句子搭配 班级: 班级: 姓名: 姓名:
  1、Can I have some water? 、
  2、Have a cake. 、
  3、Rice. Please. 、
  4、Here's a pear for you. 、 's
  5、Colour it pink.
  6、Nice to meet you.
  7、How are you? pencil
  8、This is my pencil-box.
  9、This is lisa. 给句子排序 班级: 姓名: 班级: 姓名: ( )Here you are. ( ) Look! I have a plane. ( ) Can I see it. You’ ( ) You’re welcome. ( ) Thank you. A: 画鸭子 剪下来 用胶水粘上他 涂上颜色 B: 安上一个弹力带 谈谈你的脸 放上假面具 画一张脸 C: 涂上颜色 画一只小鸟 粘在一个带子上 把它剪下来 D:拍球 : Here you are. Thank you. Yes,Here you are. No,thanks.I like juice. All right. Not too good. Glad to meet you. Welcome. Wow!It's nice.

  1.Draw a duck
  2.Glue it to a stick
  3.Cut it out
  1.Put an elestic band
  2.Talk about your face
  3.Draw a face
  4.Put on the mask
  1.Colour it
  2.Draw a bird.
  3.Stick it to a tape
  4.Cut it out
  1.Bounce a ball
骑自行车 划船 开车 E: 画一个小熊 涂上颜色 粘上一条带子 看一看它 连线并试画出国旗 比萨饼

  2.Row a boat
  3.Ride a bike
  4.Drive a car
  1.Glue it to a stick
  2.Show it
  3.Colour it
  4.Draw a bear
fish and chips
hamburger and coke
三年级句子搭配 ( ) Hi . I’m Micky ( ) What’s your name? ( )Goodbye! ( ) Good morning. ( ) Good afternoon. ( ) Good evening. ( ) Good night. ( ) Glad to meet you. ( ) This is my book. ( ) How are you? ( ) Look at my arm! ( ) Thank you. ( )What colour is it?
a. My name is Yang Ming b. Glad to meet you. c. Oh, sorry. d.You’re welcome. e.Red and blue. f.Good morning. g.Hello! I’m Li Yan. h.Bye. i.Wow! It’s big. j.Great! k.Me too. l.Good afternoon. m. Fine,thank you.
( ( (
)Let’s draw a panda. )I like hamburger. )Here a cake for you.
n.Thank you. o. Good night. p.Good evening.
选择正确答案 当你想知道对方的名字时, ( )
  1.当你想知道对方的名字时,你会问: 当你想知道对方的名字时 你会问: A:What’s your name? : B: How are you? C:Glad to meet you. ( )
  2.当你向别人介绍自己的朋友时,你会说 当你向别人介绍自己的朋友时, 当你向别人介绍自己的朋友时 你会说; A:This is Peter. B: I’m Peter. C:Hello,Peter. 下午和别人见面时, ( )
  3.下午和别人见面时,你会说: 下午和别人见面时 你会说: A:Good evening. B:Good afternoon. C:Good morning. 当你想询问别人的身体状况时, ( )
  4.当你想询问别人的身体状况时,你应该问: 当你想询问别人的身体状况时 你应该问: A:How old are you? B:What’s your name? C:How are you? 在晚上睡觉前, ( )
  5.在晚上睡觉前,你应该对人家说: 在晚上睡觉前 你应该对人家说: A: Good evening. B:Good night. C:Good morning. 当你想喝牛奶时, ( )
  6.当你想喝牛奶时,你会说: 当你想喝牛奶时 你会说: A:Have some milk. B:I have some milk. C:Can I have some milk? 当你想知道某种东西的颜色的时候, ( )
  7.当你想知道某种东西的颜色的时候,你会问: 当你想知道某种东西的颜色的时候 你会问: A:What colour is it? B:What’s this? C:It’s yellow. 当你向别人介绍自己的朋友时, ( )
  8.当你向别人介绍自己的朋友时,你应该说; 当你向别人介绍自己的朋友时 你应该说; A:I’m Peter. B:My name is Peter. C:This is Peter. 当你向别人表示欢迎时, ( )
  9.当你向别人表示欢迎时,你应该说: 当你向别人表示欢迎时 你应该说: A:Thank you. B.Welcome C:You’re welcome 你的女老师姓刘, ( )
  10.你的女老师姓刘,你应该称呼他为: 你的女老师姓刘 你应该称呼他为: A:Miss Liu B:Mr. Liu C:Teacher Liu 你的男老师姓张, ( )
  11.你的男老师姓张,你应该称呼他为: 你的男老师姓张 你应该称呼他为: A:Miss Zhang B:Mr. Zhang C:Teacher Zhang
读对话完成表格,在各自喜欢的食物所对应的格打“ 读对话完成表格,在各自喜欢的食物所对应的格打“√”
  1. Peter: Can I have some milk? I love it. Mum: Here you are. I don’t like milk. I like juice.
  2. Lisa: Have some bananas. Kate: No, thanks. I like apples. Lisa: Me,too. Here you are. apples bananas milk juice Peter Peter’Mum Kate Lisa 按要求画画
Draw a big black ship.
Draw a small gray rabbit.
Draw a green,yellow pencil.
Draw a blue and purple taxi
Draw an orange bag.
Draw a pink sharpener.
照样子写句子 Model 1 :(juice) Can I have some juice? ( hot dogs). (chicken). (rice). ( milk). ( cakes ). ( eggs ). Model 2 :( ball, blue) I have a blue ball. It’s nice. (kite,yellow). (plane,purple). Model 3: (ball,pink) I have a pink ball. I love it. (train,brown). ( boat,white). (kite,yellow). (balloon,purple). (car,red). Model 4: This is my bag. Oh! It’s nice.
  1. ( rabbit ).

  2. ( ruler ).
  3. ( glue ).
  4. ( pencil- box ).
  5. ( book).
补全对话( ) 二. 补全对话(
  1. A: Good morning, Peter.. B: Not very well. Look at my arm! A:.
  2. A:. B:Glad to meet you. C:Glad to meet you.
  3. A:This is Little Dog.. B:This is little Duck >
  1)Woof , woof , woof ! Lisa.
  3)Quack , quack , quack !
  5)How are you?
  2) This is my friend ,
  4) Oh , sorry.
  2) A: Good afternoon. B: A: I have a new bike? B: A: Guess ! B: Yellow? A: No. B: Red ? A: Yes. B: A: Sure ! B: Thank you.
  3)Good afternoon.
  5)Oh , it’s so nice.
  2)Can I see it?
  4)What colour is it ?
  6)Here you are.



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   1.With my own ears I clearly heard the heart beat of the nu clear bomb. 我亲耳清楚地听到原子弹的心脏的跳动。 我亲耳清楚地听到原子弹的心脏的跳动。 2. Next year the bearded bear will bear a dear baby in the r ear. 明年,长胡子的熊将在后方产一头可爱的小崽 长胡子的熊将在后方产一头可爱的小崽. 明年 长胡子的熊将在后方产一头可爱的小崽 3. Early I ...


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