主格 I 宾格 me 形容词性物主 my 代词 名词性物主代 mine 词
it you His hers
we them your
  1. We bought English-Chinese dictionaries. A. us B. ours C. ourselves D. to us
  2. I’m old enough to wash clothes by myself. You can just wash . A. my, your B. mine, yours C. my, yours D. your, my
  3.The meal is very delicious.Help . . . A.you . B.your . C.yours . D.yourself . class very much.
  4. Mrs Liu teaches English. We like A. me, his B. me, her C. us, his D. us, her
  5.一 Do you have water? ? Yes,I have . . , A.many;some . ; B.some;any . ; C.any;any . ; D.any;some . ;
  6. ? Is this sweater? ? No, is in my bag. A. your, mine B. yours, my C. your, my D. yours, mine
  7. She is a student and name is Kate. A. she B. her C. hers D. his
  8. ? Is this shirt yours? ? No, it’s not mine. It’s . ’ ’ A. his B. he’s ’ C. he D. him
  9. ? Is it your ticket (票)? 票 ? No, is in my pocket (口袋 It’ 口袋). ’ 口袋 A. mine; her B. my; his C. mine; hers D. my; hers .
  10. All parents love their children, and my parents love , too. A. ours B. theirs C. them D. his

  1. skirt is yours?
  2. is your name?
  3. is that? I'm Jenny.
This is Li Ming speaking! Three times!

  4. times did you play basketball a week?
  5. pen is this?
  6. is Ann's sister? "It's mine" Sam says. Lucy.

  7. didn't you come to my party?
  8. is your hobby(爱好 爱好)? 爱好
  9. have you gone?
  10. are you?
Sorry, I was ill in bed.
Playing football!
Fine. Thanks! Three times a week.

  11. did you play basketball?

  12. I go into the classroom, I saw all the students are very quiet!
  13. I don't know to learn English well.
  14. can I do for you? I'd like a black T-shirt.

  15. have you lived in America last year? I have lived in America for four month last year.



   主格 I 宾格 me 形容词性物主 my 代词 名词性物主代 mine 词 it you His hers we them your ( ) 1. We bought English-Chinese dictionaries. A. us B. ours C. ourselves D. to us ( ) 2. I’m old enough to wash clothes by myself. You can just wash . A. my, your B. mine, yours C. ...


   高考 语 词习语 1, 2 词 do one's best 尽 try one's best 尽 earn one's living 谋 earn one's bread 维 hold one's breath 屏 eat one's words ( 认错误 ) in one's best 节 keep one's word 诺 make one's way 进 lose one's way make up one's mind 决 take one's time 来 try one's l ...


   中考英语代词系列复习题 中考英语代词系列复习题 代词 △ 基 本 型 1. Please tell about it if doesn’t know. A. her; herself B. she; she C. her; she D. hers; her 2. office is much larger than . A. Ours; yours B. Our; yours C. Their; our D. Your; their’s 3. Is there in today’s news ...


   1.You may come to my house this week next week. A .neither; or B .from; to C .either;or D. either; nor 2.I don't think we can do it all . A. by ourselves B. by myself C. by ourself D .by yourselves 3.I don't want this shirt. Please show me . A .oth ...


   初中英语代词情态动词总结及练习题 情态动词 专题:情态动词 (一)情态动词的定义 情态动词表示说话人对某一动作或状态的态度. (二)情态动词的特点 1)有一定词义;2)不受主语人称和数的变化影响;3)与主要动词的原形(或 称不带 to 的不定式)一起构成谓语(除 ought to 作固定词组看待) . (三)情态动词的分类和意义 意义 情态动词 (四)情态动词的基本用法 1. can (could) 1)表示能力,could 主要指过去时间. Two eyes can see more th ...


   英语作文常用谚语、 英语作文常用谚语、俗语 1、A liar is not believed when he speaks the truth. 说谎者即 、 使讲真话也没人相信。 使讲真话也没人相信。 2、A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. 一知半解,自欺 、 一知半解, 欺人。 欺人。 3、All rivers run into sea. 海纳百川。 、 海纳百川。 4、All roads lead to Rome. 条条大路通罗马。 、 条 ...


   中考英语??代词情态动词 中考英语??代词情态动词 ?? 代词:代词在中考考核频率中位居第二(87),也是错误率最高的题型之一。 1. Some parents like talking with their children after work, don’t. They often say it’s a bit difficult for them to do so. A. the other B. the others C. others D. other 2. The lady ov ...


   代词 代词是代替名词的一种词类。大多数代词具有名词和形容词的功能。英语中的代词,按 其意义、特征及在句中的作用分为:人称代词、物主代词、指示代词、自身代词、相互代词、 疑问代词、关系代词和不定代词八种。 一、人称代词是表示"我"、"你"、"他"、"她"、"它"、 "我们"、"你们"、"他们"的词。人称代词有人称、数和格的变化,见下表: ...


   代词 pronoun 简称 pron 是代替名词的一种词类。大多数代词具有名词和形容词的功能。英 语中的代词,按其意义、特征及在句中的作用分为:人称代词、物主代词、指示代词、反身 代词、相互代词、疑问代词、关系代词、连接代词和不定代词九种。 代词分类表 人称代词: 表示 " 我,你,他,我们,你们,他们等 " 的词叫做人称代词,是表示自身 一 、 人称代词 或人称的代词。 人称代词可用作主语,表语,宾语以及介词。 人称代词有人称、数和格的 变化,见下表: 单数 主格 第一 ...


   代词是代替名词的一种词类。大多数代词具有名词和形容词的功能。英语中的代词,按其意义、 特征及在句中的作用分为:人称代词、物主代词、指示代词、自身代词、相互代词、疑问代词、 关系代词和不定代词八种。 一、人称代词是表示"我"、"你"、"他"、"她"、"它"、 "我们"、"你们"、"他们"的词。人称代词有人称、数和格的变化,见下表: 数 ...



   2009 年普通高校招生统一考试天津卷 英语 年普通高校招生统一考试天津卷(英语 英语) 第I卷 第一部分:英语知识运用(共两节,满分 45 分) 第一节:单项填空(共 15 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 15 分) 从 A,B,C,D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项. 例:Stand over there you'll be able to see it better. A. or 答案是 B. B. and C. but D. while 1. I'm trying to bre ...


   高考英语长难句分析探究 纵观历年高考英语试题,可以发现阅读文章中出现了许多结构复杂的句子。不难理解,命题者在句子难度上大做 文章, 无非是想通过增加句子长度和使用复杂结构来打断和干扰考生正常的阅读习惯和思维方式, 从而达到考查 考生综合阅读能力的目的。下面我们来了解长难句最常见的形式。 一、 复合从句 这些句子往往较长,一个从句套着另一个从句,环环相扣,使得考生搞不清楚整个句子结构。其实,不管句 子有多长有多复杂, 它只由两部分构成, 即主干和修饰成分。 主干是整个句子的骨架, 主要指主谓宾 ...


   浦东新区 2010 年中考预测 英语试卷 (满分 150 分,考试时间 100 分钟) 考生注意:本卷有 9 大题,共 106 小题.试题均采用连续编号,所有答案务必按照规定在答 题纸上完成,做在试卷上不给分. Part 1 Listening(第一部分 听力) 根据你听到的内容,选出相应的图片): 共 Ⅰ. Listen and choose the right picture (根据你听到的内容,选出相应的图片 (共 6 分) A B C D 1. 2. E 3. F 4. 5. G 6 ...


   With the development of society and economy, computers have made their way into our daily life. Computers have become something most people cannot do without. Why has it gained so much dominance in our life? There are many factors contributing to t ...


   教 育 instruction, education 教育 culture 文化 primary education 初等教育 secondary education 中等教育 higher education 高等教育 the three R's 读、写、算 school year 学年 term, trimester 学季 semester 学期 school day 教学日 school holidays 假期 curriculum 课程 subject 学科 discipline 纪律 ...