PEP 小学英语总复习??选择题专项训练题
  1.You can play the clean dog after class. A.with A.were, was B. in B. goes to B.are, am C. at C. visiting, am
  2.Is your mother Huizhou? Yes, she is.
  3.Where you this morning? I at a meeting.
  4.Her brother is a policeman. He works in a office B.police station A.rain A.have B.windy B. on B.has B. for B. on C. at C. having C. at B.rains B. women B. or B.What B. What B. in B. or B. on C. woman C. an By bus. C.Where C.Whose C. but C.rain C.sun
  5.What’s the weather like today? It’s
  6.Were you Canada during the summer holiday?
  7.Are you a good time ?
  8.What do you have lunch?
  9.Tom and Mary have bread and milkthe morning.
  10.Does it in Guangzhou? A. raining A. next to A. man A. and A. How A.Who A.on A. and A. in
  11.The bank is my uncle’s home.
  12.How many are there under the tree?
  13.Is you r bag big small?
  14.does Ben go to school? that? That’s my cousin.
  16. I usually ride the bike after school Mondays.
  17. Is your mother strong weak?
  18. I get up 7:00 every morning.
  19.My friend likes A.running and swimming B. cook and sing and dance

  20.Tom is than Ben. A. heavy A.younger A. Where A.What A. cook B. heavyer B. bigger B. When B. Whose B. cooks C.heavier C. older C. What C. Who C. cooking C.young and old
  21.Tony is 14, Jim is
  15.Tony is than Jim. your birthday? that? That’s Tom’s mother.
  24. Is your mother ? Yes, she is.
  25. This is peter. He’s A. tall and short B. tall and young A. was ,was A. visits B. were , was
  26.Where your sister last month? She in china. C.were , is
  27.Look, some children our school! B. visit C. are visiting
  28.Are you in china January? Yes, I usually in china January., on,in ,in
  29.Was it yesterday? Yes, it was. A.snow A.swim B. cloudy B.running C. rains C. sings , nicer
  30.My friend peter very well.
  31.The red bag is,but it’s than the green one. A.big, small A.How many B. heavier ,light B. How much
  32.pens do you have ? I have nine. C. How old
  33.Mr Guo usually shorts in July. A.wear B. wears A.mustn’t walk A. play A.don’t A. don’t B.plays C. on B. doesn’t C. aren’t B. doesn’t C. aren’t C. wearing B. can walk C. playing C. must stopping
  34. I at a green light .
  35. Let’s with the computer,Tom.
  36.Don’t talk class.
  37.Li Lei like fish, but his sister .
  38.My sisters play basketball after school.

  39.your grandma and grandpa come from china? Yes,they Does,does C. Do, do B.talks, listens C. watching C. Must, ok , listen
  40. Don’t in class. Let’s to the teacher. A.talking, listening
  41.Is she TV now? A. watch A.Can , no A. look ,old B. washing
  42.can I speak to Ann, please? B. May, of course B. listen
  43. I to the tape yesterday evening. C.listened C. big , small
  44. I have a coat, my brother has anjacket. B.clean, dirty B. farm
  45.Mrs Wu is a doctor, she works in a C.factory go shopping? No, I A.Are, aren’t A.plays football A. from, to A. on A. on A.for B. at B. at B. of B.Did, didn’t C. Does, doesn’t B. is playing football C.played football
  47.Look!Who in the playground?
  48.We don’t go to school Monday Saturday . B. in , on C.on, on C. in C. in C.with B. first , July C. at C. were , was C. first , June
  49.Does john usually watch TV Friday evening?
  50.We wear jakets and coats winter.
  51.They have lunch their grandpa everyday.
  52. The of is the children’s day. A. one, June A. in B. on
  53.When is your birthday ? It’s the fifth of march. at the party yesterday? Yes, I A.was, was A.they A. in B. are, am C. you C.under B. What C. Where
  55.Can the women sing? Yes, can . B. she B. on
  56.The house is the tree. Beijing? It’s in north China. A.How long
  58. I can’t , but I to Canada last year.
A. Do, does
A. fly, flew
B. flew, fly
C. see, saw C. cries , cried

  59.My sister usually .She is now. A. cries, crying A. with A. for, with A. to B.on B.cry, crying C. of C. with, of
  60.Peter usually plays football his friends. B. for
  61. She stayed Mary ten days. B. with, for C. for B. second, Tuesday C.third, Tuesday A. did, C. are, going C. Does, has
  62.We going a trip now.
  63. The of the week is A.first, Monday go
  64.Where they just now?They go to the shopping mall. B. do, going
  65.your sister a ruler? A. Does, have A.south B. Do, has C. east C. much heavier
  66.Where is shanghai? It’s in china. B. north
  67.The elephant is than the monkey. A. many bigger A. in A. nice A. with A. money A.with, of B. on B. much lighter C. at C. nicer
  68.Mei Lan saw some boats the river.
  69. The red pen is much . B. niceer B. in C. on C. moneies C. with, for B. for C. to
  70. There are many cars and people the road.
  71. Mom, give me some . B. moneys B. for, in
  72.This letter is my cousin .
  73. Thank you your books. A. of
  74. Is Amy a picture? Yes, she is. A. drawing A.How many A. twelve B. driving B. How old B. seven C. draw C. How much C. two
  75.are they? 40 yuan.
  76. There are days in a week .



   PEP 小学英语总复习??选择题专项训练题 1.You can play the clean dog after class. A.with A.were, was B. in B. goes to B.are, am C. at C. visiting, am 2.Is your mother Huizhou? Yes, she is. 3.Where you this morning? I at a meeting. 4.Her brother ...


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   介词为虚词,不能单独充当句子成分,必须同名词、代词、短语、句子构成介词短语,才能 充当句子成分。介词短语在句中常作表语、定语、状语和补足语。介词的用法比较复杂,在 考研复习中须多多注意。 一.In 1.在…方面(某一范围或空间)内 in this field/aspect/respect; in the sky 2.特征、方式、心情等用 in。 in a bad mood; in this manner; 3.在(某段时间)内;in the 1980s, in this century 4. ...