一、语音 ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. A. after )
  2. )
  3. )
  4. )
  5. )
  6. )
  7. )
  8. about make vase many these chess chicken B. class candle change wash lamp evening tent elephant door over but mother under my sweater show thing these sing play orange sofa paper what any chess beside behind morning sofa sun pot excuse try peach flower thank Maths under today fridge C. back D. dance panda stand watch anything we bed bedroom horse song bus come music why read tomorrow theatre their morning may change

  10. doll )
  11. nose )
  12. put )
  13. some )
  14. use )
  15. family )
  16. each )
  17. pillow )
  18. then )
  19. them )
  20. triangle )
  21. Sunday )
  22. game
  1. Tom is home, he’s not school. the tree and Mike is the tree.

  2. Look, there are many apples
  3. An old man is
  4. It’s a map
  5. I can see some cakes
  6. Our reading room is
  7. We live the tree. China.
the plate. the second floor.
a new house. the wall. the bed and the sofa. my father.

  8. There are some pictures
  9. My telephone is
  10. I like playing chess

  11. Please look
  12. It is three o’clock
  13. We would like
the blackboard and listen the afternoon. buy things his Maths.
the teacher.
our grandparents.

  14. Nancy is helping Mike
  15. Come
the blackboard and draw a circle. chocolates. me. shapes.

  16. I have three boxes
  17. Show your new telescope
  18. Lily’s mother is teaching her
  19. The girl is 三、连词成句
a red blouse.

  1. day, term, of, second, is, the, the, new, it (.)
  2. table, room, is, a, there, the, tennis, in (?)
  3. computer, in, many, your, rooms, there, how, school, are (?)

  4. look, to, let’s, noticeboard,and, go, have, the, a
  5. happy, the, the, students, are, to, and, see, each, other, teachers

  6. here, behind, come, sit, Nacy, and
  7. can, violin, play, Ben, the(.)
  8. song, you, sing, can, this(?)
  9. students, a, are, the, lesson, new, having(.)
  10. and, Nancy, can, Helen, what, do(?)
  11. are, see, other, happy, each, teachers, to, the(.)
  12. in, nine, morning, is, o’clock, it, the(.)
  13. after, play, boys, class, the, volleyball(.)
  14. looks, the, the, in, hat, very, rabbit, happy, black(.)
  15. have, the, boys, some, model, planes, nice(.)
  16、in o’clock is morning nine it having the(.) students an(?)

are lesson

  18、start, and, let’s, girls, boys(.)
  19、song, together, this, let’s, sing (?)
  20、we, shall, learn, new, the, words(?)



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