写出下列单词的复数形式。 写出下列单词的复数形式。 book 1knife 2orange mango 3box sheep 4 cap radio 5 woman yo-yo 6 tomato knife 7 bus children 8 hero man 9 boy Walkman 10 baby tooth 11roof 12watch 13 photo 14class 15 foot 16house 17pen 18car 19horse 20shelf 21radio 22fox 23dish 24half 25deer 26child 27fish
1 wolves 2 doctors 3 cities 4 Chinese 5 pianos 6 thieves 7 ears 8 churches 9 ladies 10 leaves 11 teeth 12 zoos 13 brushes 14 wives 15 ropes 16 men 17 pears 18 monkeys
二、写下列单词的宾格或主格。 写下列单词的宾格或主格。

  1. I
  6. she we us him them
三、写出下列单词的形容词物主代词喝名词性物主代词。 写出下列单词的形容词物主代词喝名词性物主代词。
1 I
  7. you he she it we they
选择适当的人称代词填空。 四 选择适当的人称代词填空。
  1. (He/I) is my father.
  2. (She/They) are Tom’s grandparents.
  3. (We/I) am Jim’s new friend.
  4. Look at that white dog. (They/It) is my brother’s.
  5. Where are (you/he from?
  6. Do you like collecting stamps? Yes, (you/we) do.
  7. (He/I) am a student at Heyang Primary School.
  8. (You/They) are my brother’s English teacher. 五、用人称代词的主格和宾格填空。 用人称代词的主格和宾格填空。
  1.Don’t pass it to (他).
  2. (她) is watching a running race.
  3. Would you like to go with (我们).
  4. Do you want to join (我).
  5. Tomorrow is my father’s birthday. This present is for .
  6. The ball is Su Hai’s. Please give to .
  7. What are Tom’ sisters doing? are seeing a Beijing opera show. s 六、填入适当的物主代词。 填入适当的物主代词。
  1. (他的) coat is black, but (她的) is red.
  2. Whose wallet is this? It’s (我的).
  3. Whose wallet is that? It’s (我的) wallet.
  4. Are these (你们的) skateboards? Yes, they’re (我们 的).
  5. I’m a new student. name is Helen.
  6. Nancy is my cousin. eyes are big.
  7. Look, this is his new book. (我的) is as new as his.
  8. What do people usually do at the Spring Festival. They visit _ relatives and friend。

  1. That is not kite. That kite is very small, but is very big. ( I )
  3. The dress is . Give it to . ( she ) Is this watch? (you) No, it’s not . ( I )

  4. is my brother. name is Jack. Look! Those stamps are . ( he )
  8. dresses are red. (we) What colour are ? ( you ) Here are many dolls, which one is ? ( she )
I can find my toy, but where’s ? ( you ) Show your kite, OK? (they)

  9. I have a beautiful cat. name is Mimi. These cakes are . ( it )
  10. Are these tickets? No, are not . aren’t here. ( they )
  11. Shall have a look at that classroom? That is classroom. ( we )
  12. is my aunt. Do you know job? a nurse. ( she )
  13. That is not camera. is at home. ( he )

  14. Where are ? I can’t find . Let’s call parents. ( they )
  18. Don’t touch . not a cat, a tiger! sister is ill. Please go and get . ( she ) don’t know her name. Would you please tell . ( we ) So many dogs. Let’s count . ( they )

  19. I have a lovely brother. is only
  3. I like very much. ( he )
  21. May I sit beside ? ( you ) Look at that desk. Those book are on . ( it )

  22.The girl behind is our friend. (she ) 八、用 am, is, are 填空
  1. I a boy. you a boy? No, I not.

  2. The girl Jack's sister.
  3. The dog tall and fat.
  4. The man with big eyes a teacher.
  5. your brother in the classroom?
  6. Where your mother?
  7. How your father? She at home.

  8. Mike and Liu Tao at school.
  9. Whose dress this?
  10. Whose socks they?

  11. That my red skirt.
  12. Who I?
  13.The jeans on the desk.
  14.Here a scarf for you.
  15. Here some sweaters for you.
  16. The black gloves for Su Yang.

  17. This pair of gloves for Yang Ling.
  18. The two cups of milk for me.
  19. Some tea in the glass.
  20. Gao shan's shirt over there.
  21. My sister's name Nancy.
  22. This not Wang Fang's pencil.
  23. David and Helen from England?

  24. There a girl in the room.
  25. There some apples on the tree.
  26. there any kites in the classroom?
  27. there any apple juice in the bottle?
  28. There some bread on the plate.
  29. There a boy, two girls, three men and ten women in the park.
  30. You, he and I from China. 九、写出下列动词的现在分词: 写出下列动词的现在分词: play run swim make go like write _ski read have sing dance put see buy love live take come get stop sit begin shop 十.选择填空: 选择填空:

  1. what are you doing? i. a. eat b. can eat c. eating d. am eating

  2. we are books now. a. reading b. am reading c. read d. to read

  3. our teacher is a red sweater . a. putting on b. put on c. wears d. wear

  4. that boy isn’t the teacher . a. listen b. listens c. listening d. listening to

  5. it’s eight o’clock. jimmy’s parents tv. a. is watching b. are watching c. watch d. to watch

  6. my mother is a cake my birthday. a. making ; to b. making ; for c. doing ; to d. doing ; for

  7. they are these books in the box. a. puts b. put c. to put d. putting

  8. you the window? ?yes, i am. a. do, clean b. is, cleaning c. are, cleaning d. do, cleaning
十一 用动词的适当形式填空
  1. what are you (do) now? i (eat) bread.
  2. it’s nine o’clock. my father(work) in the office.
  3. look, the boy(put) the rubbish into the bin.
  4. he (clean) the classroom? no, he isn’t. he(play).
  5. where is mike? he(run) on the grass.
  6. listen, who(sing) in the music room? 十二句型转换 十二句型转换
  1. they are cleaning the window.(改为一般疑问句) ?
  2. tom is working.(改为一般疑问句) ?
  3. jim is singing.(改为否定句) .
  4. kate is dancing (对划线提问) ?
  5. she is sitting near the window(对划线提问) ? 答案: 一.
  3. a
  5. b
  8.c 二.
  1.doing/ am eating
  5. is running
is working

  3. is putting

  4. is/ cleaning ; is playing

  6. is
singing 三.
  1.are they cleaning the window?
  2. is tom working?
  3. jim isn’t singing
  4. what is kate doing?
  5. where is she sitting?



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