选择题专项练习 选择题专项练习
( ( )
  1. There are students in the classroom. A. some B. any C. a )
  2. ? Shall go and play there? ?Ok. Let’s go. A. )
  3. A. )
  4. us B. our any boys under the trees? Is there B. Are there All the students back at school. C. we C. There are C. am C. my
( ( ( (
A. is B. are )
  5. Let have a look. A. me B. I )
  6. ? Where is the computer room? . ? It’s in A. first building B. the first building building )
  7. some milk in the glass. A. There is B. There are )
  8. A. )
  9. A. Are there any in the bookcase? English book’s B. English book There is water in the bottle. no B. not
C. the one
( ( ( (
C. It is C. English books C. a
( ( (
  10. ?Where is Miss Li’s office? ? . A. She’s in the office B. It’s in the office C. It’s in Building 3 )
  11. All the students are back school. A. at B. on C. in )
  12. How many are there in your house? There is only one. A. study B. studies C. studys )
  13. Here some cakes you. A. is; for B. are; for C. are; of
  14. There a football and two basketballs in the sports hall. A. is B. are C. aren’t )
  15. Thereany pencils in the pencil box. A. are B. is C. aren’t )
  16. a lot of flowers in the garden. A. There is B. There are isn’t )
  17. ? What’s behind the big tree? C. There
( (
( (
? . A. There’s a lovely cat. B. There isn’t any lovely cats. C. There aren’t any lovely cats. )
  18. ? Is your school bag very big? ? . A. Yes, they are. B. Yes, it is. C. Yes, it isn’t. )
  19. ?Where is Miss Li’s office? ? . A. She’s in the office B. It’s in the office C. It’s in Building 3 )
  20. ? Do you like my new lamp? ? . A. Yes, I did. B. No, we don’t. C. No, we do. )
  21. The students are a Music lesson. A. in B. at )
  22. ? Listen to me, please. ? . A. OK. B. Sorry. )
  23. He can skate, she can’t. A. and B. / )
  24. ? Can you make a puppet? ? A. Yes, I do. B. Yes, we can. )
  25. They a Music lesson. A. having B. are having )
  26. It’s eight in the morning. A. clock B. time C. on
( ( (
C. Yes, I can. C. but C. No, you can’t. C. are have C. o’clock
( ( ( ( (
  27. The boys can sing song ‘In the classroom’. A. a B. the C. an
( ( ( ( ( (
  28. ? What can your brother do?
A. I can sing. B. He can ride a bike. C. She can take photos. )
  29. Shall we the song “In the classroom” now? A. listen B. learn C. put )
  30. Here are some storybooks you. A. of B. with C. for )
  31. There aren’t students in the classroom. A. some B. any C. a )
  32. We a red car. A. need B. can )
  33. ? Here your masks. ? Thank you. A. are B. do )
  34. ? What you like? ? I like . A. are; a cat B. are; cats C. do
C. is
C. do; cats
( ( (
  35. They like swimming on Sundays, we don’t. A. and B. but C. or )
  36. The books are nice. How much ? A. is it B. are they C. they are )
  37. ? I like pigs. you? ? Me, too. A. How B. How do
C. How about
( ( (
  38. we watch TV. A. In the evening B. On the evening C. At the evening )
  39. Sometimes Mike and I to music. A. am listen B. listen C. listening )
  40. I would like , and I’d like some flowers for my mother. A. a vase; buy C. a vase; to buy B. some vases; buying



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