1. How many (瓶) of milk can you see?
  2. What are you (eat)?
  3. Whose pants are these? They are (我的).
  4. I like this shirt, it’s (正好) for me.
  5. Do you like (这)sweater or (那) sweater?
  6. you like some tea? Yes, please!
  7. I like (非常喜欢饺子).
  8. What’s (他) favourite food?
  9. She can (接住) the ball (容易地).
  10. Let him (sit) down. 二、选择:10%
  1. It’s time school. A to B to go C for D go to
  2. Can you see noodles on the table? Yes. I can see . A some any B anyany C any some D some some
  3. Would you like a bottle of water? . I’m thirsty now. A No, I don’t. B I think so. C No, thanks. D Yes, please.
  4. Tom to the radio? No, he isn’t. A. Doeslisten B Dolistening C Islistening D Islisten
  5. These pairs of boots for us. A is B isn’t C do D are
  6. is the picture? It’s above the bed. A Were B Where C Whose D Who
  7. those your slippers? No. They are my friend’s. A Does B Is C Do D Are
  8. There a bottle of milk and two eggs for breakfast. A are B be C is D will
  9. Is every here, Tom? A student B students C student’s D students’
  10. When is the supper? 7:00 the evening. A Inin B Inat C Atat D Atin 三、就划线部分提问.10%
  1. I would like a glass of water.
  2. These are my brother’s shorts.
  3. It is Sunday today.
  4. The hot dog is five dollars.
  5. My favourite colour is blue.
A ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. Would you like some dumplings? )
  2. What’s your favourite food? )
  3. What’s for dessert? )
  4. Are you ready to order? )
  5. How much for one donut? )
  6. May I borrow your pencil? )
  7. I like your new skirt. )
  8. Whose dress is it? )
  9. Where is the picture? )
  10. Let’s play ping-pong.
A: Yes, please! I would like some noodles. B: No, thanks! C: It’s one yuan. D: My favourite food is pork. E: Some ice cream. F: Thanks! G: It’s above the bed. H: OK, let’s. I: It’s hers. J: Sure! Here you are!

  1、向别人问路之前要客气地说: ( ) A: Thank you. B: Excuse me! C. Sorry.
  2. 当别人问图书馆怎么走时,可以说: ( ) A: Excuse me. Where are you going? B: Sorry, where is the library? C: Excuse me. Where is the library?
  3. A: Thank you ! B: . A: That’s all right. B: You’re welcome. C: That’s OK.

  4. 询问天气怎么样,可以说: ( ) A:What’ the weather today? B: How’s the weather today? C: What’s the weather like today? D: How’ s the weather like today?
  5. A: Would you like some noodles? B: . A. Yes, please. B: Thanks. C. No, thanks. D. Yes, I would.
C Waiter: Good afternoon! Are you ready to order? Tom: Yes, please. . What about you, Jack? Jack: . Waiter:? Jack: Yes, please! We would like some tomato and egg soup. ?
A: Would you like some soup B: They’re fifteen yuan C: I would like some rice and meat. D: How much are they E: Me, too.
五、完型填空 10% Lily and Lucy are twins. They look the same. They are . They go to school at seven in the morning, and at five in the afternoon. They often do some after school. What are they now? oh, Lily is shopping. Lucy is eating . There’s girl. ’s American, too. They’re good . Her name is Kate. Look, Lily is eating . She likes bananas very much. “It’s time to go home,” says Kate. “I must go early today.” “ All right. Let’s go ,” Lily says. ( )
  1. A. boy B. workers C. students D. teachers ( )
  2. A. have lunch B. have supper C. play games D. go home ( )
  3. A. shopping B. cakes C. lessons D. shops ( )
  4. A. do B. doing C. making D. eating ( )
  5. A. a apple B. something C. banana D. orange ( )
  6. A. two B. a third C. the third D. a ( )
  7. A. Her B. She C. Them D. They ( )
  8. A. friends B. a friend C. friend D. friendly ( )
  9. A. a pear B. an apple C. a banana D. an egg ( )
  10. A. to home B. home C. to the home D. the home 六、阅读短文. 选择填空.(10%) A I’m Wang Fang. I have a good friend. His name is Sam. He’s thirteen. He lives in China now. He likes their English food, too. He has breakfast at home everyday. He eats eggs, some bread and porridge for it. He doesn’t like milk. He has no time to go home for lunch. For lunch, he has some different food. He eats rice, meat and vegetables. Sometimes he has dumplings. He has supper at home with his mum and dad. Sometimes he goes to the restaurant with his friends. They have fish and fruit.
  1. Wang Fang is . A. in Canada B. Sam’s teacher C. Sam’s friend D. Sum’s mum
  2. Sam is years old. A. 10 B. 11 c. 12 D. 13
  3. Sam doesn’t have for meals. A. eggs B. bread C. fish D. chicken
  4. Sam is a . A. teacher B. worker C. school boy D. school girl
  5. Sam goes to the restaurant with . A. his fiends B. his dad C. his mum D. his dad and mum B 阅读下面短文, 把 AE 5 个句子填入文中空缺处, 使短文内容完整正确.( 10%) Look at the tree. It’s very big and tall. .Many birds are in it. Under the
tree there is a cat. It’s playing happily. And the tree is near the river. We can see some fish in it. How nice! I want to draw a picture of it , and colour it with markers. They will like it, I think. A. It’s black and white. B. Then I show it to my friends. C. They’re singing. D. The leaves are green. E. They’re swimming here and there. 七、智力测试: (15%)
  1. What is in the middle of “chicken”?
  2. What do you have in the morning but you never have in the afternoon and evening?
  3. 10 grams(克) of salt and 10 grams of pepper, which is heavier?
  4. What day is the last day of a week?
  5. How many rectangles (长方形) are there? There are . (Please answer in English)
八、作文.10% After School



   小学英语口语教学方案 学习语言的目的是为了更好地应用, 在小学英语教学中培养学生的听说 能力成为当前小学英语教师的主要任务。 “说”是人之天性, 特别是小学生, 求知欲 强, 老师说什么他们都想跟着说。 而传统的英语教学大多侧重在“听”、 “读”与“写” 上, 认为能“听”会“读”就一定会“说”, 从而忽略了“说”的重要性。在小学英语教学 中利用有限的资源开展生动有趣的活动, 让学生主动地参与口语训练, 已是对小 学英语教师提出的更高要求。我们应该把握好儿童的心理、生理特点, 在课堂中 通过 ...


   小学英语课堂游戏集锦 Game 1: 上车 目的:用"Hi\\Hello.I\'m..."向别人问好,并介绍自己。 方法:将学生分散在教室的各个角落,及车站站点,等待上车。老师做司机,到各 个站点接学生上车。 学生上车前必须向司机问好。 还可再加一个学生当固定售票员) ( 知识点: Bus stop! Hello! I\'m David. T: S1: Hi! I\'m Li Lei. Conductor: Hi, Li Lei, here\'s your ticket. ...


   闽教版第二册小学英语教案 Lesson 1 教学目的与要求 学习词汇:uncle, present, bike, clever, swim, run, ride, draw 学习新句子: It’s a present for you. Can you lide a bike? Yes, I can. No, I can’t. She can ride it very well. She’s a clever birl. I can swim/run/sing/dance. 学唱歌曲:My L ...


   英语学习方法目录 背单词禁忌:千万别死背拼写.......................................... 1 少儿英语学习五误区.................................................. 2 如何记住英语单词.................................................... 4 听录音学英语效果为何不好............................................ ...


   菜鸟学英语 梁绛 前言 这是一本菜鸟写的书,亦是写给菜鸟们看的书。 这两年,我一直都在旺旺英语论坛答疑,写些英语学习的心得体会,平常也时常指点他人如何自学,偶 尔还被请到某某外语学校做报告,不过一直都没敢想过有天会写英语学习的书:首先,我的英语不怎么样; 其次,我没有名气,也没有取得什么成就。这样的菜鸟,有什么资格写书?又会有什么人读呢? 直到有天,读到了一位大学英语老师写的英语学习的书。这位老师英文非常好,遗憾的是,在他书中只 给出宏观的一些指导,并未给出具体的方法。应该说,他的宏观指导都 ...


   Baobab 的学英语经历 菜鸟学英语 前言 这是一本菜鸟写的书,亦是写给菜鸟们看的书. 这两年,我一直都在旺旺英语论坛答疑,写些英语学习的心得体会,平常也时常指点他人如何自学,偶尔还被请 到某某外语学校做报告,不过一直都没敢想过有天会写英语学习的书:首先,我的英语不怎么样;其次,我没有名气, 也没有取得什么成就.这样的菜鸟,有什么资格写书?又会有什么人读呢? 直到有天,读到了一位大学英语老师写的英语学习的书.这位老师英文非常好,遗憾的是,在他书中只给出宏观 的一些指导,并未给出具体的方法. ...


   Baobab 的学英语经历 菜鸟学英语 前言 这是一本菜鸟写的书,亦是写给菜鸟们看的书. 这两年,我一直都在旺旺英语论坛答疑,写些英语学习的心得体会,平常也时常指点他人如何自学,偶 尔还被请到某某外语学校做报告,不过一直都没敢想过有天会写英语学习的书:首先,我的英语不怎么 样;其次,我没有名气,也没有取得什么成就.这样的菜鸟,有什么资格写书?又会有什么人读呢? 直到有天,读到了一位大学英语老师写的英语学习的书.这位老师英文非常好,遗憾的是,在他书中只 给出宏观的一些指导,并未给出具体的方法. ...


   个人经历 菜鸟学英语 前言 这是一本菜鸟写的书,亦是写给菜鸟们看的书。 这两年,我一直都在旺旺英语论坛答疑,写些英语学习的心得体会,平常也时常指点他人如何自学,偶尔还被请到某某外语学校做报告,不过一直都没敢想过有天会写英语学习的书:首先,我的英语不怎么样;其次,我没有名气,也没有取得什么成就。这样的菜鸟,有什么资格写书?又会有什么人读呢? 直到有天,读到了一位大学英语老师写的英语学习的书。这位老师英文非常好,遗憾的是,在他书中只给出宏观的一些指导,并未给出具体的方法。应该说,他的宏观指导都是非 ...


   菜鸟学英语 前言 这是一本菜鸟写的书,亦是写给菜鸟们看的书。 这两年,我一直都在旺旺英语论坛答疑,写些英语学习的心得体会,平常也时常指点他人如何自学,偶尔还被请到某某外语学校做报告,不过一直都没敢想过有天会写英语学习的书:首先,我的英语不怎么样;其次,我没有名气,也没有取得什么成就。这样的菜鸟,有什么资格写书?又会有什么人读呢? 直到有天,读到了一位大学英语老师写的英语学习的书。这位老师英文非常好,遗憾的是,在他书中只给出宏观的一些指导,并未给出具体的方法。应该说,他的宏观指导都是非常中肯的, ...


   菜鸟学英语 前言 这是一本菜鸟写的书,亦是写给菜鸟们看的书。 这两年,我一直都在旺旺英语论坛答疑,写些英语学习的心得体会,平常也时常指点他人如何自学,偶尔还被请到某某外语学校做报告,不过一直都没敢想过有天会写英语学习的书:首先,我的英语不怎么样;其次,我没有名气,也没有取得什么成就。这样的菜鸟,有什么资格写书?又会有什么人读呢? 直到有天,读到了一位大学英语老师写的英语学习的书。这位老师英文非常好,遗憾的是,在他书中只给出宏观的一些指导,并未给出具体的方法。应该说,他的宏观指导都是非常中肯的, ...



   1 Let’s get ready for class. 准备上课。 2 I'm sorry I’m late. /Excuse me for coming late. 对不起,我迟到了。 3 Please come earlier next time. 下次请早点到。 4 Class begins. 上课。 5 Who’s on duty today? 今天谁值日? 6 Is everyone here? 都到齐了吗? 7 Who’s absent today? 今天 ...


   英语四六级作文 四六级写作基本情况介绍 全国大学英语四六级考试中写作的时间 30分钟 满分是15分 710分制中 分钟, 分制中, 是30分钟,满分是15分(710分制中, 106.5满分 63.9及格),占总分的 106.5满分,63.9及格),占总分的 满分, 及格), 15%。四级要求字数至少为120, 15%。四级要求字数至少为120,六级至 少为150。 少为150。 评分标准 本题满分为15 本题满分为15分,篇幅要求120字左右。阅卷人员就总的 15分 篇幅要求120字左右。 ...


   side by side 并排, 并肩 learn ... by heart 用心学习 combine ... with ... 与...结合 in that circumstances 如果是那样的话 replace ... with ... 用...代替... keep a record of 记录 comments on ... 关于...的意见 at least 至少来源: speak about 谈及 expect of/from... 从...当中期待 in return 作为回 ...


   交际英语专项练习 高考试题 1. John and I will celebrate our fortieth wedding anniversary next month. Oh, ! A. cheer up B. well done C. go ahead D. congratulations 2. Poor Steve! I could hardly recognize him just now! . He has changed so much. A. Never mind B. N ...

新概念英语最最经典的,最实用的教案,知识点!吼吼必看哦! (44)

   Lesson Plan Place: 枫小 Name Cathy Grade NCE1 Times the 34th Ⅰ Lesson Type: New Lesson Ⅱ Contents & Purposes: Date June 12,2004 Learn Lesson 101, 102 Purpose: Grasp the Indirect Speech Ⅲ Key words and structures: member hostel association else ca ...