4. )
  5. )
  6. )
  7. )
  8. A. leg A. one A. speaks A. / A. to A. listen A. we B. face B. two B. say B. the B. too B. make B. their C. foot C. three C. tells C. a C. two C. catch C. our D. hand D. four D. speak D. an D. and D. show D. ours
三 、 Reading comprehension. Judge and answer the questions to the passage 阅读理解,判断并回答问题 The Spring Festival(春节) is Chinese people’s festival(节日).There are different names for each Chinese year. We call it the year of the pig, the year of tiger… And this year is the year of dog. Before the day of the festival, people are busy shopping and cleaning their houses. On the eve(除夕),there is a big family dinner. After dinner, All the family state up late(守夜)to welcome the parties on TV. On the first day of the New Year, people put on their new clothes and go to visit their friends. They say “Happy New Year” and some other greetings(问候) to each other. People have a good time during the festival.
  1. How many names of the year are there in the passage?
  4. What do Chinese people usually do before the New Year? What do they say on the first day of the New Year? Do they have a good time during the festival?



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