I. 英汉互译。
  1. 爬山
  3. by plane
  6.an E-mail from China
  7. a dragon kite
  8. last night
  9. 野餐
  10. 售货员 II. 单项选择。 ( )
  1. I went there bus. A.in B.by C.at ( )
  2.Tell me something your sister. A.about B.for C.at ( )
  3.Sam Daming a present last week. A.gave B.giving C.gives ( )
  4. you ready for your trip? A.Are B.Do C.Will ( )
  5.We go to school 7 :
  50. A.in B.for C.at III 连词成句。 1 put, in, bag, your, What, did, you, 2 The, women’s, men, wore, clothes, 3 I,got, have , in, English, letters, two, 4 sent, you, I, a, game, Maths 5 use, You, can, a computer. IV. 回答下列问题: 1 When do you usually go to bed? 2 What did you do last summer ? 3 What was your grandma/ grandpa? 4 Are there lots of trees in your school? 5 How do you go to school? V. 阅读短文,根据短文内容判断正(T)误(F)。
Mary went to the park yesterday. On the way, she saw an old woman who wanted to cross the road. Mary went to her and helped her go cross the road. The old women said,“Thank you!”Mary smiled and said,“You are welcome.”In the park, Mary met her old friend Betty. They haven’t seen each other for one year. They came out the park together and went to the coffee shop. They talked for the whole afternoon. They Talked about the time when they were in the primary school. They were happy. They decided to meet each other once a week. Then Mary said goodbye to Betty. She went home at 5 o’clock.“It was a happy day,”Mary wrote on her dairy book. ( )
  1.Mary is a policewoman. ( )
  2.Her old friend is an old woman. ( )
  3.Mary went home alone. ( )
  4.Betty helped the old woman crossing road. ( )
  5. Mary and Betty were in the same school before. ( )
  6. Mary and Betty are going to see each other next week. Ⅸ 给你的朋友写一封信.不少于 50 个单词。
一.用 in ,on, at ,off, of, with, for, from 填空
  1.Please return the books two weeks.
  2.We like Harry Potter China,too.
  3.They ‘re the shelf .
  4. You can do lots things in English libraries.
  5. the library, there is so much for you to see.
  6.Books stories, new and old.
  7.I can play the snow.
  8.The sun is the sky.
  9. The leaves fall the trees.
  10.I carry it my hand.
  11.I carry it my shoulder.
  12.It walks its legs.
  13.I carry it my back.
  14.It will be easy her. China.
  15.you can’t take it
  16.I ‘ll look computer. its ears.
  17.It hears
  18.You can borrow books library. half past six.
  19.Dinner is usually 二. 把下列句子变成一般疑问句
  1. It’s cold.
  2. There are flowers on the tree.
  3. She was a driver before.
  4. We have got the books.

  5. You can do lots of things in English libraries.
  6. My grandpa worked in a factory.
  7. I work in a in school. a hospital.

  8. she

  9. They are
swimming. workers before.

  10. They were
三. 就画线部分提问
  1.My grandpa was a
  2.My mother works
  3.my grandma
  4.Lingling had
  5.She has in
car a
driver. school. on a farm. sausages for breakfast.
worked eggs
breakfast at seven.
四. 读一读,选一选 Xiaoyong’s grandfather was a policeman before. His grandmother was a doctor. Xiaoyong’s father is an English teacher. He works in Yucai School. Xiaoyong’s mother is a worker . She works in a big factory. ( )
  1.What was Xiaoyong’s grandfather? A.He was a farmer. B. He was a policeman . ( )
  2. What was Xiaoyong’s grandmother? A.She was a doctor. B. She was an English teacher. ( )
  3.Where does Xiaoyong’s father work? A. In a school. B. In a factory. ( )
  4.Where does Xiaoyong’s mother work? A.In a factory. B. In a hospital. 五.读一读,答一答 You can do lots of things in this library. You can borrow books about England, America, food, animals and so on. You can borrow videos and CDs. You can use the computers. You can do your homework. But you can’t talk to your friends.
  1. What can you borrow in this library?
  2.What can you use in the library?
  3.what can’t you do in the library?
六. 读一读,选一选 Dongdong’s bag is broken. He can’t take it to travel. His mother will buy him a new one. Dongdong likes a blue bag, because it’s small and light. But his mother likes the black one, because it’s big and it has got wheels. It’ll be very easy for him. So Dongdong takes the black bag with wheels. He and his mother are very glad. ( )
  1. What will Dongdong’s mother buy? A. A new bag. B. A small bag. C. A blue bag.
  2. Which bag does Dongdong like? A. The black one. B. The blue one. C. The red one. ( )
  3. Why does he like it? A. Because it’s big and heavy. B. Because it’s small and light. C. Because it has got wheels. ( )
  4.Which bag does Dongdong ‘s mother like? A. The black one with wheels. B. The blue one with no wheels. C. The yellow one with wheels. 七. 填一填 heavy take broken light black wheels new !You can’t take it to China. I’ll buy you Ms Smart: Lingling,your bag is a one. Lingling: Thank you . bag is nice. It’s big. Lingling:This Ms Smart:But it’s very . Look at this green one. It’s . Lingling: But it’s very small, Ms Smart. I really like the black one. Sales assistant: This black bag has got . It will be easy for her. it, please. Ms Smart:Great! We ‘ll Lingling:Thank you very much. 八.读一读,答一答
  1.What colour is your school bag?
  2.Is it heavy?
  3.Is it new?
  4. Do you carry it over your shoulder?
  5.What colour is your mum’s bag?
  6.Does she carry it with her hand?
  7.What’s your favourite season?
  8.Why do you like it?
  9.What’s your mother’s
  10.Why does she like it? favourite season?



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   倒店乡中心小学 五 年级 英语 讲学稿 第 单元第 5、6 课时 执笔 陶广蒙 课题 审题 What can you do? 课型 时间 新授 2010.11 本课时主要是在前两课时的基础上,使学生能听说读写主要句型, 学习目标 并在合适的情景中自然的使用。Read and write 部分为学生创设了趣味性 极强的情景, 在活动中可以很好的完成教学目标。 接下来的 Pronunciation 帮助学生感悟发音规律,新知呈现部分安排的两个活动一张一弛,更符 合小学生的年龄特点。 同时,唱一唱 ...


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