小学五年级英语下册第四单元测试 听力 一、听录音,选单词。 ( )
  1.A.cool B.goose C.cook ( )
  2.A.wrting an e-mail B.doing morning exercises C.cleaning the room ( )
  3.A.hot B.cold C.cool ( )
  4.A.plane B.car C.girl ( )
  5.A.father B.mother C.grandmaBAC 二、听对话判断正误。 ( )
  1.Mary is washing clothes. ( )
  2.Amy is reading a book. ( )
  3.They are going to the library this afternoon. ( )
  4.Amy wants to read some English book. ( )
  5.At three o’clock,they’ll go to the library. 三、听录音,给图片排序。 ( )Drawing pictures,( )reading books, ( )cooking dinner,( )ansering the phone ( )doing the dishes 四、听录音,排序 ( )What is your brother doing?
( )Please tell them to call me back,OK? ( )Sorry.She’s washing clothes. ( )Hello,this is Lily.can I speak to your sister,please? ( )He is listening to music. ( )OK?I’ll do that 五、听录音,选择。 ( )
  1.Mike is. A.reading a book B.cooking dinner C.writing a letter
  2.Amy is. A.doing dishes B.listening to music C.washing clothes
  3.Mr.Larry is. A.writing a letter B.writing an e-mail C.cleaning room
  4.-Is Peter? -Yes,he is. A.listening to music B.writing a letter C.sweeping floor
  5.-Are you? -No,I’m not.
A.drawing pictures B.reading a book C.playing 六、听音,补全对话 Amy:Hello. Bill:Hi,Amy. Bill.Whatyou? Amy:I’mto you. Bill:you wantgo to the zoo with me? Amy:. ? Bill:4:
  00. Amy:OK.See you then. 笔试部分 一、写出两个含有相同字母组合的词。
  5.wh 二、选出不同类的词 ( )
  1.A.dinner B.breakfast C.lunch D.phone ( )
  2.A.classroom B.living room C.bedroom D.washroom ( )
  3.A.twelve B.twenty C.thirty D.train ( )
  4.A.ear B.mouth.C.hear D.eye 三、用括号里动词的适当形式填空。
  1.I can (cook)dinner,butIcan’t (do) the dishes.

  2.Don’t (listen)to music in the library.
  3.My mother is(answer)the phone,I am (watch) TV now.
  4.My sister (want)a hamburger in a shop. 四、选答语。
  1.How’s everybody doing? A. I’m doing homework.
  2.What are you doing? B. sure.
  3.Can I speak to your mom? C. Yes,I am.
  4.Are you drawing pictures? D.Just fine. 五、单项选择。
  1.-are you doing? -They are playing ball games. A.Who B.How C.What
  2.What is the emergency number in Australia? A.911 B.999 C.000
  3.-Is your sister playing now? -. A.Yes,she is. B.No,he isn’t C.Yes,he is.
  4.-Who is he? -. A.He is a singer. B.My uncle. C.No,he isn’t.
  5.-What is he doing?
-. A.She can ride. B.Yes,she is. C.She is boating. 六.连词成句。
  1.The doing I dishes am .
  2. is what doing he ?
  3. I to can speak dad your ?
  4.you a there call is for . 七.按要求改写句子
  1.I’m watching my clothes.(划线部分提问) ?
  2.I can make the bed.(同上) ?
  3.Are they writing an e-mail?(肯定回答) .
  4.She is doing her homework.(改为复数句子) 八.句子排序. ( )I’m doing dishes. What about you? ( )I’m reading a book.
( )Hello,Amy. It’s Rose. ( )Hi,Rose.What are you doing? 九.阅读短文,判断正误. It’s a sunny day. Some birds are singing in the tree. My father is washing his face. My cat is sleeping now. The clock is new .Oh,it’s seven thirty.I’m late again. ( )
  1.Today is Sunday. ( )
  2.My father is singing now. ( )
  3.My cat is watching it’s face. ( )
  4.The clock is new. 十.作文 以 In the park 为题,写一篇短文.



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