1. The boy is playing basketball. 否定句: 一般疑问句: 肯定回答: 否定回答: 对“is playing basketball”提问: 对“ The boy”提问:
  2. They are singing in the classroom. 否定句: 一般疑问句: 肯定回答: 否定回答: 对“are singing ”提问: 对“ in the classroom”提问:
  3.仿照例句造句: Model:read a book --What are you doing? --I'm reading a book.
  1).read a new book
  2).clean the blackboard
  4.she,the window,open,now.(用现在进行时连词成句.)
  5.The birds are singing in the tree.(就划线部分提问)
  6.is,who,the window,cleaning?(连词成句)
  7.The children are playing games near the house.(就划线部分提问)
  8.She is closing the door now.(改成否定句)
  9.You are doing your homework.(用"I"作主语改写句子)
  10.they,the tree,sing,now,under.(用现在进行时连词成句.)
  11.The Young Pioneers are helping the old woman.(改成一般疑问句) II.单项选择
( )
  1.我在照看孩子. (A)I am looking after the baby. (B)I'm look aftering the baby. (C)I look am aftering the baby. (D)I looking after the baby. ( )
  2.friend's makinga kite. (A)I,me (B)My,my (C)My,me (D)His,his ( )
  3.Is the woman yellow your teacher? (A)in (B)putting on (C)wearing (D)having ( )
  4.Look!The twinstheir mother do the housework. (A)are wanting (B)help (C)are helping (D)are looking ( )
  5.are the birds doing? They are singing in a tree. (A)Who (B)What (C)How (D)Where ( )
  6.Is shesomething? (A)eat (B)eating (C)eatting (D)eats ( )
  7.你在干什么? (A)What is you doing? (B)What are you do? (C)What are you doing? (D)What do you do? ( )
  8.What are you listening? (A)/ (B)for (C)at (D)to ( )
  9.我正在听他说话. (A)I listening to him. (B)I'm listening to him. (C)I'm listen to him. (D)I'm listening him. ( )
  10.They aretheir clothes. (A)makeing (B)putting (C)put away (D)putting on ( )
  11.Listen! Shein the classroom. (A)is singing (B)sing (C)to sing (D)is sing ( )
  12.Today Jim his white shirt and brown trousers. (A)is putting on (B)wear (C)put on (D)is wearing ( )
  13.are you eating?I'm eatingmeat. (A)What,some (B)Which,any
(C)Where,not (D)What,a ( )
  14.TheyTV in the evening.They do their homework. (A)are watching (B)can't watching (C)don't watch (D)don't watching ( )
  15.The childrenfootball. (A)is playing (B)are playing (C)play the (D)play a ( )
  16.They are flying kites. (A)他们喜欢放风筝. (B)他们在放风筝吗? (C)他们在放风筝. (D)他们常放风筝. ( )
  17.Here are many books. Pleasethem. (A)look (B)write (C)count (D)taking ( )
  18.Look,They are swimming in the river. I wantyou. (A)to go with (B)go with (C)helping (D)help ( )
  19.The man(work)mear the house now. ( )
  20.Look.Lucy isa new bike today. (A)jumping (B)running (C)riding (D)takeing III.用现在进行时完成下列句子:
  2.I(sing) an English song.
  4.He(mend) a car.
  5.you(fly) a kite?Yes,.
  6.she(sit) in the boat?
  7.you(ask) questions?
  8.We(play) games now.



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   现在进行时 一、现在进行时的基本用法: a. 表示现在(指说话人说话时)正在发生的事情。例如: We are waiting for you. 我们正在等你。 b. 习惯进行:表示长期的或重复性的动作,说话时动作未必正在进行。例如: Mr. Green is writing another novel. 他在写另一部小说。 (说话时并未在写,只处于写作的状态。 ) c. 表示渐变,这样的动词有:get, grow, become, turn, run, go, begin 等。例如: The ...


   一、现在进行时 1】 【No. 1】现在进行时的构成 现在进行时由"be+v-ing"构成。be 应为助动词,初学者最容易漏掉,它应与主语的人称和数保持一致。 2】现在进行时的应用: 【No. 2】现在进行时的应用 在实际运用时,现在进行时常用以下几种情况: (1)当句子中有 now 时,常表示动作正在进行,这时要用现在进行时。如: They are playing basketball now.现在他们正在打篮球。 (2)以 look, listen 开头的句子,提示我 ...


   1.现在进行时可以表示说话时正在发生的动作,常和 现在进行时可以表示说话时正在发生的动作,常和now, , right now,at this moment等时间状语及动词 等时间状语及动词look,listen , 等时间状语及动词 , 等连用,这是现在进行时的“暂时性”特征。 等连用,这是现在进行时的“暂时性”特征。如: I 'm sitting on a rock near the river with my friends.Our guide is cooking supper. . ...


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   汉语拼音成就英语学习的梦想 织里实验小学 吴芸芸 掌握英语已成为现代中国人的基本素养, 所以学习英语是几亿中国人共同的 心愿,但从小学到大学十几年的漫漫长路之后,多数人仍是“哑巴” 。主要原因 是词到用时方恨少,话到说时难成句。 中国人学英语一直依赖国际音标,人们普遍认为学了音标就可以把英语读 准,但事与愿违。欧美各国中小学不教国际音标,孩子照样读写流利,中国人人 学音标,但绝大多数人发音不准,可见音标并不能使人们把音读准。所以教育部 从 2001 年秋季起规定小学英语不再教国际音标。 目前 ...


   2010 中考英语总复习 5 连词 (一) 知识概要 连词是一种在句子与句子之间, 短语之间以及名词等其他词语之间起连接作 用的虚词,它不能单独作句子的成份.按其意义可分为并列连词和从属连词两大 类. 并列连 词连 接 的双方 是对等 的. 常 有的并 列连词 有 and, both…and, either…or, neither…nor, not only…but also, as well as 等.但如果连接的两部分 意义不趋向一致,意义有转折的并列连词有:but, however, ...