小学新标准英语(三起) 小学新标准英语(三起)四会句子汇总
第一册句子:21 个 第一册句子

  1.I'm Sam.我叫萨姆。
  2. Hello / Hi 你好
  3. Goodbye / Bye-bye 再见
  4. How are you? I'm fine, thank you. 你好吗?我很好,谢谢。

  5.I'm Ms Smart.我是斯玛特老师
  6.What's your name? I’m Sam. 你叫什么名字?我叫萨姆。

  7. He's/ She's a doctor / policeman / farmer.他/她是一名医生/警察/农民。
  8.Stand up.起立
  9.sit down.坐下
  10.It's red.这是红色。
  11.It's a black dog/ blue desk/red chair..这是一条黑色的狗/一张蓝色的桌子/一把红色 的椅子。
  12.This is his head/arm. 这是他的头/胳膊。
  13.Point to her nose/eyes.指向她的鼻子/眼睛。
  14.This is my school / my mother / father.这是我的学校/妈妈/爸爸。
  15.What's this/ that? It's a desk.这/那是什么?这/那是桌子。
  16.Where's the cat? It's in the green bag. 猫在哪里?它在绿色的包里。

  17. I don't know.我不知道。
  18.Here's your present.给你的礼物。
  19.Thank you.谢谢。

  20.How old are you?
  21.Is it a dragon?
I'm nine. 你多大了?我九岁了。
Yes,it is./ No,it isn't.这是龙吗?是的。/不是。
第二册句子: 第二册句子:32 个

  1.What's your favourite song? It's the ABC song. 你最喜爱的歌是什么?ABC 歌
  2. How does she go to school? 车去上学
  3.How does your father go to work?你爸爸怎样去上班? He goes to work by bus. 我爸爸乘车去上班
  4.My favourite toy is a computer game.我最喜欢玩电脑游戏.
  5. What are they? They're elephant / monkeys. 他们是什么?他们是大象/猴子。 她怎样去上学? She goes to school by bike.她骑自行

  6. That monkey is fat.那只猴子很胖
  7.I like football / basketball.我喜欢踢足球/篮球
  8.I don't like football.我不喜欢足球
  9.I don't like riding bikes.我不喜欢骑自行车
  11.Do you likes meat/ noodles? 不。
  12. Does he/she like apples? Yes, he/she does. /No, he /she doesn't 他/她喜欢吃苹果 吗?是的/不
  14. Pass me the rice .请把米饭递给我。
  15.Where does Daming fly kites?大明常在哪儿放筝? He flies kites in the park.他在公园放风筝 Yes, I do. /No, I don’t.你喜欢吃肉/面条吗?是的/

  16.I get up at seven o'clock..我在七点起床
  17.I go home at four o'clock. 我在四点回家
  18.What' the time,please? 一点钟。
  19.You have dinner at half past five.你在五点半吃晚餐
  20.What do you do at the weekend?
  21.What does she do at the weekend? I go swimming. 你周末做什么?我去游泳。 She watches TV. 她周末做什么?她看电视。 It's half past five/one o’clock.现在几点了?五点半/

  22.We have a big family dinner.我们吃一顿丰盛的家庭晚餐。
  23.At Spring Festival,we have peanuts. 春节我们吃花生
  24.We have Christmas in England. 在英国我们过圣诞节
  25.It's Chinese New Year / Christmas today.今天是中国的新年/圣诞节 Happy New Year./Happy Christmas!
  26.It's hot in summer.夏天天气炎热
  27.What do you do in spring /summer/winter? 你在春天/夏天做什么? I play football in spring.我在春天踢足球
  28.I've got a new book.我有一本新书
  29.She/lily has got a car.
  30.Have you got a pen? Yes, I have. 你有钢笔吗?有 新年快乐!/圣诞快乐!

  31.Where's the panda? 熊猫在哪? It is in the hat.他在帽子里。
  32.What do you have at school? 学校里有什么课程? I have Maths and Chinese.
  33.What do you do at 7 o'clock in the morning/afternoon? 早上/晚上 7 点你做什么? I have breakfast/dinner.我吃早餐/晚餐。
第三册句子: 第三册句子:14 个

  1.I've got twenty-six points.我得了 26 分。
  2.Go straight on.一直向前走。
  3.Turn left / right.向左/右转。
  4.Where is the train? It’s at the station.火车在哪里? 在火车站。
  5.She’s writing a letter.她正在写信。
  6.What are you/they doing?你/他们在做什么?
  7. I’m/ They’re listening to music.我/他们在听音乐。
  8.Do you want some rice ? Yes,please./ No,thank you. 你想要米饭吗?好啊 / 不用 了,谢谢。
  9. Excuse me .请原谅,打扰了
  10.Can you run fast ? Yes,I can./ No,I can’t。你跑得快吗?是的。/ 不。
  11.There is one birthday in may.五月份有一个(人过)生日。
  12.There are twelve months in the year.一年有十二个月。
  13.What are you going to do ? I’m going to do the high jump. 你打算做什么?我打算 跳高。
  14.Can I have some sweets? Yes,you can./ sorry, you can't. 我可以吃糖吗?可以。/ 对不起,不可以。
第四册句子: 第四册句子:24 个

  1.This is Smart. She's a nice teacher 这位是斯玛特,她是一个好老师。
  2.This is my big brother.He's cool。这位是我大哥,他很酷。

  3.London is the capital of England. And it's very big. 伦敦是英国的首都,很大。
  4. Sam fell off his bike.萨姆从自行车上摔了下来。
  5.Sam had lots of chocolate biscuits.萨姆吃了很多巧克力饼干。
  6.Will you take your kite?Yes, I will / No, I won't.你带风筝吗?是的/不带。
  7.On Monday I'll go swimming.星期一我将去游泳。
  8.Robots will do everything. 机器人将会做所有的事。
  9.It can walk.它会走路。
  10.It will be windy in Beijing.北京将会刮风。
  11.Will it be windy in Beijing. Yes,it will / No,it won't. 北京会刮风吗?是的/不。
  12.Amy's taller than Lingling.艾米比玲玲高。
  13.Beijing is bigger than Tianjin.北京比天津大。
  14.This girl is good.这个女孩(唱得)好。
  15.This boy is better than the girls.这个男孩比女孩(唱得)更好。
  16.This picture is bad.这张画(画得)不好。
  17.This picture is worse. 这张画(画得)更差劲。
  18.Lingling is better than Daming.玲玲比大明更好。
  19.Amy is worse than Sam.艾米比萨更差。
  20.Will you play football on Monday. Yes, I will /No, I won't .星期一你将踢球吗?是 的/不。
  21. Did you cook meat yesterday?Yes,I did./No. I didn't.昨天你炒肉了吗?是的/没 有。
  22.I was twoten years ago .十年前我两岁。
  23.They were/ weren't old then .那时他们老/不老。

  24. I helped Mum.我帮助妈妈了。
第五册句子: 第五册句子:35 个

  1.When did you come back?你是什么时候回来的?
  2.We came back last Sunday.我们上个星期日回来的。
  3.I dropped my ice cream.我掉了我的冰激凌
  4.Do you live in London?你住在伦敦吗?
  5.Did they buy ice creams? Yes ,I did./ No, I didn't 他们买了冰激凌吗?是的/没有。
  6.How many banamas do you want?Six, please.你想要多少香蕉?六个。
  7.How much cheese/milk do you want?Half a kilo.你想要多少奶酪/牛奶?半公斤
  8.Do you like cheese ,Lingling? No, I don't. 你喜欢奶酪吗?不,我不喜欢。
  9.What did you do at the weeked?你在周末做什么了?
  10.We visited lots of places.我们参观了很多地方。
  11.Where did you go ? We went to the British Museum. 你去哪儿了?我们去了大英博 物馆。
  12.What did Daming do?大明做了什么?
  13. What time does school start?学校什么时候开始上课?
  14.My school starts at nine o'clock.我们学校九点开始上课。
  15.How did you go?你怎么去的?
  16.It's mine / yours/ his/ hers / Lingling's. .它是我的/你的/他的/她的/玲玲的。
  17.But it isn't hers.但它不是她的。
  18.Sam took my T-shirt .萨姆拿了我的 T-恤衫。

  19.He wants to wear it.他想穿着它。
  20. You should look ,then cross the road.你应该看一看再过马路。
  21.You shouldn't walk in the road.你不该在马路上走。
  22.Whose bag is this? It's Jimmy’s.这是谁的书包?它是吉米的。
  23.There are / aren't enough.够了。/不够。
  24. I feel happy/tired/bored/sad/hungry.我感到高兴/疲倦/无聊/饥饿。
  25. What's the matter? Nothing. 怎么啦?没什么。
  26.There are too many books on the books.在桌子上有太多的书。
  27.You 've got two pencils now.你现在有两支铅笔。
  28.You can catch the ball well.你能接好球。
  29.Can you run fast ? No, I can't. 你能跑得快吗?不,我不能。
  30.I can do it very well.我可以把它做得很好。
  31.I sing very badly.我唱得很糟糕。
  32.I can't do it at all.我根本不会做。
  33.Can we have a dog,please,Mum? No, we can't. 我们可以养只狗吗?不行。
  34.Their mother sometimes helps them.有时他们的妈妈帮助他们。
  35. Are you feeling sad/bored/angry? Yes,I am /No, I 'm not.你感到难过/无聊/生气吗? 是/不。
第六册句子: 第六册句子:78 个

  1.We lived in a small house many years ago.多年前我们住在小房子里.
  2.We live in a big house now.现在我们住在大房子里.

  3.She didn't have a television last year.去年她没有电视.
  4.There weren't any buses then.那时没有公共汽车.
  5.There are lots of buses and cars now.现在有许多公共汽车和小汽车.
  6.I'm going to meet you in New York .我会在纽约接你。
  7.Life was very different in China many years ago.许多年前中国的生活大不相同。
  8.I watch TV every day . 我每天看电视。
  9.Yesterday I watched TV with my grandchildren .昨天我和孙子们一起看电视。
  10.She didn't have a television or a radio then.那时她既没有电视也没有收音机。
  11.As a small child, she couldn't see or write. 在她还是个小孩子的时候,她既不会 看也不会写。
  12.She learnt English.她学过英语.
  13.Mr Li was a teacher then. 那时李先生是一名老师.
  14.Everyone speaks English .大家都说英语。
  15.We went in a yellow texi to their flat last week.上周我们坐一辆黄色小汽车去了他 们的公寓。
  16.He's learning English now.他现在正在学英语
  17.Why is she wearing these clothes ? 她为什么穿着这些衣服呢?
  18.Because she was a dancer before . 因为以前她是个舞蹈演员。
  19.She danced in lots of Chinese cities .她在中国的很多城市跳过舞。
  20.He taught Chinese ten years ago. 十年前他教语文。
  21.Chen Hai is an English teacher. He's teaching Mr Li.陈海是一名英语老师,他正教 李先生。
  22.She had eggs and sausages.她吃了鸡蛋和香肠.

  23.Sam ate six hamburgers.萨姆吃了六个汉堡包.
  24.What did she have for breakfast?她早餐吃的什么?
  25.And what did she have for dinner?他晚饭吃的什么?
  26.She had fish and chips.她吃了鱼和薯条
  27.Lingling had a sandwich because she doesn't like hamburgers . 玲玲吃了一个三文治因为她不喜欢吃汉堡。
  28.We gave our hamburgers to Sam .我们把我们的汉堡给了萨姆。
  29.Are you ready for your trip tomorrow ? 你准备好明天的旅行了吗?
  30.Where can you find out ahout animals?你在哪儿能找到有关动物的信息?
  31.Where are you going to go? To the airport .你打算去哪?机场。
  33.Let's go to library.我们去图书馆吧.
  34.We can find a book about compurters there.我们在那儿能找到有关电脑的书.
  35.Where are the books about compurters, please?请问有关电脑方面的书在哪儿?
  36.I've got two letters in English .我收到了两封英文信件。
  37.I want to make an e-card for Mum. 我想给妈妈做张电子贺卡。
  38.Can you help me ?你能帮我吗?
  39.We can use our computer now . 现在我们会用我们的电脑了。
  40. can find out about Chinese words in this dictionary . 关于汉字你可以在字典里 You 找到。
  41.It's big ang light.它又大又轻.
  42.It's too big for you.对你来说它太大了
  43.This black bag is nice. It's big!这个黑色的包不错,还挺大.
  44.This blue one is big and light.蓝色的包又大又轻.

  45.But it's heavy / small . 但是它重 / 小。
  46.It'll be easy for her. 它对你来说很简单.
  47.It's easy for him . 对他来说很容易。
  48.I went there last year.我们去年去那儿了。
  49.We went there in July.我们七月份去的。
  50.Xinjiang is in the west of China.新疆位于中国西部。
  51.When did you go to Xinjiang?你们什么时候去的新疆?
  52.What are you going to take?你打算带什么?
  53.When are you going to go to the airport?你打算什么时候去机场?
  54.Who's going to go to the airport?谁要去机场 ?
  55.We stayed with my grandmother for a week in July .我们七月份和奶奶一起住了一 星期。
  56.Dad's going to put another bed in my room .爸爸打算在我的房间里再放一张床。
  57.Dad read a book about Chinese history . 爸爸读了一本有关中国历史的书。
  58.Let's send an email.让我们发个电子邮件吧。
  59.I will be home at seven o'clock.. 7 点钟我将会在家。
  60.Click on “Email’ 点击“电子邮件”. ’.
  61.Write your message.写上你的信息。
  62.One is from England and one is from America .一封来自英国,一封来自美国。
  63.I've got an email from little Tom.我收到了小汤姆发来的邮件。
  64.Where did you go for your holiday ? I went to Yinchuan .你去哪儿渡假了?我去了 银川。
  65.What do you suggest?你有什么建议吗?

  66.What about chopsticks? (送)筷子怎么样?
  67.How about a dragon kite? I agree .(送)个龙状风筝怎么样?我同意。
  68.Why don't you give him a kite?你为什么不送给他一个风筝



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