班级: 姓名: 听力部分 (30 分) I. Listen and number (听音标号,10 分) 成绩:
( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) (

II. Listen and tick or cross (判断对错,对的打√,错的打×,10 分)
( )
( )
III. Listen and choose (听音,根据对话选择听到的句子,10 分) ( )
  1.A. You should get plenty of sleep. B. I’m good. C. I have a headache. ( )
  2.A. I’m tired. B. I eat a lot of candy. C. You should exercise every day. ( )
  3.A. I’m watching TV.B. Once a week. I have to do the dishes. ( )
  4.A. I like play tennis. B. I have to practice the violin. C. I’m good at ping-pong. ( )
  5.A. Oh, you have a cold. B. OK.C. It’s 6:
  00. 笔试部分 (70 分)
I. Look and write (看图,写单词,10 分)
t__thach_ wa__c__ TV sto__ac__ __
II. Make sentences (连词组句,10 分)
  1. practice have I piano the to .

  2. after what do school you do ?

  3. have spare what do your time
do to you in ?

  4. go how do often there you ?

  5. he school does after
do ?
III. Read and choose (选择,10 分)
  1. ( ) How often do you go there? A. I like ping-pong B. once a week C. I have to do a lot of chores
  2. ( ) What do you do after school? A. I have a toothache B. you should exercise everyday C. I often play the flute
  3. ( ) What’s wrong?
A. I have to do the dishes B. I have a headache C. I like eating candy
  4. ( ) Can I go to the movies, mom? A. Oh, you have a cold B. Sure, go ahead C. I like to play tennis
  5. ( ) What do you have to do in your spare time? A. You shouldn’t drink too much pop B. twice a week C. I have to clear the table IV. Read and group the words (单词归类,填序号,10 分)
  1. play ping-pong
  2. do the dishes
  3. go for a picnic
  4. sweep the floor
  5. play basketball
  6. study for a test
  7. headache
  8. toothache
  9. go shopping
  10. look after the dog Do chores Play sports Learn to act Have a cold Practice the piano V. Let’s read (阅读理解,20 分) (
There are all kinds of trains in the world. There are trains to carry people, trains to carry animals and trains to carry things. There are fast trains and slow trains. Some trains go under the ground and some trains go through hills. In big cities, the streets are usually very busy. So you can find trains under the ground and trains on a rail above the streets. They carry people in and out of the city. Can a train run over water? Yes, it can. There are many bridges over the river. The trains can easily run over the water. But it is not easy to build bridges. Today's trains have dining rooms for people. You may eat something on the way if you are hungry.
Trains are useful to men, women and children. Many children have model trains. With the model trains they can build their own rails enjoy the wonderful world of trains. ( )
  1.There are kinds of trains in the world. A. a few B.many C.some D.little ( )
  2.Usually people like taking. A. fast trains B.slow trains C.trains to carry people D.trains to carry animals ( )
  3.Incities, the streets are usually busy. A. small B.middle C.large D.tiny ( )
  4.The underground trains carry people. A. in and out of big cities B. from big cities to small towns C. from small towns to big cities D. in and out of countries ( )
  5.Many children can enjoy the wonderful world of trains because they. A. have real trains B. have model trains C.often take trains D. have real rails
John has a parrot. It is a nice bird. Everyday John says to it, “Hello! I can see you!” Soon the bird can say “Hello! I can see you!” One day John is at school. A thief comes into John’s room. He wants to steal something. A voice comes, “Hello! I can see you!” The thief puts the things on the floor and runs away.
  1. John is a policeman. ( )
  2. John has some birds. ( )
  3. The thief wants to take some things away from the room. (
  4. The bird can say some English. ( )
  5. The thief sees John and goes away. ( )
VI. Let’s write (写写你做的家务活吧,不少于 50 词,10 分)



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