2007-2008 学年度第二学期
小学六年级第二单元考核题 姓名 班级 评分
一, 听音,选择. (10 分) ( )1,A: hand ( )2,A: house ( )3,A: soap ( )4,A: bored B: head B: horse B: south B: ball C: hen C: mouth C: arouse C: call
( )5,A: have a cold ( )6,A: count
B: have a sore throat C: have a headache B: cold C: now C: How are you?
( )7,A: How do I feel? ( )8,A: sad
B: How do you feel? C: son
B: set
( )9,A: My hand hurts. B: My head hurts. ( )10,A: She's bored. B: She's tired.
C: My arm hurts. C: She's angry.
二, 听录音,判断对错. (10 分) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,
( )
6, has a toothache.( He ( )
7, Today my uncle goes to work by bus because his leg hurts. ) )
8,The straw man was very tired. (
9,My brother is ten years old. (
) 10,You may get the flu.(
三, 听问题,选答句. (10 分) ( )1,A: Yes, it is.
B: Yes, I am. C: No, it is.
( )2,A: I have a headache.
B: He has a headache.
C: My head hurt. ( )3,A: I am excited. B: She's tired. C: No, she isn't. ( )4,A: He feels sick. B: She's fine. C: I feel sick. ( )5,A: She's angry. B: She's listening to music. C: She's gong to take a trip. 四, 听录音,填词. (10 分) 1,I can speak. I have a 2,I failed the math 3,Nick is 4,What's the 5,How does Nick , so I'm very after doing so many ? My leg ? He's . . . . .
五, 听录音,判断句子对错. (10 分) ( )1,It's sunny today. ( )2,Tomorrow is Friday. ( )3,Class One is excited today. ( )4,Tom and his classmate are going to take a trip. ( )5,Tom is sad because his hand hurts. 笔试部分 六, 补全对话. (把编号写在横线上) (10 分) ① I'm sorry to hear that ② What's the matter? ③How are you? ④ Does your right hand hurt? ⑥ What should I do? Lisa: Hi, Tim. Nick: I am sick.
⑤ Can you write? ⑦ Are you sick today? ?
Lisa: Nick: My fingers hurt. Lisa: Nick: Yes, my right hand hurts , too. Lisa: Nick: No, I can't write. Lisa: You should go to see the doctor. Nick: Thank you. Lisa: You're welcome. ?
七, 阅读理解. (10 分)
Hello, I'm Tom. I'm 12 years old. I am from the USA. I have a twin brother. He is Tim. He likes sports very much. He is not happy today. Because his leg hurts. He can't have P.E.class. He can't play football with his classmates. Football is his favourite sport. He has to stay in the classroom. The doctor said he can have the P.E. class next week.
( )1,Tom and Tim are ( )2,Tim is an ( )3,Tim is
years old. A: 12 B: 13 boy. A: Chinese B: America
today. A: happy B: unhappy .A: football B: ping-pong. A: this week B: next week
( )4,Tim's favourite sport is ( )5,Tim can have P.E. class 八, 短文选词填空. (10 分)
happy sick hand hospital Saturday well goes sad It's Because her is feel has hurts doesn't throat go to school. She to go to see a doctor. too. Mary
morning. Amy
. And she sees her friend Mary in the too. She has a sore .They're .
. In the afternoon, they
九, 根据答句问问题. (10 分) 1,A: B: I feel sick. 2,A: B: I am 160 cm tall. 3,A: B: She is tired. 4,A: B: Yes, he is angry. 5,A: B: I have a headache. 十, 看图作文. (10 分) 请用英语描述一下得了流感有何症状,应该怎么办?(不少于五句话)
六年级单元练习题 Unit 2 听力材料及参考答案
一,1,head (B) 2,house (A) 3,soap (A) 4,bored (A) 5,have a sore throat (B) 6, cold (B) 7,How do you feel? (B) 8,sad (A) 9,My arm hurts (C) 10,She's angry. (C) 二,1,What's the matter, Chen Jie? I have a toothache. (×) 2,How does Tom feel? He's angry. (√) 3,Liu Yun is happy because she's going to take a big trip. (√) 4,My sister is happy. She failed the English text. (×) 5,How do you feel? I have a headache. (√) 6,
Tom is sick. Tom can't eat food today. (√) 7, Usually my uncle goes to work by bike or on foot. But today he goes by subway. (×) 8,Are you tired ,straw man? Yes, I am. (√) 9, I'm 12 years old. My brother is 2 years younger than me. (√) 10,I have a headache, my throat is sore. What's the matter with me? (√) 三, Are you sick? (B) 2, 1, What's the matter with Mike?(B) 3, How do you fee? (A) 4, What's the matter, Amy? (C) 5,What is she going to do? (C) 四,1,sore throat 2,test sad 3,tired sports 4,matter hurts 5,feel excited 五, Today is Friday. The weather is fine. Everyone is happy because they are going to take a trip. But Tom is sad because his leg hurts. He can't go with his classmate. He has to stay at home. He is going to read some magazine. 六,1,③ How are you? 4,⑤ Can you write? 七,1,A 2,B 2,② What's the matter? 3,④ Does your right hand hurt?
5,⑥ What should I do? 3,B 4,A 5,B
八, Saturday 2, 1, doesn't 3, has 4, hand 5, hurt 6, hospital 7, sick 8, throat 9,well 10,happy 九,1,How do you feel 2,How tall are you? angry? 十,略. 5,What's the matter? 3,How does (Amy/she) feel? 4,Is he



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