小学五年级英语综合测试题 听力部分 一、 听音选出你听到的单词,把序号填到题前括号内。 分) (5
( ( ( ( (
  1、 A. book B. food C. good D. foot )
  2、 A. fox B. dog C. hot D. not )
  3、 A. sports field B. playground C. firemen D. goalkeeper )
  4、 A. sausage B. question C. dangerous D. magazine )
  5、 A. train B. true C. try D. trousers
二、 问句,选择正确的答语,把序号写到题前括号内。 (10 分) ( )
  1、 A. No, I am not. B. Ok, let’s go . C. Yes, of course ( )
  2、 A. Two, please. B. No, there isn’t. C. Half of kilo. ( )
  3、 A. We went to the Science Museum. B. I forget my camera. C. I will send them to you. ( )
  4、 A. There is too much rubbish. B. Yes, please. C. We are cleaning this train station . ( )
  5、 A. I feel happy . B. Yes , I fell bored. C. I feel sad. 三、 听音写序号,根据你所听到的一组对话,把 B 组序号填入 A 组括号内。 (20 分) A B ( )
  1、When I was a child A. You should tidy up the room ( )
  2、It’s raining on Sunday. B. So I feel sad. ( )
  3、I couldn’t take any photos C.I couldn’t walk well. ( )
  4、This girl is a deaf. D. So I couldn’t go to the park. ( )
  5、I can’t find my bag. E. And we used to go to bed early ( ) 6 、There is a mess . F. There isn’t enough sun . ( ) 7 、You should look . G. She can’t hear well by herself. ( )
  8、 We used to have oil lamps. H. He couldn’t talk. ( ) 9 、There is too many clouds. I. Because I forgot my camera . ( ) 10 、In his dream, J. Before you cross the road. 四、听音,判断正误。如果你听到的句子和你看到的句子相符,就打√,否则就打×。 (10 分)
  1、This is my book, That’s yours. ( )
  2、Is Sam at home ? No, he isn’t . ( )
  3、How much is the pen? One yuan. ( )
  4、You shouldn’t jump on the bed. ( )
  5、The man couldn’t sit down by himself. ( )
五、听音排序(15 分) ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ) Soon a man came to buy the shoes. ) Many years ago, there was a shoe shop . ) They wanted to make one more pair of shoes. ) The next day , the shoemaker saw a new pair of shoes. )A shoemaker and his wife lived there . ) That night, the shoemaker put the lather on the table. ) Now the shoemaker had some money . ) They were very poor . ) Then they went to bed. ) They only had one piece of leather.
六、 短文,判断正误。 (10 分)
( ( ( ( (
) 1 、In England , the children sit in rows ) 2 、They sit in groups . ) 3 、They don’t sit around tables. ) 4 、They do morning exercises. ) 5 、They start school at 9 o’clock. 笔试部分
七、 请在下面的四线三格中写出你会的英语句子,最少要三句。老师相信你们一定会写得 美观大方的。 分) (5
八、 把下面的英语词组写在相对应的汉语解释的后面。(
  5) Say hello to be made of at all by himself in a hurry 不客气 ___, 是….制成的___, 根本___ 靠他自己__ 匆忙___ 九、 出下面动词相对应的过去式(
  5) are __ can __ shall__ take __ forget
十、选择,请选择你认为正确的选项,把序号写在题前括号内(5 分)
  1、 Did you help your mother yesterday? . A. Yes, I did. B. No, I did. C. Yes, I didn’t. D. I helped.

  2、 What did you do __ the weekend? A. in B. on C. at D. by
  3、 She can swim by A. myself B. yourself C. herself D. himself
  4、 Whose book is this? It’s A. me B. he C she D. mine
  5、 How is the cheese? A. like B. used to C. much D. will 十一、依据标点符号的提示,组词成句(10 分)

  1、feeling , are , sad, you ?
  2、the , is , of , London , capital, England .
  3、you miss do china ?
  4、 aren’t , there, bags, enough .
  5、can , play , well, you , football ?



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