主格 I 宾格 me 形容词性物主 my 代词 名词性物主代 mine 词
it you His hers
we them your
  1. We bought English-Chinese dictionaries. A. us B. ours C. ourselves D. to us
  2. I’m old enough to wash clothes by myself. You can just wash . A. my, your B. mine, yours C. my, yours D. your, my
  3.The meal is very delicious.Help . . . A.you . B.your . C.yours . D.yourself . class very much.
  4. Mrs Liu teaches English. We like A. me, his B. me, her C. us, his D. us, her
  5.一 Do you have water? ? Yes,I have . . , A.many;some . ; B.some;any . ; C.any;any . ; D.any;some . ;
  6. ? Is this sweater? ? No, is in my bag. A. your, mine B. yours, my C. your, my D. yours, mine
  7. She is a student and name is Kate. A. she B. her C. hers D. his
  8. ? Is this shirt yours? ? No, it’s not mine. It’s . ’ ’ A. his B. he’s ’ C. he D. him
  9. ? Is it your ticket (票)? 票 ? No, is in my pocket (口袋 It’ 口袋). ’ 口袋 A. mine; her B. my; his C. mine; hers D. my; hers .
  10. All parents love their children, and my parents love , too. A. ours B. theirs C. them D. his

  1. skirt is yours?
  2. is your name?
  3. is that? I'm Jenny.
This is Li Ming speaking! Three times!

  4. times did you play basketball a week?
  5. pen is this?
  6. is Ann's sister? "It's mine" Sam says. Lucy.

  7. didn't you come to my party?
  8. is your hobby(爱好 爱好)? 爱好
  9. have you gone?
  10. are you?
Sorry, I was ill in bed.
Playing football!
Fine. Thanks! Three times a week.

  11. did you play basketball?

  12. I go into the classroom, I saw all the students are very quiet!
  13. I don't know to learn English well.
  14. can I do for you? I'd like a black T-shirt.

  15. have you lived in America last year? I have lived in America for four month last year.



   主格 I 宾格 me 形容词性物主 my 代词 名词性物主代 mine 词 it you His hers we them your ( ) 1. We bought English-Chinese dictionaries. A. us B. ours C. ourselves D. to us ( ) 2. I’m old enough to wash clothes by myself. You can just wash . A. my, your B. mine, yours C. ...


   英语代词练习 ( )1. Which of textbooks is yours? A. this B. that C. these ( )2. is mine. is hers. A. It B. This C. Those D. That ( )3. The area of Shanghai is larger than of Suzhou. A. this B. those C. that ( )4. The bicycles made in Tianjin are much bett ...

初三 中考 英语 代词练习题

   代词练习 1.There are several pretty girls standing under the tree, but are known to me. a. neither b. none c. no one d. all 2. In one year rats eat 40 to 50 times weight. a. its b. and c. their d. theirs 3. You’d better continue to use the same spellin ...


   1.You may come to my house this week next week. A .neither; or B .from; to C .either;or D. either; nor 2.I don't think we can do it all . A. by ourselves B. by myself C. by ourself D .by yourselves 3.I don't want this shirt. Please show me . A .oth ...


   代词 代词是代替名词的一种词类。大多数代词具有名词和形容词的功能。英语中的代词,按 其意义、特征及在句中的作用分为:人称代词、物主代词、指示代词、自身代词、相互代词、 疑问代词、关系代词和不定代词八种。 一、人称代词是表示"我"、"你"、"他"、"她"、"它"、 "我们"、"你们"、"他们"的词。人称代词有人称、数和格的变化,见下表: ...


   代词 pronoun 简称 pron 是代替名词的一种词类。大多数代词具有名词和形容词的功能。英 语中的代词,按其意义、特征及在句中的作用分为:人称代词、物主代词、指示代词、反身 代词、相互代词、疑问代词、关系代词、连接代词和不定代词九种。 代词分类表 人称代词: 表示 " 我,你,他,我们,你们,他们等 " 的词叫做人称代词,是表示自身 一 、 人称代词 或人称的代词。 人称代词可用作主语,表语,宾语以及介词。 人称代词有人称、数和格的 变化,见下表: 单数 主格 第一 ...


   代词的分类: 代词的分类: 1.人称代词 主格:I, we, you, they, he, she, it 人称代词 主格: 宾格: 宾格:me, us, you, them, him, her, it 2.物主代词 形容词性 物主代词 形容词性my, our, your, his, her, their, its 名词性mine, ours, yours, his, hers, 名词性 theirs, its 3. 反身代词 myself, ourselves, yourself, him ...


   代词是代替名词的一种词类。大多数代词具有名词和形容词的功能。英语中的代词,按其意义、 特征及在句中的作用分为:人称代词、物主代词、指示代词、自身代词、相互代词、疑问代词、 关系代词和不定代词八种。 一、人称代词是表示"我"、"你"、"他"、"她"、"它"、 "我们"、"你们"、"他们"的词。人称代词有人称、数和格的变化,见下表: 数 ...


   人称代词 物主代词 所有格, 形 所有格, 数 人称 主格 宾格 容性物主 代词 第一 我 人称 第二 单 人称 数 他 第三 她 人称 它 第一 我们 人称 第二 复 人称 数 他们, 他们, 第三 她们, 她们, they them 人称 它们 their theirs themselves 你们 you you your yours yourselves we us our ours ourselves it it its its itself she her her hers her ...


   2009 年高考英语试题分类汇编??代词 (09 北京)1. The wine industry in the area has developed in a special way, little foreign ownership. A. by 【答案】A 答案】 (09 北京)2. Being a parent is not always easy, and being the parent of a child with special needs often carries wit ...



   人教版高一英语词组 1 上册 Unit1 argue about 争论...... be fond of 喜欢...... all the time 一直,始终 make fire 生火 develop a friendship 建立友谊 care about 关心,担心 in order to 为了...... hunt for 搜寻;追寻;寻找 such as 例如 make friends 交朋友 be regard as 被当作....... Click …away 点击...... ...

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   英语四级考试网 -- 新东方四级词汇笔记(非常完整版)第4课 新东方四级词汇笔记(非常完整版)第4课 第1页:新东方四级词汇笔记(非常完整版)第1课 第2页:新东方四级词汇笔记(非常完整版)第2课 第3页:新东方四级词汇笔记(非常完整版)第3课 第4页:新东方四级词汇笔记(非常完整版)第4课 第5页:新东方四级词汇笔记(非常完整版)第5课 第6页:新东方四级词汇笔记(非常完整版)第6课 第4课 主谓 ...


   中学生轻松愉快的英语学习方法 现在很多学生都感到学习英语很难.初中可以,越到高中越难学.家长不懂英语的更无法帮助孩子. 在这里把我学习英语的轻松捷径告诉你们.让你们像我当初学习英语那样轻松、快乐地把英语学透。变成 我一辈子不忘的语言。 最重要的一点是照着念。具体做法总结如下: 念五十遍 念的内容为“句型”、“对话”、“课文”。 比如,今天你学了第一课的句型,那你今天就把这一句型照着念一遍。要求一定要念出声,就像平时说 话时的声音那么大。不出声默念的效果很差。每个单词要念很准确,不要含糊混过去 ...


   (冀教版)六年级英语上册期末试题 冀教版)六年级英语上册期末试题 一、Choose the 1.( 2.( 3.( 4.( 5.( ) ) ) ) ) correct answer (根据字母提示选择填空)(5) 。 根据字母提示选择填空) ) A A A A A 九 湿的 有时 三角形 鞋 B 直线 B 热的 B 通常 B 方形 B 帽子 C C C C C 我的 冷的 总是 元 伞 l ne w t us lly tri gle umb lla 二、 Choose and fill in ...


   牛津英语 7B U1 词组 1.dream homes 梦想的家 2. live in a palace / next to a restaurant 住在宫殿里/餐馆隔壁 3. learn about the homes in different countries 了解不同国家的家 4. countries and capitals 国家和首都 5. the capital of … ……的首都 6.homes around the world 世界各地的家 7. the home pa ...