小学英语毕业试卷(一) 笔试部分 一、 判断下列每组单词中划线部分的发音是否相同,相同的打“√”, 不同的打“×”。 (3%)
  1. play , Sunday ( )
  2.kick , behind ( )
  3.farther , card ( )
  4. blouse , out ( )
  5.tomorrow , how ( )
  6.bear , dear ( ) 二、 词组汉英互译。 (10%)
  1. 第三个十字路口
  6.every five minutes
  2. 在星期六早上
  7.I hope so.
  3. 一只可爱的小狗
  8.have snowball fights
  4. 堆雪人
  9.a book about animals
  5. 多做运动
  10.swim faster than me 三、 用所给单词的适当形式填空。 (15%)
  1. Jim (do) well in English.
  2. Look! The girl (dance ) now.
  3. In New York, there (be) a lot of rain in spring.
  4. (get ) there faster, you can take a taxi.
  5. Do you like (play) baseball?
  6. Where (be) you last weekend? I (be) in Nanjing.
  7. Tom’s school bag is (heavy) than ( I ).
  8. How many (stop) are there? There (be) only one.
  9. Would you like (join ) (we)?
  10. What are you going (do) next Sunday? I (see) a play. 四、 选择填空。 (10%) . ( ) 1 Su Hai and Su Yang look A. same B. the different C. the same ( ) 2 Ben swims me. A. as faster as B. faster than C. as fast than ( ) 3 is it from here? About two kilometres away. A. How old B. How many C. How far ( ) 4 There were pumpkin lanterns at Halloween. A. a lots of B. lots of C. a lot ( ) 5 My grandfather in a small town near Nanjijng. A. live B. lives C. like ( ) 6 What did you do the Dragon Boat Festival? A. in B. on C. at ( ) 7 The children happily yesterday.
( ) ( ) ( ) 五、 ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) 六、
sang B. sing C. sings 8 David is an boy. A. America B. Australian C. Chinese 9 Go this street and turn left. A. long B. along C. a long cartoons in the sitting-room now. 10 Helen and Nancy A. watch B. is watching C. are watching 情景匹配。 (10%) Ⅰ Ⅱ 1 Your skateboard is so beautiful. A. They’re theirs. 2 Did you have an art festival? B. No, they aren’t. 3 Can you open the box? C. Thank you. 4 Are monkeys as big as elephants? D. He’s hungry. 5 How many postcards can you see? E. Great! 6 Let’s go swimming this afternoon. F. Yes, I can. 7 Whose wallets are they? G. Yes, we did. 8 Does Jim swim slower than David? H. I’m sorry. 9 What’s the matter? I. I can see seven. 10 You’re late. J. Yes, he does. 按要求改写句子,每空一词。 (10%) best,which, do,season, you,like (连词成句) There were some knives in the box yesterday.(改成单数形式) Mike likes playing with yo-yo. (改成否定句) They picked some peaches on the farm last week. (改成一般疑问句) Nancy watched a film on Wednesday. (对划线部分提问) It was there just now. (同义句转换) He often goes to the park on Sunday. (对划线部分提问)
七、 完成对话。 (7%) A:Where the train station? B:It’s front of the bus station. A:How is it here?
B:It’s three . can I get ? A: B:You can bus No.
  6. 八、 阅读下列短文,并判断正误,用“T”表示相符,用“F”表示不符。 (5%) Wu Dong: Hello, may I speak to Peter? Mrs. Brown: He’s not at home now. This is Peter’s mum. Who is that speaking? Wu Dong: This is Wu Dong. I’m Peter’s classmate. I know he likes flying model planes, so I want to invite(邀请) him to fly the planes with me tomorrow morning. Mrs. Brown: That’s great! But Peter is teaching one of our Chinese friends English now. Wu Dong: Can you tell him I’ll wait him beside our school gate at a quarter to nine next morning? Mrs. Brown: Sure. Thanks for inviting him! Wu Dong: Not at all. ( )
  1、Wu Dong and Peter are in different classes. ( )
  2、Peter is in the school now. ( )
  3、Peter and Wu Dong will meet beside the school gate. ( )
  4、Peter will get to the school at about
  9:15 next morning. ( )
  5、Wu Dong and Peter like flying model planes.
小学英语毕业试卷(二) 一、正确写出下列句子 5% ben, mike and I are good friends why don’t you keep off the grass 二、 在下列选项中选出发音不同的那一项 10%
( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (

  1. )
  2. )
  3. )
  4. )
  5. )
  6. )
  7. )
  8. )
A. bee A. visitor A. uncle A. fine A. brother A. plate A. vest A. kite A. open
B. peach B. port B. public B. kick B. doctor B. man B. let B. like B. hot B. music
C. headache C. shoulder C. must C. pick C. nurse C. happy C. head C. bike C. dog C. use
D. team D. quarter D. music D. video D. tiger D. rabbit D. clean D. fish D. crossing D. puppet

  10. A. computer
三、 中英互译 15%
  1. 当 然 可 以
  2. 说 法 语
  3. 在 黑 板 上 写
  4. 种 树

  5. 咳 嗽 得 厉 害
  6. 跳 得 高
  7.和……一样高 里

  11.singing contest
  13.have the same hobbies goal
  15.read better than all of us 四、 单向选择 10% ( A. off ( A. off ( A. is ( )
  1. ?What does this mean? ?It means “Keep the grass”. B. of )
  2.We must stay away the building. B. of )
  3.He always a lot of question. B. has )
  4.They are in different . B. a class C. classes C. have C. from C. in
  14.go over the
A. class ( A. on (

  5.Look at the sign the monkey’s cage. B. in )
  6.Look, our English teacher is . B. comeing C. come C. at
A. coming (

  7.Mr Green around. B. looking C. looks
A. look (

  8.The keeper points the sign.
A. with (
B. to
C. up

  9.My father often after supper. B. takes a walk C. took a
A. take a walk walk (

  10.Jack back home tomorrow. B. is C. was
A. is going to be 五、 配对 10% ( ( ( )
  1. What time is it?
A. Yes, I’ like to. d B. OK. C. Yes, I do. D. She is from
  2. What day is it today? )
  3. What does it mean?
( )
  4. What’s the score? the USA. ( seven. ( a goal. ( ( now. ( ( )
  9. Where is Helen from? )
  10.Do you want to visit the Great Wall? )
  5. Who’ got a goal? s
E. It’ half past s
  6. Do you have a question?
F. Liu Tao’s got
  7. Don’ touch it. t )
  8. How do you feel now?
G. It’ Monday. s H. It’s two all
I. I feel ill now. J. It means
六、完成下列对话 15% A: Hey! You don’t look happy. What’s ? B: I don’t in English. A: Your English is not bad. B: But my classmates do than me. A: Don’t . You can do exercise. B:Yes, I can English every morning. A: the way, you can ask your English about your questions. B:That’s . A: I also can you with your English. B: Really? Thank you. A: You’re welcome. You’ll better soon. 七、阅读理解 10% This is Mr Black’s family. Mr and Mrs Black has two sons and a daughter. They also have a pet dog. They have a big house. Their house has two bathrooms, four bedrooms, a kitchen and two other rooms. They have a small but nice garden. There are many beautiful flowers and some green grass in it. And there are three tall trees near their house. They have two cars. On Saturday and Sunday they often go to the seaside in their cars. Mr and Mrs Black work five days a week. They are teachers. They help their
students. They also help their sons and daughter with their lessons. ( )
  1. Mr and Mrs Black make a nice for their children. B. seaside C. family D. room
A. house ( A. 3 (
  2. There are rooms in the big house. B. 9 C. 10 D. 8
  3. They often go out by . B. bus C. car D. train
A. bike (
  4. They may often in their garden when they are free. B. ride bikes D. water flowers and trees
A. play football C. take a walk (
  5. Their children may . B. work in a school D. do nothing
A. be students at school C. do housework at home only 八、 根据中文意思完成下列句子 10%

  1. 刘涛想给他的笔友写一个电子邮件。 Liu Tao to his penfriend.
  2. 你能告诉我去第一中学的路吗? Can you ?
  3. 今天是几月几日?今天是一月二十一日。
today? It’s...
  4. 男孩们跑得比女孩们快。 The boys the girls.
  5. 他们正在农场上挤牛奶,摘苹果和拔胡萝卜。 They , and pulling up carrots . 九、根据实际情况回答问题 10%
  1. When do you go to school?
  2. How far is your home from your school?
  3.What are you going to do after the exam (考试)?
  4.Did you eat any delicious food last night?
  5.What shape is your eraser? 十、词形填空 5%
  1. He often (go) to school by bus.
  2. Let’s go (shop).

  3. Nancy her homework yesterday? (do)
  4.You can’t (kick) the ball like this.



   小学英语毕业试卷(一) 笔试部分 一、 判断下列每组单词中划线部分的发音是否相同,相同的打“√”, 不同的打“×”。 (3%) 1. play , Sunday ( ) 2.kick , behind ( ) 3.farther , card ( ) 4. blouse , out ( ) 5.tomorrow , how ( ) 6.bear , dear ( ) 二、 词组汉英互译。 (10%) 1. 第三个十字路口 6.every five minutes 2. 在星期六早上 7.I ...


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