Name: Take it easy!
一.给单词分类,把单词的编号写在相应位置上。(10 分) A. pork B. hamburger C. apple D. chips E. pepper F. coke G.
pizza H. banana I. potato J. grape K. salad L. pasta M. milk N. broccoli O. orange R. water S. peach T. tea
  4.Vegetables: 二.按实际情况回答问题。(5 分)(如果写不出来可以用简单的 中文表达)
  1. Do you like to draw a picture?
  2. What do you want to do when you grow up?
  3. What’s your dream(梦想)?
  4. What a good teacher should have in your heart? (你心目中的好老师 是怎样的) 三.选择填空,把其字母编号写在括号内。(15 分) ( )
  1. I have classes weekdays. B. on C. at D. in P. coffee Q. mushroom
A. to
  2. I eat of vegetables every day. B. plenty C. many D. lot
A. much (
  3.. Tom usually English at school. B. studies C. is studying D. are studying
A. study (
  4. Is Sally good at ? B. sing C. singing
A. sings (
  5. You work too long every day. B. aren’t C. should D. shouldn’t
A. do (
  6. Sally feel well today. She a fever. B. doesn’t, has C. doesn’t, have
A. isn’t ,have (
  7. the girl in this photo ?
Janet. A. Whose ( B. Who C. Who’s D. What
  8. I think beef is than chicken.
A. the most delicious B. more delicious C. delicious ( )
  9.I like cold .Because I like snowmen. C. weather, making
A. weather, make B. temperature, make (
  10. It’s warm in ,and it’s cold in . C. spring, winter
A. summer, winter B. spring, autumn (
  11. What’s the like today? It’s .
A. weather, 35C
B. weather, sunny
C. temperature, 35C
  12. My brother does his homework after dinner . B. on weekday C. on day
A. on weekdays (
  13. I want to catch with my classmates. B. up C. to D. in
A. of (
  14.Mr Chen is about Xiao ling’s English. B. worries C. worrying D. worried
A. worry (
  15. Please hand your homework time. B. on, on C. in , on D. on, in
A. in, in
四.选择单词,补全对话。(27 分) (fever, give, exercise, matter, feel, should, take, have, bed, water) (
  1) Doctor: Good morning. Janet: Good morning, doctor. Doctor: What’s the ? Janet: I don’ t good. I have a . Doctor: Let me you a checkup first. I think you a cold. Janet: What I do then ? Doctor: the medicine three times a day and stay in for two days. And drink plenty of . Janet: OK.
Doctor: And you should take more . Janet: All right . Thank you. (
  2) land, elephant eat plant fish don’t bigger A: What are you doing ? B: I am drawing an . Elephants are the biggest animals in the world. A: I think so. Elephants are the biggest animals on . But a blue whale is than an elephant. B: What does a whale ? A: The whale eats and in water. B: Where does the whale ? A: It lives in the . B: I see. (
  3) What’s, cloudy, bus, sunny, on, wet, weather, today, see A; What’s the like , Mum? B: It’s and cold. Put your coat. A: OK. And the temperature? B: It’s 5C. it’s much colder today than yesterday. A: Oh . I like hot and weather. I s it raining ? live sea
B: No, it’s and it’s going to rain. A: I must take my raincoat. B: Right Look, the school is coming. See you ,Bye A: you. 五.读对话,判断句子是否与对话意思一致, 如相符写“T”,否则写 “F” (7 分) Mum: Are you hungry? Son: Yes, I am. Can I have something to eat ? Mum: Yes, you can. What do you want ? Son: I want some pizza. Where are they ? Mum: In the fridge. Here your are. Son: Thanks . Mum. Are there any apples? Mum: No, there aren’t any apples, but there are some oranges. Look, over there. Son: Yes, I see. I can have some pizza and oranges. Mum: Yes, just one orange. First, go and wash your hands. Son: I know, Mum. ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. The son is hungry. )
  2. The pizza is on the table. )
  3. There are some apples at home. )
  4. The son want to drink a cup of coffee. )
  5. The son can have a lot of oranges.
( (
  6. There aren’t any pizza. )
  7. The son should wash his hands before eats the food.



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