42.11]There wasn`t a pond. [01:
  1.Listen,point and find "There was..." [01:
  59.38]Lingling is in London with Sam and Amy. [02:
  05.26]Lingling:You were in China for two years. [02:
  09.36]Does London look different now? [02:
  11.89]Amy:Yes,it does. [02:
  11.89]Amy:This park is different. There weren`t any swings here before. [02:
  17.56]Sam:There was only a slide. [02:
  19.49]Sam:Look,there`s a pond.There wasn`t a pond here before! [02:
  28.51]Lingling:There is one now.There are ducks,too. [02:
  33.05]Lingling:Do you like the park now? [02:
  38.01]Amy:Yes,I do .We can feed the ducks. [02:
  41.65]Sam:We couldn`t before.There wasn`t a pond! [02:
  44.49]Lingling:Then let`s go to feed te ducks. [02:
  47.44]Amy and Sam:Great! [02:
  2.Listen and say. [03:
  01.52]Amy:There weren`t any swings here before. [03:
  05.76]Sam:There was only a slide. [03:
  09.10]Sam:There wasn`a pond here beore! [03:
  12.71]Lingling:There is one now. [03:
  16.47]Module1 UNIT2 [03:
  20.83]There are tall trees. [03:
  1.Listen and repeat. [03:
  35.61]Look at the pictures of our school. [03:
  39.17]There were lots of little trees here. [03:
  42.01]Now tere are tall trees. [03:
  44.78]There was a small playground here. [03:
  47.53]Now there is a big playround. [03:
  50.09]How about your school? [03:
  3.Listen and say.Then sing. [04:
  08.32]There was a chicken here before, [04:
  11.48]a beautiful chicken here on the floor. [04:
  10.48]There were four eggs here before, [04:
  13.72]four round brown eggs here on the floor. [04:
  17.04]And now there are chicks here on the floor. [04:
  20.67]cute yellow chicks. [04:
  23.23]Lookl There are four!
  06.48]This one is heavy. [00:
  1.Listen,point and find "big,heavy". [00:
  24.58]Amy:Come on ,Lingling.We're going to go to the supermarket.
  32.03]Lingling:Great!Let`s go! [00:
  32.13]Lingling:Oh,what a big supermarket! [00:
  38.98]Amy:Yes,it is .There are many sweets over there.Sam:And there are many fruits,too. [00:
  43.71]Ms Smart:Please help me put the bags in the car. [00:
  48.88]Lingling:This one is heavy. I can`t lift it. [00:
  53.14]Sam:Let me help you. [00:
  54.78]Ms Smart:You are helpful children. Have an ice cream. [01:
  00.22]Amy, Sam and Ling ling:Thank you! [01:
  2.Listen and say. [01:
  13.67]There are many sweets. [01:
  16.91]There are many fruits,too. [01:
  20.64]This one is heavy. [01:
  24.90]Module2 UNIT2 [01:
  28.77]They sell different things. [01:
  1.Listen and repeat. [01:
  42.95]Many English supermarkets are very big. [01:
  47.52]They sell different things. [01:
  51.29]They sell food from lots of countries.They also sell clothes,toys and CDS. [02:
  01.21]Sometimes there are restaurants at the supermarket. [02:
  06.36]Many families go to the supermarket together. [02:
  3.Listen and say.Then say the poem. [02:
  25.66]What do you want,dear mother?What do you want? [02:
  30.63]Meat and eggs,and fish and chicken.That is what I want. [02:
  35.90]What do you want, dear daughter? What do you want? [02:
  40.45]Sweets and cakes, and fruits and biscuits. That`s what I want.
  05.59]Today is Halloween. [00:
  1.Listen,point and find "they". [00:
  22.31]Amy:Lingling,today is Halloween. [00:
  26.46]Lingling:What`s that? [00:
  28.60]Amy:It`s An autumn festival. It`s really fun. [00:
  32.26]Sam:Children wear scary clothes. [00:
  36.70]Lingling:Scary clothes? [00:
  38.53]Amy:Yes.Look at the hats and the masks. [00:
  42.06]Amy:And they go to people`s houses. [00:
  46.29]Sam:And they scare the people. They say,"Whoooooo!" [00:
  50.96]Amy:Then the people give them sweeets. [00:
  55.01]That night... [00:
  58.25]Amy,Sam and Lingling:Whoooooo! [01:
  01.20]Neighbour:You are so scary!Here are some sweets. [01:
  05.46]Amy,Sam and Lingling:Thank you. [01:
  2.Listen and say.
  21.66]It`s an autumn festival. It`s really fun. [01:
  28.42]They go to people`s houses. They scare the people. [01:
  35.69]Module3 UNIT2 [01:
  41.93]Easter is in spring. [01:
  1.Listen and repeat. [01:
  54.23]Look at these children`s hats. [01:
  58.26]There are toy chicks and flowers on the hats. [02:
  01.91]Do you know why? [02:
  03.87]They are Easter hats. [02:
  06.51]Easter is in spring. [02:
  09.46]People give children chocolate eggs. [02:
  13.22]Sometimes there are small eggs in the big eggs. [02:
  3.Listen and say.Then sa the poem. [02:
  37.00]We are learning the months of the year. [02:
  40.63]January,February,winter is here. [02:
  43.97]Now we see that it is spring. [02:
  47.21]March,April, the birds do sing. [02:
  50.68]Now,we are feeling hot. [02:
  53.56]May,June, we love summer a lot. [02:
  57.68]We are learning the months of the year. [03:
  00.85]We know six now,six months of the year.
  06.40]We`re going to sing and dance. [00:
  1.Listen,point and find "going to ". [00:
  23.88]Lingling:What`s this? [00:
  26.64]Amy:It`s an invitation to my birthday party.I`m going to be
  11. [00:
  31.29]Lingling:What are we going to do? [00:
  33.93]Amy:We`re going to have lunc together. [00:
  35.97]Lingling:Are you going to have a birthday cake? [00:
  39.84]Amy:Yes,I am. Mum`s going to make a birthday cake for me. [00:
  40.38]Amy:After lunch, we`re going to sing and dance. [00:
  45.52]Sam:And then her friends are going to go home. [00:
  48.06]Sam:Then we`re going play with Amy`new toys. [00:
  52.52]Ms smart:No,you`re not.Then you`re going to help me tidy up! [00:
  2.Listen and say. [01:
  04.04]Lingling:What are we going to do? [01:
  07.20]Amy:We`re going to have lunch together. [01:
  10.25]Lingling:Are you going to have a birthday cake? [01:
  13.31]Amy:Yes.I am. [01:
  14.98]Module4 UNIT2 [01:
  19.24]Amy is going to be
  11. [01:
  25.48]Dear Lingling.
  37.16]Amy is going to be
  11. [01:
  40.63]Please come to her party. [01:
  43.56]At:15Apple Road, London [01:
  48.39]On:Sunday,2nd of October [01:
  52.65]From:12 o`clock [01:
  55.99]To:3 o`clock [01:
  59.13]Please reply. [02:
  3.Listen and say.Then sing. [02:
  16.95]YOU KNOW UP TO JUNE [02:
  19.71]then comes warm July. [02:
  21.86]Year offer year,all the months fly by. [02:
  25.62]August, september, October, November,say it again. [02:
  31.26]Then you witt remember. Then there`s December,the lasf month of the year. [02:
  36.82]Children are happy as Christmas is near.
  06.09]It`s mine! [00:
  1.Listen,point and find "mine". [00:
  23.01]Sam:It`s mine! [00:
  25.76]Amy:It isn`t yours,Sam.It`s mine! [00:
  28.81]Ms Smart:What`s the matter? [00:
  32.78]Amy:Sam wants to wear my T-shirt. [00:
  35.24]Sam:But it isn`t hers. It`s mine! [00:
  37.59]Amy:It isn`t his.It`s mine! [00:
  39.71]Ms Smart:But both your red T-shirts are there.They are wet.Look! [00:
  46.79]Sam:Then whose T-shirt is it ! [00:
  50.63]Lingling:It`s mine .Look! [00:
  2.Listen and say. [01:
  11.78]Sam:It isn`t hers. [01:
  14.81]Amy:It isn`t his. [01:
  16.85]Sam:Whose T-shirt is it? [01:
  20.61]Lingling:It`s mine. [01:
  22.36]Module5 UNIT2 [01:
  26.73]Amy`s blue dress is wet. [01:
  1.Listen and repeat. [01:
  41.85]It`s raining.Children are running home.Look! [01:
  49.09]Amy`s blue dress is wet. [01:
  51.96]Lingling`s favourite skirt is dirty. [01:
  56.04]Sam`s shoes are wet and dirty.Tom is laughing! [02:
  3.Listen and say. Then say the poem. [02:
  17.64]"It's mine! [02:
  20.20]It`s mine!" [02:
  21.35]the short man said."It isn't yours at all."
  25.27]"Yes, it is," [02:
  27.62]the tall man said. [02:
  28.82]"You are short, but I am tall."
  07.50]You can play basketball well. [00:
  1.Listen,point and find "well". [00:
  24.61]Amy:Lingling,do you want to play basketball? [00:
  31.09]Lingling:Yes,I do .But I can`t play well. [00:
  35.50]Sam:Ccn you run fast? [00:
  38.92]Lingling:No, I can't? [00:
  41.80]Sam:Can you catch the ball? [00:
  45.14]Lingling:Not very well. [00:
  47.49]Amy:But you can jump really high! [00:
  51.75]Sam:You can play basketball well,Lingling. [01:
  00.81]Lingling:Thank you. [01:
  2.Listen and say. [01:
  16.64]Sam:Can you run fast? [01:
  19.88]Lingling:No,Ican't. [01:
  22.83]Sam:You can jump high. [01:
  25.89]Amy:You can play basketball well. [01:
  29.03]Module6 UNIT2 [01:
  32.79]They got fifty points. [01:
  1.Listen and repeat. [01:
  47.60]Yesterday, Sam's team played basketball in park. [01:
  52.95]They got fifty points.The other team got thirty-six points. [01:
  59.72]am got seventeen points.Amy got thirteen points. [02:
  07.66]And Lingling got twenty points. [02:
  11.21]Their team won!They were very happy! [02:
  2.Listen and point to the number you hear. [02:
  26.10]He got thirty-three points. [03:
  3.Listen and say.Then sing. [03:
  38.72]CAN YOU PLAY VERY WELL? [03:
  41.88]can you play very well, very well, [03:
  44.81]Can you play very well [03:
  46.64]or not at all? I can jump high in the air, in the air, in the ait. [03:
  54.58]I can jump high in the air. [03:
  57.04]I'm very tall. And I can run very fast. [04:
  01.68]very fast, very fast. I can run very fast and catch the ball.
  07.18]This dog can help him.
  1.Listen, point and find"can,can't". [00:
  25.99]Amy:Look!There's a TV show about dogs. [00:
  30.46]Lingling:Great!I love dogs. [00:
  33.80]TV presenter:In England,many blind people have a special dog. [00:
  39.44]This man is blind. This dog can help him. [00:
  41.32]Lingling:This dog is very clever! [00:
  45.26]Can Fifi help the blind people? [00:
  48.32]Amy:Let's see! [00:
  49.57]Lingling:Fifi,help! [00:
  53.41]Amy:No,he can't.He only wants to play! [01:
  2.Listen and say. [01:
  11.75]TV presenter:This dog can help him. [01:
  15.30]Lingling:Can Fifi help the blind people? [01:
  19.95]Amy:No,he can't.He only wants to play. [01:
  23.61]Module7 UNIT2It could hear the people. [01:
  1.Listen and repeat. [01:
  42.23]There was a fire. [01:
  44.59]There were people inside the house. [01:
  48.35]The firemen couldn't see the people. [01:
  52.16]They couldn't help the people. [01:
  54.75]But they had a special dog. [01:
  58.09]It could hear the people. [02:
  00.73]It found the people. [02:
  03.32]Then the people were safe. [02:
  3.Listen and say.Then sing. [02:
  21.71]FIFI WAS A CUTE DOG [02:
  24.94]He was very small. [02:
  26.90]He couldn't help a blind man. [02:
  30.06]He couldn't climb a wall. [02:
  32.21]He couldn't help a fireman. [02:
  35.37]He couldn't work all day. [02:
  37.35]He could do some things. [02:
  39.60]He could have fun and play.
  06.90]They sit around tables. [00:
  1.Listen, point and find"they,we". [00:
  24.92]15 Marling Street [00:
  29.18]London [00:
  30.17]NW2 [00:
  31.74]England [00:
  33.38]Dear Daming,
  35.50]Yesterday, [00:
  37.17]I went to Sam and Amy's school. [00:
  40.41]I took photos. [00:
  43.28]In England, the children sit around tables. [00:
  48.14]We sit in lines in China. [00:
  50.99]They sing songs together every morning. [00:
  54.65]We do morning exercises. [00:
  57.91]In England,school starts at 9 o'clock. [01:
  01.96]It finishes at half past
  3. [01:
  05.02]In China,we start school at 8 o'clock and finish at 4 o'clock. [01:
  12.28]School is fun here.But I miss my Chinese school. [01:
  17.04]Love from, [01:
  18.60]Lingling. [01:
  2.Listen and say. [01:
  31.30]In England ,they sit around tables. [01:
  36.16]We sit in lines in China. [01:
  39.21]They sing songs together every morning. [01:
  44.05]We do morning exercises. [01:
  47.28]Module8 UNIT2 [01:
  1.Listen and repeat. [02:
  05.70]This is an English school. [02:
  08.55]There are chidren's paintings on all the walls. [02:
  12.91]There are lots of games. [02:
  16.23]English children can have fun at break time. [02:
  19.47]They study hard.They do homework every day. [02:
  3.Listen and say.Then sing. [02:
  40.81]I get up in the morning. I get ready for school. [02:
  45.46]I love morning exercises. [02:
  48.23]They are cool. cool. cool. [02:
  50.50]learn, I talk. I play. I love going to school. [02:
  55.96]always enjoy my day, because if's cool. cool. cool.
  06.40]Are you sad? [00:
  1.Listen, point and find"sad,angry,bored". [00:
  25.73]Amy:What's the matter.Lingling?Are you sad? [00:
  29.88]Lingling:No,I'm not. [00:
  32.76]Amy:Are you angry? [00:
  35.40]Lingling:No, I'm not. [00:
  38.03]Amy:Are you bored?Do you want to play chess? [00:
  43.00]Lingling:No.I'm not bored.
  45.64]Amy:So what's the matter? [00:
  48.80]Lingling:Nothing. I'm thinking. [00:
  51.75]Amy:What are you thinking about? [00:
  54.39]Lingling:It's a secret,Amy. [00:
  56.74]Amy:Tell me,please! [01:
  00.40]Lingling:OK.I'm going to make you a surprise present for Christmas! [01:
  06.35]Amy:But now it's not a surprise! [01:
  2.Listen and say. [01:
  20.46]Amy:Are you sad? [01:
  23.23]Lingling:No, I'm not. [01:
  25.79]Amy:What's the matter? [01:
  28.24]Linglign:Nothing. [01:
  29.70]Module9 UNIT2 [01:
  1.Listen and repeat. [01:
  47.62]Yesterday,it was raining. [01:
  50.68]Zara couldn't go out. [01:
  53.55]She was sad. [01:
  55.20]She helped her mum make a cake. [02:
  00.16]After that,she was hungry. [02:
  02.41]She ate the cake with Mum. [02:
  05.15]She was very thirsty. [02:
  08.03]She drank some water. [02:
  10.06]Then the rain stopped. [02:
  13.12]Zara went out to play. [02:
  15.47]Then Zara was happy. [02:
  3.Listen and say.Then sing and do the actions. [02:
  1.if you're happy and you know it.clap you hands.(clap clap) [02:
  40.21]if you're happy and you know it.clap your hands.(clap clap) [02:
  44.36]you're happy and you know it.and you really want to show it. [02:
  48.88]if you're happy and you know it.clap you hands.(clap clap) [02:
  51.52](clap clap)
  2.if you're sad and you know it.start to cly.(boo hoo) [02:
  57.24]if you're sad and you know it .start to cly.(boo hoo) [03:
  01.00]if you're sad and you know it .and you really want to show it. [03:
  05.36]if you're sad and you know it.start go cry.(boo hoo) [03:
  08.79]if you're
  3.angry and you know it.stamp your feet.(sta



   《新标准英语》(一年级起点) 第七册教材分析和教学建议 大庆实验一小 兰图 一 教材的总体分析 本册教材包含十个新授模块和一个复习模块。每个模 块又分为两个单元。第一单元主要是以课文(对话)的形 式呈现本模块所要学习的语言功能与结构。第二单元则是 围绕体现该语言功能与结构的核心句设置的小课文、若干 任务型的练习和活动以及歌曲或者歌谣。本册教材涉及信 件、发明、意外等十个话题。其中与一般过去时为呈现载 体的有除了第一和第十模块以外的八个模块,占有百分之 ...


   (一年级起点 《新标准英语》 一年级起点)1 第 10 模块教案 新标准英语》 一年级起点) ( 杨敏 第一节( 分钟) 第一节(40 分钟) 一、教学准备与分析 1.教学内容: 学生用书:第 10 模块第 1 单元 活动用书:第 10 模块第 1 单元 2.教学目标: 2.1 技能与知识目标: A. 基本要求: 学习新单词 hat rabbit,读准单词的发音如:/h/的音。基本能听懂、能说出 where’s the rabbit? It’s in/on/under the hat.语句。 ...


   06- 第二学期《新标准英语》 一年级起点) (一年级起点 06-07 第二学期《新标准英语》 一年级起点)第二册教材分析 ( 一、06-07 学年度第二学期教学安排 0606 3月2日 3月5日 5 月 9 日-11 日 7 月 9 日-7 月 11 日 7 月 16 日 全学期共计 19 周。 《新标准英语》 一年级起点)第二册分模块教 (一年级起点 二、 新标准英语》 一年级起点)第二册分模块教学建议 ( 分模块 学生报到 学生正式上课 期中考试 期末考试 暑假开始 Module 1 ...


   三年级(下)英语 课题 She’ Module 1 Unit1 She’s nice. 1. 知识与能力目标 能够运用句型:This is … He’s / She’s…. 课时 一课时 教 学 目 标 She’s very … But she’s a bit… 能够掌握单词:nice , shy, clever, naughty, talkative, quiet, a bit. 能够介绍人物,说出人物的特点。 2. 情感态度目标 培养学生对同伴友善的态度,了解朋友的特点和能力。 教 学 ...


   《新标准英语》 (一年级起点)第一册 教材分析和教学建议 一、教材整体结构与内容安排 教材整体结构与内容安排 结构与内容 由于一年级的英语教学是起始阶段的教学, 因此教材注意选取了一些日常生 活中学生熟悉、相对简单和容易理解的话题,主要包括以下内容:问候及回应; 数字 1-10;询问和说明颜色、询问姓名、年龄、地点、物品的名称、祝贺生日 等. 以上共计 10 个话题中包含有 32 个核心句子。129 单词。5 首歌曲,6 首歌 谣。 在教学中,我们应该根据教材各个模块的难易程度,合理安排课时 ...


   六年级英语九月份测试 一、选择(每题 1 分,共 15 分) ( ) 1 Daming is America. A visit B visits C visiting D visited ( ) 2 He’s in New York his cousin, Simon. A and B but C or D with ( ) 3 And look this one. A on B in C at D of ( ) 4 It’s a picture the Great Wall. A of B ...


   《新标准英语》(一年级起点)第一册 教材分析和教学建议 《新标准英语》(一年级起点)第一册 教材分析和教学建议 七 模块教学建议 Module 3 教学主题:数字 Numbers. 语言功能:数数,运用数字进行交际 Counting and recognizing. 核心句子:How many? How many …? Numbers 1-10 教学建议: 1 数字是孩子们比较熟悉的话题。因材在操练过程中,必须注意活动的多样性和趣 味性,保证孩子有参与的热情。例如,我们可以采取报数、调查汇报 ...

新起点英语一年级下unit 16教案

   新起点小学英语一年级下册第 16 单元教学案 材料分析(教学内容 知识基础 后继地位) 教学内容:复习以上三个单元(第 13 到底 15 单元)重点单词的发音和词义;一些简单的句 型;日常用语;字母。 知识基础:第 13 到第 15 单元重点单词。 后继地位:通过对第 13 到第 15 单元的复习,进一步巩固所学的知识,将所学内容与生活实 际相联系,用简单的语言描述衣食等生活内容。将所学运用到实际中,激发学习兴趣、并培 养听说习惯,为今后的英 语学习奠定情感和知识基础。 目的要求 1、能够在 ...

新起点英语一年级下unit 14教案

   新起点小学英语第二册 Unit 14 Clothes 教案集 材料分析(教学内容 知识基础 后继地位) 教学内容:单词 clothes,T-shirt,pants,shorts,jacket,sweater,skirt,dress,shoe,sock. 句型 Who is wearing a purple dress?I like my T-shirt. 字母 Z、X、C、V、B. 知识基础:在学习并掌握了有关衣服单词的基础上,运用颜色表达自己衣服和同伴的衣服, 也为表达自己喜欢什么颜色奠定 ...


   二年级十一月份月考测试题 二年级十一月份月考测试题 十一 一、 你认识这些字母吗?相信聪明的你一定能写出这些大写字母! ( 你认识这些字母吗?相信聪明的你一定能写出这些大写字母! 20 分) 二、 选择与图片内容相符合的句子,在题前括号内打√ ( 选择与图片内容相符合的句子,在题前括号内打√。 10 分) ( ( ) He likes these shoes. ) He doesn’t like these shoes. ( ( ) He likes these trousers. ) He ...



   电话 ●打电话 我是丹尼斯?史密斯。 This is Dennis Smith. *打电话时常用 This is...代替 My name is...。 This is Dennis Smith speaking. 喂,是约翰吗? Hello, John? *常用于熟人之间。 喂, 请问是丹尼斯?史密斯先生吗? Is this Mr. Dennis Smith? 请问是财务科吗? Is this the finance department? 请问是吉姆?贝克医生的办公室吗? Is this ...


   金老师家教 中学全职教师上门辅导 0592?5446311 不规则动词表 1.A-A-A 型(无变化的动词) cut-cut-cut let-let-let hit-hit-hit put-put-put cost-cost-cost hurt-hurt-hurt read/ri ? d/-read[red]-read[red] 2.A-A-B 型(现在式和过去式同形) 3.A-B-A 型 (现在式和过去分词同形) beat-beat-beaten come-came-come become ...


   七彩教育网 免费提供 Word 版教学资源 浙江台州市六校联考九年级(上 英语试卷 浙江台州市六校联考九年级 上)英语试卷 2009-12-2 满分:120 分 时间 :100 分钟 出卷人: 温馨提示:请检查你的试卷,然后开始答题。所有答案要求写在答题卷上。注意对准 题号,交卷时只交答题卷。祝你好运! 听力部分: (共 听力部分: 共 25 分) ( 一、听力(本题有 15 小题,第一节每小题 1 分,第二、第三节每小题 2 分,满分 25 分) 听力 第一节 ...


   第一单元 A 无名英雄:职业父亲意味着什么? 更让人感到侮辱的是最近媒体的这种倾向, 即把家 在我们的孪生女儿出生后的第一次"约会"时, 我和丈夫一起去看了一部名为《玩具故事》的电影. 庭主妇看成是一种"地位的象征" ?? 就像一辆名 我们很喜欢这部片子,但随后我丈夫问道:"父亲在 贵的汽车,只有据说少数男人才享受得起这种奢侈与 哪儿呢?"起初我还认为因为一个小小的失误而批 评一部很吸引人的家庭影片似乎是太偏狭了.可后 来越想越觉得 ...