Exercises for Grade 5 (I)
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《A》.写同义句 》 写同义句
  1.Can I help you? What do can I for you?
  2.The two boxes are different. the same The two boxes are not .
  3.The boy is new in the class. a student The boy is__new in the class.
  4.He goes to school on foot every day. walks to He school every day.
  5.It’s time for supper. to have It’s time supper.

  6.Which fruit do you like best? favourite fruit Which is your ?
  7. Let’s go to see the animals in the zoo. Shall we go to see the animals in the zoo?
  8.Some of the apples are hard to reach. It’s hard to reach some of the apples.
  9. Lucy is the tallest in her class. Lucy is taller than students in the other her class.
  10.Mr Read goes to America by air every year. Mr Read America every year. flies to

  11.Aunt Li must take care of her baby. has look after Aunt Li to her baby.
  12.I had to wash my clothes yesterday. do some washing I had to yesterday.
  13.Maybe he is in the reading-room. may be He in the reading-room!
  14.Which is your favourite food? Which food you ? do like best
  15.What a nice present it is! How the nice present is !

  16.What about playing a game now? Would like you to play a game now?
  17.Not all the children like sandwiches. child likes Not every sandwiches.
  18.Jim told me he must help his mother wash the clothes yesterday. Jim told me he help his mother how to yesterday. do some washing
  19.Mr Read left the factory a week ago. Mr Read from the factory a week. was away for
  20.They didn’t have any time for a rest. no There wastime for __ a rest. them to have
  21.We must take good care of young children. look after We must young children well .

  22.What does your father do? is What your father? your father’s job? What’s
  23.Why not make it a little later? Shall we make it a little later?
  24.My brother plays football very well. is good at My brother playing football. ( does ) well in
  25. I think the shop is closed. open don’t I think the shop is .

  26.I see many new computers in our school. a __ of I see _ lot __ new computers in our school.
  27.Would you like some apple juice? Do you want some apple juice?
  28.Please give me a ruler. give to me Please a ruler .
  29.Mike is good at English. likes best Mike English .
  30.There’s an English dictionary in my hand. I have __ an English dictionary in my hand.
  31.My mother is an English teacher. teacher My mother is a . of English
  32.That tall girl is from Australia. That tall girl Australia. comes from
  33.He comes to school early every day. He’s for school every day. not late
Unit 1 ? Unit6

  1.I like them very much. = I like them a lot.
  2.I want to make a sheep. = I would like to make sheep.
  3.Are you good at Chinese? = Do you do well in Chinese?
  4.How do you like your school? = What do you think of your school?
  5.Are you interested in P E? = Are you good at PE?
  6.We all like English very much. = All of us like English a lot.

  7.Tom and I both like PE.= Both Tom and I like PE.
  8.The teacher and the students both like it very much. = Both the teacher and the students like it very much.
  9.Do you enjoy playing the piano? = Do you like playing the piano?
  10.There are some stories in the book.= The book has some stories.
  11.I often borrow books from them. = They often lend books to me.

  12.Can you tell me the way to the Water Park? = Can you tell me how to get to the Water Park? =Can you tell me how I can get to the Water Park?
  13.How nice these books are! = What nice books they are!
  14.What’s the time? = What time is it?
  15.I’m good at singing.= I do well in singing.
  16.She enjoys PE. = She likes PE.
  17.The teacher Mrs Wang is kind. = The teacher Mrs Wang is friendly.
  18.We all like it very much.= All of us like it a lot.
  19.He is my good friend. = He is a good friend of mine.

  20.What a fine foal! = How fine the foal is!
  21.There is a music club in our school. = Our school has a music club.
  22.What are they good at? They are good at volleyball. = What do they do well in? They do well in volleyball.
  23.How do you like science field trips? I like science field trips very much. = What do you think of science field trips? I like science field trips a lot.
  24.All the chairs and desks are in groups. = The chairs and desks are all in groups.
  25.We play football on the field. = We play football on the playground.

  26.I come from America. = I’m from America.
  27.I come from America, too. = I’m also from America.=I also come from America.
  28.Would you like to see the Wild Animal School? Certainly. = Do you want to see the Wild Animal School? Of course.(Sure.)
  29.How much is it? = What’s the price of it?
  30.I want a lamp. = I would like a lamp. = I want to buy a lamp. = I would like to buy a lamp.

  31.Do you want anything else? = Do you want any other things?
  32.What can I do for you? = Can I help you?
  33.It looks nice. = It is nice.
  34.Can you pass me the blue one? = Can you pass the blue one to me?
  35.What about this pair? = How about this pair?
  36.Can you show me that pair, please? = Can you show that pair to me, please?
  37.Don’t worry about your lessons. = Don’t be worried about your lessons.

  38.Take good care of yourself. = Look after yourself well.
  39.May I have your name? = What’s your name, please?
  40.How old are you? = What’s your age?
  41.What’s wrong with you? = What’s the matter with you?
  42.They bring her a lot of fruits. = They bring a lot of fruits to her.

  43. My bike is broken. = There’s something wrong with my bike.= Something is wrong with my bike.
<2>.Choose the best answer:
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ( B )
  1. Look this cow. A. in B. at C. on ( A )
  2. She’s my friend. A. good B. well C. a ( B )
  3. a fine horse! A. How B. What C. Where ( C )
  4.Is that a calf over? A. here B. near C. there ( A )
  5.What is that English? A. in B. at c. on ( B )
  6.We it a calf. A. say B. call C. speak
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
( C )
  7.Do you like young? A. animal B. horse C. animals ( B )
  8.My father and mother like __ very much. A. they B. them C. their ( B )
  9. some geese in the pond. A. There is B. There are C. It’s D. What’s ( A )
  10. lovely the goslings are! A. How B. What C. How a D. What a ( D )
  11. What are these? They’re . A. their mother B. goose C. gooses D. geese ( A )
  12. ducklings swim? Yes,they can. A.Can B.Are C.What D.What are ( C )
  13. can’t swim. A.Geese B.Ducks C.Hens D.Ducklings
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
( C )
  14.Look!They are in the pond. A.play B.swim C.playing D.plays ( B )
  15. mum is a duck. A.They B.Their C.It D.We ( C )
  16.Ducklings can’t swim very . A.good B.nice C.well D.fine ( A )
  17.There are some in the pond. A.geese B.horse C.sheep D.calfs ( D )
  18. your mother swim?Yes,she can. A.Is B.Do C.Does D.Can ( C )
  19. lovely the hens are!. A.What B.What a C.How D.How a ( C )
  20.Look! They are playing Peter. A.and B.to C.with D.a
? ( D )
  21.What are these? chicks. ? A.It’s B.Yes C.There are D.They are ? ( C )
  22.What can we call a small lion? We can call it a . ? A.calf B.horse C.cub D.kid ? ( )
  23.What’s that English? a joey. B ? A.on,it B.in,It’s C.at,They D.from,They’re ? ( B )
  24.What you call it?We call it a kid. ? A.is B.do C.can D.are ? ( A )
  25.Mary,let’s animals. All right. That’s very interesting. ? A.make B.making C.do D.doing ? ( C )
  26.You are very clever! . ? A.No,I’m not B.You’re clever,too ? C.Thanks D.You are right
( D )
  27.What are these? geese. A.There are B.These are C.Those are D.They are ( B )
  28.Baby pigs arepiglets. A.call B.called C.calling D.calls ( C )
  29.There a cat and some kittens in my room. A.am B.are C.is D.be ( A)
  30.A cow and a are a family. A.calf B.kid C.foal D.cub ( D )
  31.The baby dogs are . A.piglets B.cubs C.chicks D.puppies B ( )
  32.Are goats white or black. A.that B.these C.the D.they
( ( (
  33. a clever dog it is! A.What B.What a C.How D.How a )
  34.A baby sheep is called . A.lamb B.a lamb C.joey D.joeys )
  35.Can the goose swim? A. Yes, it is. B. Yes, it can’t. C. Certainly. D. No, it can. )
  36.What can the dogs do? A. They are three. B. They can run C. They are brown. D. Swim. )
  37.My classmates want English. A.learn B.learning C.to learn D.learns ( )
  38.The tiger can’t jump a ring. A.through B.to C.in D.under
( (
  39._a duck and some ducklings in the pond? A.There are B.There is C.Are there D.Is there )
  40.What you call a baby horse? We call it a. A.are,calf B.do,foal C.does,joey D.is,cub )
  41. lovely boy! A. What a B. How C. What D. How a )
  42. the lion climb a ladder? Yes,it can. A.Are,on B.Is,to C.Can,up D.What,up )
  43.What are these? monkeys. A.These are B.They’re C.It’s D.This is
  44.The animals in the circus can do __things. A.many B.a lot C.much D.lot of ( )
  45.Here’s a picture our school. A. on B. of C. at D. for ( )
  46. __you often go to school at seven? A. Do B. Are C. Does D. is ( )
  47.Welcome to classroom. A. he’s B. you C. he D. his ( )
  48.Can you read it English? A. on B. at C. in D. with
( ( (
( ( ( (
  49.Please show around library. A. me, you B. I, your C. me, your D. I, you ))
  50. interesting book it is!. A. What B. How C. What’s D. What an )
  51. ,what are these? ,I don’t know. A.Excuse me/Sorry B. Sorry/Sorry C. Sorry/Excuse me )
  52.The teacher and the students _like it very much. A. all B. both C. are all )
  53. This is language lab. A. they B. their C. them )
  54. Let’s play violin. A./ B. a C. the )
  55. a bag of books over there?. A. Are there B. Is there C. Has ( )
  56. you play football now? A. Are B. Do C. Can
( ( ( ( ( (
  57. He’s my friend. A. good B. well C. fine )
  58. a fine foal! A. How B. What C. Where )
  59. They it a calf. A. say B. call C. speak )
  60. The monkey can a horse. A. read B. ride C. write )
  61. Can ducklings swim? Yes, they . A. do B. are C. can )
  62. That is a baby horse. We call it a. A. foal B. kid C. lamp ( )
  63. What are those? They are. A. one sheep B. sheep C. a sheep
( ( ( ( ( ( (
  64. Are elephants? Yes, they are. A. this B. that C. these )
  65. Welcome to school. Thank you. A. our B. we C. me )
  66.There a gym in our school. A.has B.have C.is . . . )
  67. China is famous its food. A.of B.for C. to . . . )
  68. Are there computers in your classroom? A .any B.some C. a . . )
  69. We play games groups. A.on B.at C. in . . . )
  70. do you play volleyball ? On the playground. A .What B.Where C.Who . .
( ( ( (
( ( (
  71. There are many gifts the children. A. for B.of C.at . . . )
  72. The boys play hockey the filed. A.on B. for C .in . . )
  73. Are there any mugs on the table? Yes , A.there is not B.they are C.there are . . . )
  74. What do you often do on Sunday? I often play basketball. A. / B.a C.the . . . )
  75.There any bread on the table. A.isn’t B.is C.are . . . )
  76. It’s Sunday .Let’s . A .to go shopping B.go to shopping C.go shopping )
  77. How much the pen? A. is B .are C.be . .
( ( ( (
( (
  78. Do you want else? A.some thing B.anything C.any thing . . . )
  79. are the two books? A.How much B.How many C.How often . . . )
  80. I like the one the red one. A.near to B.next to C. behind to . . . )
  81. What else do you want? . A. A.No, thanks you B.No, thank you B. C.No, thank . )
  82. My sister likes milk . A.a lot B.much C.very . . . )83 do you like the banana? A little. A.What B.How C.Which . . . ( )84 want to go to Shanghai week. A.tomorrow B.last C.nest . . .
( )
  85. How much the book and the dictionary? A.are B. is C. has ( )
  86. Can I help you? . A. I want a short B.Yes, I want a short C. No, I want a short ( )87 How much the apples? A is A.is B are B.are C C. be ( )88 Here s the money. . Here’s A.Yes B. Ok C. Thank you ( )89 What can I do you. A.for B.to C.about ( )
  90. I don’t like the of the shirt. A .money B.colour C. red
( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ?
  91. Is the in the recorder? A .tape B. tapes C.one tape . . )
  92. How much the orange and coffee? A.is B.are C. be . . . )
  93. Could you buy a coat my grandma? A.to B.in C. for . . . )
  94. Don’t pass the paper that. A.is B.like C.to . . . )
  95. What is the price the computer? A.for B.to C.of . . . )
  96. I’d like buy a marker. A.



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