新起点英语 Book 1Book 10 应会句型 WHAT: :

  1. What’s your name? 你叫什么名字? 我叫 Mary. 你的电话? 你在哪班? 我在一班。 你哪方面擅长? 我擅长英语。 他哪方面擅长? 他擅长语文。 你有什么玩具? 我有一辆玩具火车。 My name is Mary. (I am Mary.)
  2.What’s your telephone number?
My telephone number is 682415
  3.What class are you in ? I’m in Class
  4. What are you good at? I am good at English.
  5.What is he good at? He is good at Chinese.
  6. What toys do you have ? I have a toy train. 周一你有什么课?
  8. I have Chinese、Math and English. 我有语文、数学和英语。
  9. What did you do yesterday? 昨天你干什么了? I played the piano yesterday. 昨天我弹钢琴了。
  10. What’s your hobby? 你的业余爱好是什么? My hobby is collecting stamps. 集邮。
  11. What’s your favorite colour / sport / food/ animal / toy/ class…? 你最喜欢的颜色/运动/食物/动物/玩具/课程是什 么? My favorite colour is red.我最喜欢的颜色是红色。
  12.What animal do you like best ? 你最喜欢什么动物? I like dogs best. 我最喜欢狗。

  7. What classes do you have on Monday?

  13.What season does he like best? 他喜欢什么季节? He likes spring best. 他最喜欢春天。

  14. What kind of TV shows do you like best? 你最喜欢的电视节目是什么? I like Children’s shows best. 我最喜欢儿童节目
  15. What time is it on? 什么时候上演? It’s on at 9:
  00. 9 点。 3 频道。
  16. What channel is it on? 几频道? It’s on Channel
  17. What do you think of it? 你认为它怎么样? 1
It’s interesting.
  18. What’s the matter? My finger hurts. I feel bad.
  19. What’s wrong? I have a stomachache.
  20. What should I do ?
很有趣。 你怎么了? 我手指受伤了 我感到很糟糕。 你怎么了? 我胃疼。 我该怎么做?
You should wash your hands. 你应该洗手。 You shouldn’t leave garbage everywhere. 你不该乱扔垃圾。
  21. What do you often do on Monday ? 周一你经常做什么? I often clean my room. 我经常整理房间。
  22. What does she often do at weekends? 她周末经常做什么? She often feeds the fish. 她经常喂鱼。
  23. What chores do you have to do at home? 你在家要做什么家务? I have to do the dishes. 我得刷碗。
  24. What are you doing? I am watching TV.
  25. What is he doing ? He is playing football. 放学后你打算做什么? I’m going to kick a shuttlecock. 我打算踢毽子。
  27.What is he going to do after school? He is going to play soccer.
  28. What do you want for your birthday? 生日你想要什么? I want a birthday cake.我想要生日蛋糕。
  29.What do you want to do?你们想干什么? We want to go to the movies.我们想去看电影。
  30. What does she want to do ?她想干什么? She wants to make a model plane. 她想做飞机模型。
  31.What do you want to be in the future? 将来你想做什么? 2 你正在做什么? 我正在看电视。 他正在做什么? 他正在踢足球。

  26. What are you going to do after school ?
I want to be an engineer. 我想当一名工程师。
  32. What is she like? She is hardworking. 她是什么样子的。 (内在) 她是很刻苦学习的。

  33. What does he look like? 他看起来是什么样子的?(外在) He is tall. 他个子高。 他的头发是黑色的。
His hair is black.
He wears a pair of glasses.他带着一副眼镜。
  34.What do you need to make stir-fried tomato and eggs? 你需要什么原料做西红柿炒鸡蛋? I need oil、sugar、salt、tomatoes and eggs. 我需要油、糖、盐、西红柿和鸡蛋。
  35. What’s your father’s job? 你父亲是做什么的? He is a doctor. 他是一名医生。 他在一家医院工作。
Where does your father work?你父亲在哪工作? He works in a hospital.
  36.What is Beijing famous for? 北京什么著名? It’s famous for the Forbidden City.故宫有名。
  37. What shape is it? 它是什么形状的? 他是什么严颜色的? It’s circle. 它是圆形的。
  38. What colour is it? It’s red.
  39. 是红色的。 天气很好。 这是什么季节? 今天星期几? 今天星期三。 几点了? 12 点了。 该吃午饭了。 我六点钟起床 It’s spring。 是春天。
What’s the weather like today?天气怎么样? It’s fine.

What season is it? What day is today? It’s Wednesday.

What time is it? It’s
  12.00 It’s time for lunch.
I get up at 6:
WHO: :

  43. Who is he? 他是谁? He is Jack. 他是 Jack. Who is she?她是谁? She is Helen. 她是 Helen.
  44.Who dances better? 谁跳舞比较好? I think Betty dances better than me. 我认为 Betty 跳舞比我好。
  45. Who runs fastest in the class? 你们班谁跑得最快? 3
I think Peter runs fastest.我觉得 Peter 跑得最快。
  46. Who is taller? Lily is taller than me. 你们家谁最高? My father is the tallest。我的父亲最高。
  48. Who is this ? This is Jack.
  49. Whose hair is longer? 你是谁? 我是 Jack。 谁的头发更长点? 谁更高点? Lily 比我高点。

  47. Who is the tallest in your family?
Alan’s hair is longer than my hair. Alan 的头发比我的头发长点。

  50. Where do you come from? I come from Beijing. Where does he come from? He comes from Toronto.
  51. Where do you live ? I live in Beijing. 假期你去哪了? I went to the park. 我去公园了。 你要去哪里? 我要去公园。 他要去哪里? 他要去学校。 你来自哪里? 我来自北京。 他来自哪里? 他来自多伦多。 你住在那里? 我住在北京。

  52. Where did you go on your vacation?

  53.Where are you going? I’m going to the park. Where is he going? He is going to school. 今年暑假你想去哪里?

  54.Where do you want to go this summer vacation?
I want to go to Hainan.我想去海南。
  55. Where does she want to go this weekend? 本周末她想去哪里? She wants to go to the Beijing zoo. 她想去北京动物园。

  56. When did you go to primary school ? 你什么时候上的小学? I went to primary school when I was
  7. 我 7 岁的时候上的小学。 4

  57. When were you born?
I was born on May 5 19
CAN: :

  58. Can I help you ? 我能帮助你么? Yes. I want three pencils. 我想要三支铅笔。 No, thanks. 不,谢谢。
  59. Can I use your eraser?我能用用你的橡皮么? Yes , here you are. 可以,给你。 Sorry , I don’t have one. 抱歉,我也没有。
  60. Can I play badminton .tomorrow afternoon? 明天下午我可以打羽毛球么? Yes, you can . But first you have to sweep the floor. 可以,但是你要先扫地。
Sorry , you can’t . You have to study for the test. 你不能,你要复习。
  61. Can you help me with math? 你能帮我学数学么? Sorry, I’m not good at it. 抱歉,我数学不好。
  62. Can you dance? Yes , I can . 你会跳舞么? Sure. 可以。
No , I can’t .
HOW: :

  63. How much is it? 多少钱? How much are they ?
  64. How often do you do the dishes? 你多久刷一次碗? I do the dishes every day. 我每天都刷碗。
  65. How often does she walk the dog? She walks the dog once a week.
  66. How do you make stir-fried tomato and eggs? 你怎么做西红柿炒鸡蛋? First,… . Next,… .Then,… .Finally,... .
  67.How are you different from last year? 你跟去年比有什么变化? Last year, I was short, now I am taller. 去年,我很矮,现在我高点了。
  68. How many people are there in your family? 你们家有几口人? There are
  3. 有三口人。 5

  69. How old are you? I’m 11years old.
  70. How old is he? He is 12 years old.
你多大了? 我 11 岁了。 他多大了? 他 12 岁了。

  71. Excuse me . Where is the library? 打扰了,请问图书馆在哪里? It’s next to the museum. 在博物馆旁边。 How can I get to the station?请问车站怎么走? Go straight and turn left at the first crossing. 一直走,在第一个十字路口往左转。 It’s on your right. 就在你的右边。
  72. How do you want to go there? 你想怎么去那儿? I want to go there by bus.我想坐车去。 .
  73. How did you go there? 你怎么去的那儿? I went there by bus. 我坐车去的。
其他: 其他

  74. Do you have a dog? Yes , I do . 是的,我有。 No , I don’t . 不,我没有。
  75. Did you ride a bike yesterday? 昨天你骑车了么? Yes, I did.
  76. No, I didn’t. 不要跑下楼。 是的,我喜欢。 他喜欢唱歌么? 不,他不喜欢。 你喜欢猫么? 是的,我喜欢。 learn English? Don’t play with the fire. 别玩火。 Don’t run downstairs.
  77. Do you like dancing? 你喜欢跳舞么? Yes, I do . Does he like singing? No, he doesn’t. Do you like cats? Yes, I do .
  78. Do you often 你经常学习英语么? Yes , I do .
  80. No, not very often. Thank you. 祝你春节快乐。 You , too. 6 你有小狗么?
Happy birthday. Happy Spring Festival.
Merry Christmas . 圣诞快乐

Is there a computer in your room? 你的房间里有电脑么? Yes , there is.是的,有。 No, there isn’t. 不,没有。 Peter 在么? 我是 Peter.
May I speak to Peter, please? This is Peter speaking. 你愿意跟我去购物么? Sure. 当然。

  82. Would you like to go shopping with me? Sorry , I can’t . 抱歉。 试试看。 正合适。 咱们说英语吧。
Try them on , please. They fit me.

That’s too expensive/ cheap. 太贵了。 (便宜) Let’s speak English.
Use the footbridge/ crosswalk/ underpass/ sidewalk. 使用过街天桥/人行横道/地下通道/便道

There is a desk in my room. 在我的房间里有一张桌子 There are 19 boys in my class. 我们班有 19 名男孩子。



   小学英语课程标准 第一部分 前 言 社会生活的信息化和经济的全球化, 使英语的重要性日益突出。 英语作为最重要的信息载 体之一,已成为人类生活各个领域中使用最广泛的语言。许多国家在基础教育发展战略中, 都把英语教育作为公民素质教育的重要组成部分,并将其摆在突出的地位。 改革开放以来,我国的英语教育规模不断扩大,教育教学取得了显著的成就。然而,英 语教育的现状尚不能适应我国经济建设和社会发展的需要,与时代发展的要求还存在差距。 此次英语课程改革的重点就是要改变英语课程过分重视语法和词汇知识的讲 ...


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