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小学英语第四册 小学英语第四册 Unit 8 测试
班级 听力部分( 一. 听力部分(40%) )
  1. Listen and tick(听录音,勾出听到的单词)10% (听录音,勾出听到的单词)

  1) bowl ( )
  3) soup ( )
  5) moon ( )
  7) eat ( )
  9) cook ( ) boat ( ) soap ( ) room ( ) egg ( ) clock ( )
  2) summer ( ) supper ( )
  4) wind ( ) window( )
  6) dirty ( ) bird ( )
  8) on ( ) under ( )
  10) eight ( ) light ( )

  2. Listen and finish (听录音,完成下列单词 听录音, 听录音 完成下列单词)10%

  1)b sh
  2)th sty
  3)bi cle
  4)t el
  6)g e
  7)Chris as
  8)li t
  9)t i
  10)p cil

  3. Listen and number (听录音,按顺序给下列图编号 听录音, 听录音 按顺序给下列图编号)10%

  4.Listen and tick (听录音,勾出听到的句子)5% 听录音,勾出听到的句子)

  1) ( (
  2) ( (
  3) ( (
  4) ( (
  5) ( ( ) Give me that hat. ) Give that cat to me. ) He's an old postman. ) He's a fat policeman. ) There is a bin for you. ) There is a bag for you. ) Close your books. ) Clean your box. ) I like summer. I can see flowers in summer. ) I like winter. I can see snow in winter.
3eud 教育网 http://www.3edu.net
3eud 教育网 http://www.3edu.net

  5. Listen and fill (听录音,选择并填入听到的词 听录音, 听录音 选择并填入听到的词)5%

  5) Do you want (some\soup) cakes? Don't (clean\climb) the tree. There is some soup in the (bowl\glass). Spotty is (on\under) the sofa. At night, I brush my (face\teeth).
阅读部分: 阅读部分:60%
  1. Think and write(想一想,写出下列小写字母的邻居)10% (想一想,

  1) c
  4) s
  2) f
  5) z
  3) p

  2. Finish the words (完成下列单词 15% 完成下列单词) 完成下列单词
lnch brekf t tme wac scho nigh dy clok dnne fie

  3. Read and circle (读单词,圈出不同类的词 5% 读单词, 的词) 读单词

  1) three
  2) shirt
  3) tree
  4) spoon
  5) panda tree socks under meat hot dog four snow in soup horse five tie on fish dog

  4. Read and circle(根据图片圈出正确的句子 根据图片圈出正确的句子)5% 根据图片圈出正确的句子

A. The policeman is fat. B. He is a postman.
A. Spotty can jump. B. The cat can climb the tree.
A. The wind is blowing. B. It's summer.
A. I see a lamp on the table. B. The book is under the desk.
3eud 教育网 http://www.3edu.net
3eud 教育网 http://www.3edu.net

A. In my room, there's a bed. B.That's a big sofa.
  5. Look and choose(看图,选择填空)8% (看图,选择填空)
  1) (
  2) (
  3) (
  4) (
  5) (
  6) (
  7) (
  8) ( ) There is a bed in room. A.I B. my C. May ) There three books in it. A. are B. have C. is ) The cat is a book. A. writing B. reading C. drawing ) There is a bag the table. A. on B. in C. under ) There are some on the table. A. presents B. juice C. pens ) I see . A. a doll B. three kites C. two tables ) My friend and I are . A. eating B. reading C. singing ) There a ball on the bed. A. is B. are C. is not

  6. Read andchoose(选出正确的答句 选出正确的答句)5% 选出正确的答句

  1)( )What can you hear? A. I can see a horse. B. I can hear a horse.
  2)( )May I have a cake? A.O.K. Here you are. B.Thanks.
  3)( )What do you like to eat? A.I like to play on the grass. B. I like to eat mooncakes.
  4)( )The dog is my friend. A.He has two red eyes and two long ears. B. He has two black eyes and two big ears.
  5)( )It's cold today. A.Put on your coat. B.Take off your coat.
3eud 教育网 http://www.3edu.net
3eud 教育网 http://www.3edu.net

  7. Look and circle(看一看,圈出与单词或词组相应的图 看一看, 看一看 圈出与单词或词组相应的图)7%

  8. Look, choose and write(看图,选词填空 看图, 看图 选词填空)5%
sing with o'clock draw like
The girls dolls. They play their dolls every morning. It is two . The girls are not playing with the dolls now. Peter and Alice pictures. Sam and Joyce a song. They are happy.
3eud 教育网 http://www.3edu.net


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